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NutritionInsight 06/02/2020 20:00
03 Jun 2020 --- UK beverage company The Naked Collective is launching a new range of premium health drinks in “infinitely recyclable” 33 cl sleek aluminum cans from the Ardagh Group. The launch is based on a “clean and simple” philosophy, the company notes. Brewed from plants, vitamins and water, the So-Beer non-alcoholic lagers and the Mude isotonic drinks are developed to appeal to the increasing number of consumers looking for alcohol-free and low-sugar options that actively meet specific health needs. Beyond being eco-friendly, the cans are lightweight, making the drinks a convenient on-the-go option.
NutritionInsight 06/01/2020 20:00
02 Jun 2020 --- Pregnant women who consume extra choline supplements may decrease the negative impact that viral respiratory infections, including COVID-19, can have on their babies. This is according to a new study from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in the US. The researchers highlight that supplementation with choline, which is linked to boosting brain health, is more relevant now than ever. This is due to the negative effects that the novel coronavirus may have on fetuses’ brain development, leading to mental health issues.
NutritionInsight 06/01/2020 20:00
02 Jun 2020 --- The latest research in an international sports nutrition journal has identified the polyphenols in 2before blackcurrant powder as a “breakthrough” natural sports performance enhancer. With this new evidence of performance enhancement, New Zealand’s largest research institute, Plant & Food Research, launched 2before Performance Nutrition, a novel consumer brand subsidiary to sell the performance food system to athletes around the world. 2before has undergone banned substance testing and is Informed Sports certified. The announcement comes during a time where energy-boosting food and beverages have been proliferating on the market.
NutritionInsight 06/01/2020 20:00
02 Jun 2020 --- Israel-based supplements manufacturer Anlit has added three nutraceuticals to its VitaBites immune health product portfolio. Long Life Probiotic (LLP) Immune Probiotics, Zinc and Elderberry ( Sambuca nigra ) bites have arrived as all-natural, immunity-support gummies shaped as cubes and bears. All three are also market-ready for supplement providers’ adaptation into customized functional formulations. This move demonstrates how the company caters to the rising demand for immunity boosting dietary supplements as well as the shift away from conventional pills are toward more family-friendly chewables.
NutritionInsight 06/01/2020 20:00
02 Jun 2020 --- Consumers continue to be at risk of imported adulterated supplements, with the US Natural Products Association (NPA) calling for a two-pronged public-private partnership approach. The US is not the only country to see untrustworthy nutrition products hitting shelves, with Hungary’s National Anti-Counterfeiting Board (HENT) reporting that almost 40 percent of young people have already encountered a counterfeit dietary supplement. This could create major difficulties for an industry.
NutritionInsight 05/31/2020 20:00
01 Jun 2020 --- Despite the booming demand for plant-based ingredients, the nutrition industry is still overcoming a variety of challenges in the quest to create a product that is just as effective as animal-derived forms. This is according to a number of industry players, who continue their about how the sector can help address nutrition needs unique to people consuming less meat and dairy.
NutritionInsight 05/28/2020 20:00
29 May 2020 --- FrieslandCampina Ingredients is launching Biotis GOS, a galactooligosaccharide prebiotic, along with a health benefits platform, which is also called Biotis. The platform will allow customers to tap into various health benefits sought by customers, beginning with gut health, with elements such as immunity, sleep and maternal health to follow. Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director of Performance and Active Nutrition at FrieslandCampina Ingredients speaks to NutritionInsight in an exclusive interview about how this launch taps into key consumer trends for convenience and on-the-go consumption.
NutritionInsight 05/28/2020 20:00
29 May 2020 --- In nutrition news this week, Givaudan is set to acquire French biotechnology company Alderys, while ESI Nutrition expanded its Ploudaniel’s facility in France, boosting production capacity. The National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) discontinue certain claims for two of its supplements. Meanwhile, Biomega partnered with W8 Solution to include its salmon peptides as an ingredient in a weight loss formulation.
NutritionInsight 05/28/2020 20:00
29 May 2020 --- Vitamin K2 has shown potential for lowering coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, while there is no association between intake of vitamin K1 and CHD. That is according to a recent observational cohort study published in the British Medical Journal, which examined the association between intakes of vitamins K1 and K2 and incidence of CHD. NattoPharma highlights this research’s importance in distinguishing between various forms of the vitamin.
NutritionInsight 05/28/2020 20:00
29 May 2020 --- Mounting evidence is pointing to a connection between obesity in patients and worse COVID-19 outcomes. The UK government is imminently releasing a review of this connection, which comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson declares “war on obesity” following his own COVID-19 hospitalization. In light of this, lobby group Action on Sugar/Salt (AoS) has proposed an evidence-based plan for supporting those living with obesity, while improving health for all in the long-term. Holly Gabriel, Nutritionist at AoS, tells NutritionInsight that the British government’s actions to improve access to healthy food and measures to improve the food environment have been put on hold at a time when they are “even more crucial.”
NutritionInsight 05/27/2020 20:00
28 May 2020 --- Valio has appointed Univar Solutions as the distributor of its Eila lactose-free milk powders across select European countries, creatings new opportunities for Valio in the food industry. As the digestive health market and concerns over lactose intolerance grow, the product range may allow food manufacturers to deliver new recipes that satisfy the growing consumer trend around lactose-free products. The select countries are Sweden, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece.
NutritionInsight 05/27/2020 20:00
28 May 2020 --- Precision nutrition is set to be the guiding force in a new strategic plan from The National Institutes of Health (NIH), part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The plan aims to accelerate nutrition science discoveries over the next decade, which will reflect a wide range of nutrition research supported across NIH. Last year alone, the research agency invested over US$1.9 billion in the form of grants, contracts and other funding mechanisms. The plan calls for a multidisciplinary approach through expanded collaboration across NIH Institutes and Centers to bolster nutrition science and uncover the role of human nutrition in improving public health and reducing disease.
NutritionInsight 05/27/2020 20:00
28 May 2020 --- Wellness start-up Heights has developed a subscription-based service delivering its omega 3 capsule packed with 18 key nutrients, which target a healthy brain and body. The product is hailed as a “smart supplement” as it offers people with busy lifestyles a fast solution to supplementation. Notably, the launch features completely recyclable packaging, made of sugarcane starch and recycled plastic, and boasts a lightweight and minimalist design. The product comes as e-commerce is seeing accelerated growth due to COVID-19, with the brand reporting a 60 percent organic growth rise in recent weeks.
NutritionInsight 05/27/2020 20:00
28 May 2020 --- Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) may inhibit the binding of noroviruses to human receptors, according to recent results from Jennewein Biotechnology’s norovirus research program. Published in the Journal of Biotechnology , the study found that certain HMOs and more complex oligosaccharides were more effective than those previously studied. Researchers note that these findings could pave the way for the use of HMOs as a potential inhibitor against infectious diseases, such as the norovirus, for which there is no vaccine.
NutritionInsight 05/26/2020 20:00
27 May 2020 --- Edible jellyfish collagen peptides are being studied for their potential in improving cognitive functions. Princeton Consumer Research has partnered with Certified Nutraceuticals, producer of KollaJell, which is a nutritional supplement made of jellyfish collagen peptides and naturally occurring minerals. The randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled study in 90 subjects will explore the ingredient’s brain-boosting properties.
NutritionInsight 05/26/2020 20:00
27 May 2020 --- A report is calling for new legal measures to prohibit the promotion of breast milk substitutes to health workers and in health facilities. Released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), the report states that countries are falling short in their efforts to stop the harmful promotion of breast milk substitutes. This is amplified as COVID-19 leaves an opening for the breast-milk substitute industry to “capitalize on the crisis.” The agencies argue that the pandemic is highlighting the need for stronger legislation to protect families from false claims about the safety of breast milk substitutes or aggressive marketing practices.
NutritionInsight 05/26/2020 20:00
27 May 2020 --- Marine ingredients are emerging as a key sector within the plant-based market, with algae and water lentils both providing essential nutrients to consumers who are increasingly turning away from animal-derived foods. However, the rise of the term “plant-based” – often at the expense of vegan or vegetarian claims – has created some confusion about what exactly it entails. This is elucidated by key industry players, who speak to NutritionInsight about the future of this fast-moving space.
NutritionInsight 05/26/2020 20:00
27 May 2020 --- Danone’s nutrition health arm, Nutricia, is supporting research from independent medical professionals to define guidelines for nutritional care for COVID-19 patients recovering after intensive care unit (ICU) discharge. Over the coming weeks, other clinician-initiated research projects in 16 countries around the world will be supported by Nutricia with grants totalling approximately €1 million (US$1.1 million). The company is also supporting healthcare organizations in different countries through the donation of medical nutrition products enriched with calories and proteins, which are designed to help patients regain lost weight and strength after recovering from a serious illness, such as COVID-19.
NutritionInsight 05/25/2020 20:00
26 May 2020 --- Hofseth BioCare (HBC) is entering into a Phase 2 clinical trial to assess the ability of OmeGo salmon oil to reduce Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) related to COVID-19. HBC is currently preparing an investigational protocol with KGK Science, which will then be filed with Health Canada. The trial will use OmeGo in the form of CARDIO, a branded soft gel, on former smokers and steroid-resistant asthma patients who exhibit early non-acute lung injury caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If the initial efficacy data is supportive, the trial can then be scaled to a fully powered Phase 3 study with 600 patients.
NutritionInsight 05/25/2020 20:00
26 May 2020 --- The microbiome’s importance in supporting overall health and wellness is continuously highlighted, with experts flagging its potential in ameliorating stress and improving sleeping patterns. Examining the emerging area of mental well-being, NutritionInsight speaks to industry experts who tout dairy ingredients’ potential in supporting a healthy gut, which may improve anxiety levels and improve performance, within the sports nutrition arena.


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