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For years, the leftist media has demanded to see President Trump’s tax returns. Now, after The New York Times reportedly found them, they are openly cheering the news. “We now know what's in President Trump's taxes. The long wait is over! The mystery is solved!" CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota excitedly proclaimed during Monday’s New Day. She further celebrated: “The New York Times got two decades' worth of the President's taxes. Wait until you hear how much he pays a year for his hairdo.”On Sunday evening, The New York Times published a report claiming they had received a copy of Trump’s tax returns. The paper refused to state how they attained the records or how they knew they were accurate, even when asked by a lawyer from the Trump Organiza.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s leftist philanthropy has surfaced to the front of a Twitter uproar involving a professor who went on a racially-charged rant to viciously attack Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her family. Boston University (BU) Professor and CBS News correspondent Ibram X. Kendi addressed the news that a "conservative Catholic and yes, white, justice would be President Trump’s pick" by comparing her to a "white colonizer" on Twitter.
A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump’s ban on new downloads of the TikTok app, but thankfully, only temporarily. Last night, District Judge Carl Nichols of the U.S District Court for the District of Columbia agreed to postpone Trump’s order that "would have banned the popular video sharing app TikTok from U.S. smartphone app stores around midnight," according to Associated Press (AP). Trump "originally gave ByteDance a September 15th deadline to sell the video-sharing app, then ordered app stores to ban it effective September 20th," according to The Verge.
CNN host and media reporter Brian Stelter appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show Monday to promote his book Hoax. Hewitt was very pleasant, but eventually he pressed Stelter on Russian collusion, the Steele dossier, and Michael Avenatti. (Transcript HERE.) Stelter's answers were embarrassing. Everything that used to be the source of "bombshells" were now irrelevant. HEWITT: We know the end of some stories that you criticize Fox for their coverage of. We know the end of the Mueller report, right? There was no collusion, correct? STELTER: You know, I’m not going to play a game about a word that is irrelevant to the question at hand. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the President’s ties with Russia, period. HEWITT: But Brian, that kind
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) showed he was more than capable of combating attacks from the liberal hosts of ABC’s The View, Monday, while promoting his new book about the Supreme Court entitled, One Vote Away. While the questions were hostile, the hosts didn’t melt down in rage as they typically do until the very end when Cruz triggered Joy Behar for countering her coronavirus narrative. The hosts first brought up the media’s latest attack on Trump--The New York Times scoop on what he allegedly paid in taxes. Cruz frustrated the hosts by pointing out that even if it’s true, this isn’t a top issue for most Republican voters, and the source made him skeptical:. It's not complicated that The New York Times and the media hates the president and they
The idea of Trump getting a third pick for justice on the Supreme Court terrifies the left. Radical Hollywood liberals know that another conservative justice poses a threat to their precious Roe v. Wade, socialized healthcare, open borders and solidifies many of the American freedoms that these sycophants hate. Needless to say Trump’s latest nomination sent them into a furor. To sum it up, HBO talk show host John Oliver claimed that the nomination of Catholic, pro-life, conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett means things are “hopeless.” And you know, that means things are probably gonna be pretty great for the rest of us. Trump announced Barrett’s nomination on Saturday, September 26, to the universal delight of pro-life, religious American.
Like the rest of the network broadcasts Monday morning, NBC’s Today show seized on a report in the New York Times claiming President Trump has not paid income taxes in years and has hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Without actually seeing the documents or knowing the source for the Times story, NBC accepted it as gospel and even launched into a wild conspiracy theory that Trump must be in debt to Russia. “Years of the President’s tax returns finally made public, revealing he paid almost nothing in federal income taxes over more than a decade,” co-host Savannah Guthrie gleefully proclaimed at the top of the show. She then ominously warned: “This morning, what the records reveal about Trump’s massive business loses and the enormous bi.
In the aftermath of announcement that three police officers involved in killing Louisville resident Breonna Taylor would not face state murder charges for her death, the taxpayer-funded PBS NewsHour went right to a liberal legal analyst from the stridently left-wing MSNBC as their only guest to react to the case. Interviewed by PBS correspondent Amna Nawaz, the far-left Butler preposterously likened the three cops involved in the raid to "gang bangers" breaking into an innocent person's home and killing them, and declared that they should similarly face murder charges:. AMNA NAWAZ: The fact that the only criminal charges to come out of the investigation and out of the grand jury are not related to Breonna Taylor's death at all -- what is you.
Journalists like to think of themselves as skeptical types who are always asking questions. But when the New York Times on Sunday claimed to have acquired Donald Trump’s taxes and, just hours later, the Biden campaign had a corresponding campaign ad out, the networks didn't seem cynical. According to the Times, the President paid only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. CBS This Morning reporter Ed O’Keefe on Monday marveled, “Within hours of The New York Times report, the Biden campaign was out with a new ad contrasting the tax burden of average working Americans with the $750 in income tax the President paid. And they're also out with new campaign buttons that read ‘I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump.’” O’Keefe credulously cheered, “Q.
"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." -- Blanche DuBois, A Streetcar Named Desire. That was the iconic line in the famous play (and movie) by Tennessee Williams, by which poor Blanche effectively admitted to having lived a life of prostitution. So when Tim O'Brien used that same line about Donald Trump, you know he was doing it with malice aforethought, and with the unmistakable goal of making the same insinuation against the president. O'Brien uttered his insult during his appearance this morning on CNN's New Day. O'Brien was touted as the author of the book Trump Nation that claimed Trump was misleading voters by claiming to be a billionaire. (Trump sued him.). CNN did not note O'Brien works for Bloomberg Media, and took a
The media’s favorite race hustling professor and author Ibram X. Kendi tweeted out a vile attack against Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and her family this past weekend. As the news broke that the conservative Catholic and yes, white, justice would be President Trump’s pick, Kendi compared her to a "white colonizer”....because she and her husband adopted two children from Haiti. The Boston University professor, whose 2019 book “How To Be An Antiracist” continues to be given ample airtime and promotion from the left-wing media tweeted out his hateful and racist thoughts about the nominee and her family. It read:. Some White colonizers "adopted" Black children. They "civilized" these "savage" children in the "superior" ways of White p.
In what The Guardian called "the longest and most star-studded attack ad in history," the Showtime limited series The Comey Rule is full of distortions and liberal fantasies of what they wish had really happened in the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia. The show follows disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s autobiography A Higher Loyalty, which was released in 2018.
The New York Times on Friday tried to sabotage U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of “Russiagate” by denigrating it as a futile pursuit of conspiracy theories. As a bonus, the Times was able to mount a defense of their second-favorite political couple. Reporters Adam Goldman, William Rashbaum, and Nicole Hong filed “In Politically Charged Inquiry, Prosecutor Sought Details About Clintons:”. From the beginning, John H. Durham’s inquiry into the Russia investigation has been politically charged. President Trump promoted it as certain to uncover a “deep state” plot against him, Attorney General William P. Barr rebuked the investigators under scrutiny, and he and Mr. Durham publicly second-guessed an independent inspector.
Politico sounds very worried while simultaneously trying to project not very convincingly that there is no real need for concern over the fact that for the first 26 days of September, Joe Biden has taken 11 "lid" days, i.e. done no campaigning. It is almost as if they are trying to convince themselves of this as much as they are their readers in Friday's worry bead article by Christopher Cadelago and Marc Caputo, "When Biden calls a 'lid,' Democrats wet the bed — and Trump starts mocking.". Judging from the tenor of the article, perhaps the authors themselves could be placed in the "wet the bed" category. If calling a “lid" enters the mainstream American lexicon, this will be the week it all started. Joe Biden called a lid — the arcane term
Brett T. at Twitchy expressed surprise at how feminist journalists came unglued as Amy Coney Barrett appeared at the White House with seven children (including two black children adopted from Haiti, and one with Down Syndrome.) Journalist Christine Grimaldi distinguished herself on Twitter (or extinguished herself) by accusing a fellow white woman of "weaponizing her white womanhood.". This whole press conference is a display of Amy Coney Barrett weaponizing her white womanhood to grab whatever power managed to slip through the cracks in the Trump administration’s unrelenting misogyny. Grimaldi writes for the uber-feminist Rewire News Group, which defines their mission as "Empowering you to own your relationship to sex, abortion, parenthood,
Before Amy Coney Barrett was formally announced as President Trump's appointee to the Supreme Court on Saturday, The 11th Hour guest host Katy Tur and historian Michael Beschloss warned the Court that moving too far right on abortion will justify Democratic attempts to pack the Court. Tur was lamenting that the interpreters of the law aren't in touch with public opinion polls when she declared, "I'm curious to think, the reaction from the American public if the court does lurch to the right as it could if she is appointed.
Recent bombshell revelations regarding the infamous "dossier" of Russian disinformation, which began its sordid life as opposition research funded by Democrats for the 2016 presidential campaign, before being used to try to dislodge Donald Trump from office, made the local edition of the New York Times on Saturday (but apparently not the National one).
Do you know how to keep CNN's Jake Tapper from pursuing a particular line of questioning? Merely object vigorously. Actually that's not quite right. For this to actually work, the person objecting must be a Democrat. Especially if the husband of the Democrat is running for president. Such was the case on Sunday's State of the Union when Jake Tapper was interviewing Jill Biden and brought up the subject of her husband's notorious gaffes. This caused Jill to quickly shut Tapper down with her vigorous objections as you can see in this video which was widely mocked on Twitter. CNN’s @jaketapper to Jill Biden: “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe…”. Biden: “You can’t even go there. After Donald Trump you cannot even say the w.

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