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Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 17:57
For the congestion phenomena of networks, it has been provided with a new prediction method for service flow (based on Particle Swarm Optimisation and Wavelet Neural Network Prediction PSOWNNP). Firstly, this method is using the wavelet exchange to resolve the service flow, and using its wavelet coefficient and metric coefficient as the sample data. Secondly, training the sample data is using the neural network method of the particle swarm optimisation in which it is applying the wavelet model for construction, and the prediction data for service flow will be obtained from this. At the same time, the prediction methods of wavelet neural network and BP neural network for particle swarm optimisation are analysed and compared through the simul.
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:54
Using refactoring techniques is known as a good practice to enhance the software quality either by decreasing the complexity or enhance the behaviour of the software. Here, we conduct a study using inline method refactoring technique to investigate the significance of this technique, in order to examine how this kind of refactoring affect the coverage of the test suite by applying impact analysis of test coverage. We apply inline method refactoring on one package of JGAP; open source java project and make some experiments. The results show the inline method refactoring has essential benefit in decreasing complexity. On the other hand the results reveal that this refactoring technique has a negative impact on coverage from testing perspectiv.
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:54
Optimum conditions for applying M. peregrina as a natural coagulant to treat pharmaceutical wastewater are determined and compared with that of alum coagulation. In both cases, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, was followed by slow sand filtration and activated carbon adsorption treatment. Alum reduced COD, BOD5, TSS and turbidity by 48.6%, 34.8%, 79.6%, and 69.2% respectively. Alum coagulation followed by slow sand filtration reduces the studied parameters by 97.7%, 95.7%, 93.9% and 76.9% respectively. Activated carbon was used to further reduce these parameters to 99.9%, 99.1%, 94.3% and 81.3% respectively. While using M. peregrina excellent reduction in studied parameters was found as 81.7%, 83.2%, 78.6% and 94.2% respectively. F.
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:54
Serious concerns have been raised about user's privacy leak in mobile apps, and many detection approaches are proposed. To evade detection, new mobile malware starts to mimic privacy-related behaviours of benign apps, and mix malicious privacy leak with benign ones to reduce the chance of being observed. Since prior proposed approaches primarily focus on the privacy leak discovery, these evasive techniques will make differentiating between malicious and benign privacy disclosures difficult during privacy leak analysis. In this paper, we propose PrivacyContext to identify malicious privacy leak using context. PrivacyContext can be used to purify privacy leak detection results for automatic and easy interpretation by filtering benign privacy
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:54
Supplier development contributes to supply chain integration and performance, thus playing an essential role in any industry. In the retail market, no formal procedures exist for the selection-assignment of supplier development programs, meaning that respective management is complex and unclear given actor and requirement heterogeneities. Multi-criteria techniques are currently used for selection and evaluation processes. However, no models exist that integrate clustering and multi-criteria techniques together to efficiently select-assign supplier development programs. This study proposes a four-phase methodology - diagnosis, program design, assignment, and proposal - that considers supplier clustering through K-means and multi-criteria fuz.
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:54
Due to the negative effects of the current way of life and industry on mankind's future, sustainable development has become one of the main factors in organisation's success. One of the strategies to achieve sustainable development is sustaining the supply chain of the organisation and industries. Identification of critical success factors is essential for any organisation in order to achieve the organisation's goals and missions. This study tried to identify critical success factors of sustainable supply chain to prioritise and determine the level of each factor. Success factors were extracted using literature review and experts' opinion. Then, the interpretive structural modelling was used to determine relationships and levels of each fac.
Inderscience (EU) 10/15/2019 16:53
Estimation of task and project completion times within IT projects remains one of the most error-prone, but also most critical duties of an IT project manager. Various three-point methods of PERT have been evaluated by assuming that the true distribution is a beta-distribution. We evaluate PERT methods by comparing additionally with the Kumaraswamy distribution, which has an equal claim to be the true a-priori distribution for project completion times. We use skew and kurtosis in order to define test sets instead of simply choosing a range of shape parameters. We validate various approximations proposed in the literature and show that valid approximations are possible.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 17:54
Hand Function test gives relationship between functional limitations in activities and performance components such as range of motion and strength. This paper proposes a hand function test which incorporates sensor on the object. The quantitative parameters such as time and acceleration with which task is completed are measured. Accelerometer data is sensitive to the movement of the body and gives variety of movement patterns during task performance. Light dependent resistor (LDR) provides important movement queues, such as initialisation and completion of the selected activity. As sensors are embedded on the object, there is a scope for free movement of upper extremity during performance of test. Auto-time calculation during test session c.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
There are two common phenomena in a subgrade earthwork construction, one is the queuing problem caused by mechanical resource confliction, and the other is the hysteresis of construction schedule caused by uncertainties. These two phenomena will have a huge impact on the mechanical allocation. Based on the Petri net, queuing theory and uncertainty theory, we firstly establish the whole construction process model under uncertain conditions. Secondly, we solve the mechanical configuration problem according to a designed construction progress. Thirdly, we add some uncertain factors into the mechanical allocation. Finally, through a numerical application, we verify and compare the decisions above.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
This study investigates bank specific and economic factors on bank non-interest based activities in Asia Pacific region banking sector over the years 2000-2015. We employ pooled OLS and panel regression to assess the bank specific and economic factors effect on bank non-interest based activities throughout 61 representative banks across Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in Asia Pacific region. The empirical findings indicate that the bank specific and economic factors do have impact on banks' non-interest based activities in overall countries, developing and developed countries respectively. We also find that bank non-interest based activities also affected by subprime crisis for developed and developing countrie.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
Cervical cancer is a life threatening disease contracting women population in great numbers. It is the fifth most common cancer having high impact on human mortality. The second most common cancer prevalent among women worldwide is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is due to sexually transmitted virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV). In this paper a mathematical model and ontological representation of this model HPVMath ontology has been formulated to expose the viability of HPV which leads to cervical cancer in women. Mathematical models translate data in to trials which gives deep insights about women population: not suspected for HPV, suspected for HPV, with HPV without cervical cancer, with HPV with cervical cancer. These trials from.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
This paper discusses the impact of the implementation of Minimum Service Standard (MSS) policy on the quality of basic services district/city governments deliver to their citizenry in Indonesia. One of the expectations of the decentralisation policy, which got underway in 1999 was to contribute to the improvement of the quality of public services. The issuing of Indonesian Government Regulation (GR) No. 65/2005, which outlined guidelines on setting and implementing MSS for all sectoral ministries was very much in line with that process. Study results obtained from a survey of the local government officials attest to the reality that most local governments are yet to implement the 15 MSS set by the 15 sectoral ministries. Some of the factors.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
This paper lays theoretical foundations for the governance of Open Data as a specific form of intellectual property management. Based on a literature survey it develops a simple model for governing open data. Using commodity theory considerations, the authors devise a classification that highlights the special properties and economic effects of Open Data as club goods and non-depletable commons. Open Data has implications that facilitate market concentration, even though these mechanisms tend to be obscured by the ostensible non-commercial and public-good character of Open Data initiatives. Consequently, the authors argue that enhanced governance principles - which also take into account the widely neglected competition effects of Open Data.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
To promote effective tax administration, the United States Congress set a goal of 80% of all tax returns filed electronically by 2007. The deadline was extended to 2012, which saw 69% accomplished. Using time series analysis from 2005 to 2016, this study analyses the advancements of electronic tax filings in the USA. Several interesting observations are reported. First, individual e-filing has reached the goal in 2012. Second, overall trends indicate continuous and steady progress both by volume and by share. Third, the total e-filing ratio shows monotonical increase over the years but is still shy of the target in 2016. Fourth, individual e-filing constitutes the majority while business and tax-exempt e-file comprises 15% of the total. Fif.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
Routing and spectrum allocation (RSA) is an important problem in elastic optical networks (EONs). With the increase of network scale and task requests, the imbalance of the network topology becomes more and more prominent, causing congestion of some links in the network and even paralysation of the entire network. To tackle this issue, in this paper, we first set up an integer linear programming model for RSA problems in EONs, which minimises the number of used slots, optimises the balance of networks and the burden of KeyLinks (i.e., the links which are easy blocked when large requests comes). Then we design a new routing scheme called dynamically adjusted shortest hop count and minimum rank value first (DSHMRF) to select the candidate rou.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
Workplace identity (WI) is a multilayered and multidimensional phenomenon that describes one's self-concept and understanding in terms of his/her unique work role. The different roles donned by individuals in their respective organisations have a profound and alluring impact on the work context. This could vary drastically between and among individuals, and ultimately results in the formation of WI. It could emanate from different facets including but not limited to professional identification, job identification, workplace roles, team roles, etc. WI is of paramount importance as it acts as anchors facilitating attachment of individuals to the workplace. It is also related to a host of work-based constructs like positive influence, learning.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
The objective of this paper is to explore the locals' perception on risk communication process between LNG organisation and local residents. Using a traditional communication model based on the source-message-channel-receiver-effect (SMCRE), the factors of risk communication process were measured to determine the residents' perception of facility risks. The individual factors that influenced SMCRE elements were grouped and analysed by factor analysis. Also, multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine the effect of latter element on former element: the order of elements was S → M, M → C, C → R, and R → E. In terms of the model's final process, an effective pathway had two cases. The first case was the relieving of social conflicts
Inderscience (EU) 10/11/2019 16:53
Little consideration has been given to vibrations when the effect of grinding process parameters on the surface morphology is studied. Taking a grinding force as the intermediate variable, influences of grinding depths on the surface topography are investigated with considering vibrations in this paper. Firstly, a novel grinding force prediction model is proposed through amending the Malkin model by integrating with contact arc length and abrasive grain contact angle. Secondly, vibrations of the feed platform and the grinding wheel shaft are analysed. Vibration displacement in the x-direction of wheel axis remains substantially between 140-150 nm, while in the y-direction, it increases with the grinding depth. Finally, three-dimensional sur.
Inderscience (EU) 10/11/2019 16:53
Ultrasonic assisted jet-electrochemical micro-drilling (UAJet-ECMD) process integrates ultrasonic vibrations and jet electrochemical micro drilling process. In the present study, Buckingham's π theorem has been employed to model the process responses namely material removal rate (MRR) and hole taper of the UAJet-ECMD process with continuous DC voltage. The model has been formulated taking into account the experimental parameters namely voltage, electrolyte concentration, electrolyte pressure, inter electrode gap, pulse on time of ultrasonic vibrations and other physical properties related to ultrasonic vibrations such as speed of ultrasonic waves in the electrolyte, amplitude and frequency of ultrasonic vibrations. Electrochemical propertie.


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