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InsideClimate News 10/16/2019 09:00
The old-growth rainforest is a major North American carbon sink. The Trump administration is moving to lift a Clinton-era ban on logging there. By Sabrina Shankman. The Trump Administration wants to allow logging in previously off-limit areas of Alaska's Tongass National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service announced Tuesday, a move that could turn one of the nation's largest carbon sinks into a source of new climate-changing emissions. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/16/2019 01:45
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InsideClimate News 10/15/2019 04:20
While the utilities tout ambitious mid-century climate goals, most plan to rely heavily on coal and natural gas for decades. That's a problem for climate change. By Dan Gearino. On the western shore of Lake Erie in Michigan, the Monroe Power Plant has been burning coal since the mid-1970s. Its owner, DTE Energy, has no intention of shutting down the massive power plant any time soon, despite its new pledge to cut its company-wide carbon emissions to net zero. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/11/2019 03:50
From school strikes to the harder edge of the Extinction Rebellion, young climate activists are making their voices heard, and they're getting politically engaged. By Kristoffer Tigue. A new wave of climate protests hit cities around the world this week—this time aimed at shocking people with civil disobedience, fake blood on the pavement and bodies lying in the streets under signs that read: "Stop funding climate death.".
InsideClimate News 10/10/2019 03:31
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records. By Phil McKenna. "Before the 2008 crash, investors and the government failed to address growing risks in our financial system. We're making the same mistake with climate change today—we know it's coming, but we're not doing enough to stop it.". — Elizabeth Warren,. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/09/2019 10:18
The three winners developed lithium-ion batteries that made electric vehicles and battery storage for solar and wind power possible as climate solutions. By Neela Banerjee. When the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday to three scientists who developed lithium-ion batteries, it noted the importance of their research in making "a fossil fuel-free world possible," with electric vehicles and renewable energy storage helping cut emissions that drive climate change. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/08/2019 04:20
With a self-described Sagebrush Rebel in charge, moving nearly 300 Bureau of Land Management staff could give Western states more influence over land use. By Judy Fahys. The changes underway at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management might not seem like much: A few hundred employees are being relocated from offices near the White House and dispersed throughout the West, while agency leaders move in next door to energy companies in newly leased headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/07/2019 04:20
The melting of glaciers and loss of snow has a cascading effect for ecosystems, agriculture and billions of people downstream. By Bob Berwyn. LEADVILLE, Colorado — With ominous orange-gray smoke clouds seething on the western horizon, it's easy to understand how Colorado's highest city and other mountain communities are directly threatened by global warming. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/05/2019 05:00
Two of the most powerful forces in Brazil, the president and the pope, are pulling in opposite directions on an issue critical to climate change. By Georgina Gustin. On Sunday, Pope Francis and nearly 200 bishops, climate experts and indigenous people from the Amazon will gather for an in Rome to discuss the fate of the Amazonian rainforests and the world's moral obligation to protect them. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/03/2019 12:15
Pennsylvania is the nation’s No. 2 natural gas producer, and No. 3 in coal. Its governor says 'we need to get serious' about the climate crisis. By Marianne Lavelle. Pennsylvania, one of the nation's largest coal and natural gas producing states, is moving to join the Northeast's carbon market for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector. It would mark the largest expansion of the initiative since its inception a decade ago and a milestone in the drive by states to counter the impact of the Trump administration's retreat from climate action. Pennsylvania would become the largest member in terms of carbon emissions of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), now a nine-state compact to curb pollution from electricity. See
InsideClimate News 10/02/2019 08:57
A Trump-appointed judge was involved in the ruling. Without a strong plan for cutting coal power plant emissions, meeting ozone requirements gets much harder. By Marianne Lavelle. A federal appeals court panel on Tuesday struck down a 2018 Trump administration rule that had relieved states of their obligation to curb air pollution that causes smog in downwind states hundreds of miles away. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/02/2019 04:20
Advocates argue the rush of natural gas pipelines isn’t what eminent domain was meant for. One ruling gives states a new way to challenge pipeline plans. By Phil McKenna. A recent federal court ruling could give states more authority to oppose natural gas pipeline projects by limiting the controversial use of eminent domain—the mandatory sale of private or state-owned land for public use. See Also:
InsideClimate News 10/01/2019 10:29
The UK was once the world’s largest coal consumer, but the highly polluting fossil fuel has been pushed out by renewable energy and natural gas. By Nathalie Thomas, Leslie Hook & Chris Tighe, Financial Times. ICN occasionally publishes articles to bring you more international climate reporting. At Aberthaw Power Station on the coast of South Wales, Tom Glover examines a dwindling pile of coal for what may be the last time.
InsideClimate News 10/01/2019 04:20
Scientists are using evidence left behind by ancient hurricanes to show how storms behaved in the past and how climate change might affect them in the future. By SOPHIE RUEHR. Editor's Note: Sophie Ruehr is a freelance writer who has worked on hurricane data projects with scientists as a student and recent graduate. When a hurricane strikes the coast, it leaves behind a lasting imprint on the landscape.
InsideClimate News 09/28/2019 05:20
Their research is helping answer existential questions of our time: How much will sea level rise, how fast, and what will be the impact on human civilizations? By Bob Berwyn. The last time the Earth was as warm as it is now, sea level had risen so high it would have swamped many of today's cities. That was about 125,000 years ago, and evidence shows that the warming leading up to that point had taken millennia.
InsideClimate News 09/27/2019 04:20
More than 3 billion people depend on fish a major source of protein. By the end of the century, a quarter of the sustainable fish catch could be gone. By Georgina Gustin. The world's already overtaxed fisheries are being stressed to their limits by climate change, putting at risk a critical component of the world's diet. As temperatures rise, fish populations are projected to plummet and disappear in some regions, especially in the tropics. In a major United Nations report published Wednesday, scientists examined the interconnected web of the planet's oceans and icy landscapes, delivering a series of grim projections on the chaotic impact of climate change on super-charged storms, rising seas and the ecosystems that sea life depends on. See
InsideClimate News 09/26/2019 04:20
The message from the industry-supported meeting: Push as much deregulation as possible while Trump is in power and never apologize for promoting oil, gas and coal. By James Bruggers. LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — The contrast could not have been greater between the political and economic conversations at the Southern States Energy Board meeting here Tuesday and Wednesday and the global chorus of urgent calls for action on climate change at the United Nations in New York. See Also:
InsideClimate News 09/25/2019 05:00
The harm is already happening. If fossil fuel use continues at this pace, the world will see sweeping consequences for nature and humanity, the report's authors say. By Sabrina Shankman. As the planet warms, diverse ecosystems—from mountain glaciers to the icy Arctic to the oceans—are already seeing dangerous effects from . Future warming will threaten food supplies, force the migration of countless species and dramatically change the icy regions of the world. The changes are coming. How much is up to us, scientists warn in a new report released Wednesday by the United Nations. See Also:
InsideClimate News 09/24/2019 10:32
The pollutants, including methane and the coolants HFCs, are many times more potent than carbon dioxide but don't last as long. Cuts could have a powerful impact. By Phil McKenna. Environment ministers from dozens of countries agreed this week to hasten their efforts to reduce a class of greenhouse gases that, until now, has been largely overlooked in international climate agreements but could play a crucial role in limiting the worst effects of climate change. See Also:


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