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Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:50
01. Researchers produce synthetic Hall Effect to achieve one-way radio transmission 02. Molecule properties change through light 03. Researchers show atoms can receive common communications signals 04. Hearing through the clatter 05. New metamaterial morphs into new shapes, taking on new properties 06. Measuring changes in magnetic order to find ways to transcend conventional electronics 07. Conductivity at the edges of graphene bilayers 08. Engineers Build a Device That Effectively Transforms CO2 Into Liquid Fuel 09. ‘The Alexa of chemistry’: NSF puts VCU and partners on fast track to build open network 10. How the United States Is Developing Post-Quantum […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:43
EurekAlert September 12, 2019 Currently, there is no shared network or central portal where molecular scientists and engineers can harness artificial intelligence and data science tools to build models to support their needs. There is no standard way to represent — or predict — molecular performance. Under the NSF Convergence Accelerator program it has funded a multi-university pilot project seeking to use artificial intelligence to help scientists come up with the perfect molecule for everything from a better shampoo to coatings on advanced microchips. They will develop a central platform for collecting data, creating molecular imprints and developing algorithms for […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:40
Science Daily September 9, 2019 With a focus on Latin America, an international team of researchers (USA – Utah State University, Ohio University, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana State University, Mexico, Chile, Norway, Germany) reviews research on how land change affects migration and how migration affects land systems, to demonstrate that the relationship is complex and context-specific.
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:35 September 9, 2019 China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, known as FAST is the world’s most sensitive listening device. The single-dish radio telescope is made of 4,450 individual panels that scan the sky to explore the universe. It’s cradled in a natural Earth depression the size of 30 soccer fields. It has more than twice the collecting area of the world’s previous largest radio telescope, the 305-meter dish in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. With construction completed in 2016, FAST has undergone rigorous testing and has one more hurdle before it’s considered fully operational. While solely funded by the Chinese government, […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:31
EurekAlert September 11, 2019 At the edges of graphene bilayers atoms can exist in a quantum spin Hall state (QSH) depending on spin-orbit coupling (SOC). While the QSH state is allowed for ‘intrinsic’ SOC, it is destroyed by ‘Rashba’ SOC. Researchers in India have shown that the interaction between the two types of SOC are responsible for variations in the ways in which graphene bilayers conduct electricity. For nanoribbons of bilayer graphene, whose edge atoms are arranged in zigzag patterns, the bands of electron energies which are allowed and forbidden are significantly different to those found in monolayer graphene. This […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:29
Science Alert September 8, 2019 Usually people reduce carbon dioxide in liquid electrolyte like salty water. The dissolved salts help convert the gas into a molecule that stores energy. Formic acid is sifted out of the thick briny soup. An international team of researchers (USA – Rice University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Saudi Arabia) reports that continuous electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to pure liquid fuel solutions in cells which utilize solid electrolytes, where electrochemically generated cations (such as H+) and anions (such as HCOO−) are combined to form pure product solutions without mixing with other ions. They […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:24
MIT News September 9, 2019 A team of researchers in the US Columbia University, MIT, Harvard University) found that the auditory cortex responds differently to the presence of background noise, suggesting that auditory processing occurs in steps that progressively hone in on and isolate a sound of interest.
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:20
IEEE Spectrum September 6, 2019 NIST is overseeing the second phase of its Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process to narrow down the best candidates for quantum-resistant algorithms that can replace modern cryptography. At the Second PQC Standardization Conference 26 candidate algorithms were selected. The algorithms fall into two general categories – the first category includes key-establishment algorithms that enable two parties that have never met to agree on a shared secret, the second category involves algorithms for digital signatures that ensure the authenticity of data. Both categories require new algorithms based upon mathematical problems which even quantum computers couldn’t crack. NIST […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 15:16
Science Daily September 6, 2019 Recent studies have shown that the antiferromagnetic AFM order parameter can be ‘switched’ (that is, change it from one known value to another, fast) using light or electric currents. However, the dynamics of the order-switching process are not understood. Current approaches rely on measuring only certain phenomena during AFM order switching and they are not reliable. An international team of researchers (Switzerland, Japan) used second-harmonic generation whose output value is directly related to the AFM order parameter and combined it with measurements of the Faraday effect. Combining these two different measurement methods, the researchers managed […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 14:41 September 9, 2019 Researchers in Germany have developed and manufactured a novel molecule called 3-methoxy-9-fluorenylidene which is based on a fluorine scaffold with a methoxy group attached in the shape of a rotational tail. They figured out that the molecule’s magnetic properties are determined by the orientation of the methoxy group, which changes its conformation depending on the kind of light that hits it. It can be used to switched on and off magnetism; it is not brittle like conventional magnets, but flexible and can be processed like plastics. Using this group of atoms, we can study the spin […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 14:35
Science Daily September 11, 2019 Most reconfigurable materials can toggle between two distinct states and require a persistent external stimulus to change from one shape to another and stay that way. Using two-photon lithography a team of researchers in the US (Caltech, GeorgiaTech) designed a silicon-coated lattice with microscale straight beams that bend into curves under electrochemical stimulation, taking on unique mechanical and vibrational properties. They built in defects in the architected material system, based on a pre-arranged design. The material has potential for energy storage systems, provides a novel pathway for development of next generation smart batteries with both […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 14:33
Science Magazine September 13, 2019 When PLOS ONE debuted in 2006, it became the world’s largest journal, publishing more than 30,000 papers at its height in 2013 and spawning more than a dozen imitators. From 2013 to 2018, PLOS ONE’s output fell by 44%. Growth in new megajournals has not offset the declines. In 2018, PLOS ONE, Scientific Reports, and 11 smaller megajournals collectively published about 3% of the global papers total. Driving the fall in output is a decline in submissions, they have lost have their appeal of rapid publication and as publishing volumes have declined, so have megajournals’ […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 14:28
EurekAlert September 12, 2019 Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a method to directionally control data transmission using a principle similar to the Hall Effect. They generated a “current of light” by creating synthetic electric and magnetic fields, which affect light the same way the normal fields affect electrons. The synthetic fields are created by varying the structure that light propagates through both in space and time. By creating a specially designed circuit to enhance the interaction between the synthetic fields and radio waves, the team leveraged the principle of the Hall Effect to boost radio signals going […]. .
Sciligent 09/13/2019 14:25
IEEE Spectrum September 11, 2019 These are some of the highlights that stand out in the just-released IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Survey – income gains weren’t evenly spread among engineers of all specialties, regions, race, gender, or age; Smartphone Developers and Machine Learning Engineers Win Big; engineers working in energy and power engineering, robotics and automation, and engineers in instrumentation and measurement, are at the lower end of the scale.
Sciligent 09/06/2019 15:42
01. Nanowires replace Newton’s famous glass prism 02. Using nature to produce a revolutionary optical material 03. At the edge of chaos, powerful new electronics could be created 04. A new alphabet to write and read quantum messages with very fast particles 05. Explosive fireballs: Never-before-seen insight 06. Novel math could bring machine learning to the next level 07. HOT SHOT findings could save defense tech developers time and money 08. Performance of electric solid propellant 09. Defrosting surfaces in seconds 10. Single atoms as catalysts And others… Australia targets foreign influence at universitiesBiological ‘rosetta stone’ brings scientists closer to […]. .
Sciligent 09/06/2019 15:35
Science Daily September 3, 2019 An international team of researchers (The Netherlands, USA – Pennsylvania State University, Spain, UK) observed a structural transition in the ferroelastic material barium titanate. The unit cells in these crystals are elongated creating an elastic strain that reduces the crystal stability. Increasing the temperature increases the entropy in the material. Cooling the material reduces the periodicity of the domains by repeated halving. They have shown that the behaviour observed in the ferroelastic barium titanate is generic for ferroic materials. Doubling of domains creates a structure similar to the bifurcating dendrites connecting the pyramidal cells in […]. .
Sciligent 09/06/2019 15:28
Science News August 29, 2019 Every animal, from an ant to a human, contains in their genome pieces of DNA called Hox genes which dictate how embryos grow into adults, including where a developing animal puts its head, legs and other body parts. An international team of researchers (Spain, Columbia University) stumbled upon a small piece of regulatory DNA, called vvI1+2, that appeared to be regulated by all the fruit fly’s eight Hox genes. Their analyses provided a precise road map of Hox binding sites in vvI1+2, which could be applied to a living fruit fly. By employing a combination […]. .


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