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Sciligent 10/23/2020 20:35
01. ‘Classified knots’: Researchers create optical framed knots to encode information 02. The chips of the future will include programmable photonic circuits 03. Integrated circuit of pure magnons 04. Optical wiring for large quantum computers 05. Researchers discover a uniquely quantum effect in erasing information 06. A trillion turns of light nets terahertz polarized bytes 07. Asymmetric optical camouflage: Tunable reflective color accompanied by optical Janus effect 08. A controllable membrane to pull carbon dioxide out of exhaust streams 09. A flexible color-changing film inspired by chameleon skin (w/video) 10. Good vibrations for new energy And others… Artificial intelligence reveals […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 20:08
Science Daily October 20, 2020 As the world grapples with COVID-19, the Ebola virus is again raging. Researchers at the University of Delaware are using supercomputers to simulate the inner workings of Ebola, observing the way molecules move, atom by atom, to carry out their functions. In the team’s latest work, they reveal structural features of the virus’s coiled protein shell that may be promising therapeutic targets, more easily destabilized, and knocked out by an antiviral treatment. They found that single-stranded viral RNA (ssRNA) is essential for maintaining structural integrity of the nucleocapsid. Other molecular determinants observed to stabilize the nucleocapsid […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:56
EurekAlert October 20, 2020 A large proportion of dryland trees and shrubs grow in isolation, without canopy closure. These non-forest trees have a crucial role in biodiversity, and provide ecosystem services such as carbon storage, food resources and shelter for humans and animals. An international team of researchers (Denmark, USA – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Germany, France, Senegal, Belgium) mapped the crown size of each tree more than 3 m in size over a land area that spans 1.3 million km in the West African Sahara, Sahel and sub-humid zone. They detected over 1.8 billion individual trees. Although the […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:48
Asymmetric optical camouflage: Tunable reflective color accompanied by optical Janus effect October 20, 2020 Going beyond an improved colour gamut, an asymmetric colour contrast, which depends on the viewing direction, and its ability to readily deliver information could create opportunities for a wide range of applications, such as next-generation optical switches, colour displays, and security features in anti-counterfeiting devices.
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:28 October 17, 2020 Modern beam shaping techniques have enabled the generation of optical fields displaying a wealth of structural features. Due to their robustness against external perturbations, topological invariants in physical systems are increasingly being considered to encode information. Hence, structured light with topological properties could potentially be used for such purposes. An international team of researchers (Canada, USA – MIT, Israel) has experimentally demonstrated structures known as framed knots within optical polarization fields. They developed a protocol in which the topological properties of framed knots are used in conjunction with prime factorization to encode information…read more. Open Access […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:18
MIT News October 20, 2020 Eight technologies developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory researchers, either wholly or in collaboration with researchers from other organizations, were among the winners of the 2020 R&D 100 Awards. Six of the laboratory’s winning technologies are software systems, several of them take advantage of artificial intelligence techniques. The software technologies are solutions to difficulties inherent in analyzing large volumes of data and to problems in maintaining cybersecurity. Another technology is a process designed to assure secure fabrication of integrated circuits, and the eighth winner is an optical communications technology that may enable future space missions to […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:13
Nanowerk October 21, 2020 By tensing or relaxing their skin, chameleons can change the way light reflects from guanine crystals under the surface, producing structural coloration. The structural colors are different from the pigments that give many other creatures their hues. Currently available materials for mimicking chameleon skin is difficult to produce. Researchers in China introduced a flexible network structure in cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), exerting a bridge effect for the rigid nanomaterials. These films display high flexibility with a fracture strain of up to 39%. Notably, stretching-induced structural color changes visible to the naked eye are realized, for the first […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:08
Nanowerk October 20, 2020 Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) can be made at low cost in different configurations, making them suitable for driving small electronics such as mobile phones, biomechanics devices, and sensors. Researchers in Australia provide experimental and theoretical models for augmented rotary TENGs. The power generated by TENGs is found to be a function of the number of segments, rotational speed, and tribo-surface spacing. They applied mathematical modeling combined with artificial intelligence to characterize the TENG output under various kinematics and geometric conditions. Sensitivity analysis reveals that the generated energy and the matched resistance depend highly on segmentation and angular […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 19:02
Nanowerk October 20, 2020 Magnons have been used to encode information in computing applications, and magnonic device components, including logic gates, transistors, and units for non-Boolean computing. Magnonic directional couplers, which can function as circuit building blocks have been impractical because of their millimetre dimensions and multimode spectra. An international team of researchers (Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands) has developed a magnonic directional coupler based on yttrium iron garnet that has submicrometre dimensions. The coupler consists of single-mode waveguides with a width of 350 nm. They used the amplitude of a spin wave to encode information and to guide it […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 18:56
Nanowerk October 21, 2020 The ironclad beetle is one formidable insect which has an exoskeleton that is one of the toughest, most crush-resistant structures known to exist in the biological world. An international team of researchers (USA – UC Riverside, Purdue University, UT San Antonio, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Irvine, Japan) used advanced microscopy, spectroscopy and in situ mechanical testing, and identified multiscale architectural designs within the exoskeleton of the beetle, and examined the resulting mechanical response and toughening mechanisms. They highlighted a series of interdigitated sutures, the ellipsoidal geometry and laminated microstructure which provide mechanical interlocking and toughening […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 18:49 October 22, 2020 The fundamental qualities of individual trapped-ion qubits are promising for long-term systems, but the optics involved in their precise control are a barrier to scaling. Researchers in Switzerland used scalable optics co-fabricated with a surface-electrode ion trap to achieve high-fidelity multi-ion quantum logic gates, which are often the limiting elements in building up the precise, large-scale entanglement that is essential to quantum computation. Light is efficiently delivered to a trap chip in a cryogenic environment via direct fibre coupling on multiple channels, eliminating the need for beam alignment into vacuum systems and cryostats and lending robustness […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 18:37
EurekAlert October 16, 2020 Where computing protocols are concerned, finite-time processing in the quantum regime can dynamically generate coherence. An international team of researchers (UK, Ireland) has shown that this can have significant thermodynamic implications. They demonstrated that quantum coherence generated in the energy eigen basis of a system undergoing a finite-time information erasure protocol yields rare events with extreme dissipation. These fluctuations are of purely quantum origin. By studying the full statistics of the dissipated heat in the slow-driving limit, they proved that coherence provides a non-negative contribution to all statistical cumulants. Even a single bit erasure events yield […]. .
Sciligent 10/23/2020 18:29 October 19, 2020 Ultrafast nanophotonics is an emerging research field aimed at the development of nanodevices capable of light modulation with unprecedented speed. An international team of researchers (Italy, USA – Rice University) demonstrated that the inhomogeneous spacetime distribution of photogenerated hot carriers induces a transient symmetry breaking in a highly symmetric plasmonic metasurface. The process is fully reversible and results in a broadband transient dichroism with a recovery of the initial isotropic state in less than 1 ps, overcoming the speed bottleneck caused by slower (electron–phonon and phonon–phonon) relaxation processes. Their results pave the way to ultrafast dichroic devices […]. .
Sciligent 10/16/2020 17:46
01. Easy-to-make, ultra-low power electronics could charge out of thin air 02. Liquid metals come to the rescue of semiconductors 03. A milestone in quantum physics: Physicists successfully carry out the controlled transport of stored light 04. An 11-atom sensor sheds light on the quantum world 05. Scientists develop ‘mini-brains’ to help robots recognize pain and to self-repair 06. Well-formed disorder for versatile light technologies 07. Room-temperature superconductor? Rochester lab sets new record toward long-sought goal 08. Geologists solve puzzle that could predict valuable rare earth element deposits 09. The current state of space debris 10. Now you see it, […]. .
Sciligent 10/16/2020 17:38
Nanowerk October 14, 2020 Researchers in the Netherlands developed a device composed of individual Fe atoms that allows for remote detection of spin dynamics. They have characterized the device and used it to detect the presence of spin waves originating from an excitation induced by the scanning tunneling microscope tip several nanometres away; this may be extended to much longer distances. The device contains a memory element that can be consulted seconds after detection, similar in functionality to e.g. a single photon detector. They performed statistical analysis of the responsiveness to remote spin excitations and corroborated the results using basic […]. .
Sciligent 10/16/2020 17:31 October 12, 2020 A team of researchers in the US (New York University, University of Puerto Rico) heated the commercially available form of deltamethrin to 110°C/230°F for a few minutes and let it cool to room temperature; this resulted in a new crystallized form of deltamethrin, composed of long, tiny fibers radiating from a single point.
Sciligent 10/16/2020 17:26
Science Alert October 15, 2020 The world’s wealth is built on our planet’s natural ecosystems, and if those collapse, so too might our global economy, experts warn. The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Index published by the Swiss Re Institute has found just over half of all global GDP – nearly 42 trillion US dollars – is dependent on goods and services provided by the natural world. The index was designed to give governments and businesses a benchmark for the state of local ecosystems important to their economies, in the hope that the data can help inform relevant insurance solutions for […]. .

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