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IHS - General Author 08/21/2019 05:52
The sentiment for day rates in Asia-Pacific, is that they have. stabilised since the first and second quarter of 2019 and are not. likely to pick up significantly over the next few years. Competition to secure charters is expected to remain intense. throughout the region, and indeed across the global market, as. Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) owners continue to focus on increasing. fleet utilisation and will be aggressively chasing all term and. spot contracts at cut-throat day rates.
IHS - General Author 08/20/2019 02:44
Starting in 2013, the Argentine government put into effect. upstream subsidies to attract foreign investments and provide. incentives to companies to invest in the country's unconventional. gas areas. By 2017, to move towards a market-based approach, this. pricing scheme was amended to provide an incentive by temporarily. maintaining the gas price for unconventional gas projects at. $7.50/MMBtu for 2018, set to decrease by $0.50/MMBtu each year. thereafter through 2021. At the time of these changes, an. expectation that these incentives might be extended beyond 2021 was. not ruled out. These price incentives paved the way for significant. and continued investments by the industry into the Vaca Muerta. shale and tight gas plays in Argentina. In early 2.
IHS - General Author 08/19/2019 05:30
Any manufacturing enterprise planning to become the "Factory of. the Future" should start by thinking of the myriad challenges. makers and producers face today. While a host of innovative. technologies at present promise nothing less than a revolution in. the business of fabricating goods, a clear understanding of fresh. or novel mechanisms is needed to allow their intelligent. integration into current manufacturing practices. Ultimately, however, new technologies like augmented and virtual. reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Cloud will. succeed or fail depending on their ability to address the pain. points and challenges now confronting manufacturers. These. challenges include retaining skills and talent, improving. productivity and
IHS - General Author 08/16/2019 07:34
Since 2010, Vietnam has struggled to meet its rapidly growing. peak demand, which has grown at approximately 10% per year. In the. last three years, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has been unable to add. power generation capacity, upgrade the transmission and. distribution network to the required levels and this state is. likely to persist. In 2019, amidst the heat wave, Vietnam had avoided a power. shortage situation, despite reduced water levels in the country's. hydropower reservoirs which reduced the available capacity from. hydropower significantly. A shortage was averted due to three. factors. First, EVN made an announcement seeking both residents and. businesses to save power, second, EVN mobilized around 2 GW of. costly diesel-fired generation and
IHS - General Author 08/13/2019 02:25
The United Kingdom government announced it had increased the. funding for on-street electric car charging by an additional GBP2.5. million (USD3 million), in a press release on 12 August. The. funding will be used to set up 1,000 new residential street charge. points. "It's fantastic that there are now more than 20,000. publicly accessible charge points and double the number of electric. vehicle charge points than petrol stations, but we want to do much. more. It's vital that electric vehicle drivers feel confident about. the availability of charge points near their homes, and that. charging an electric car is seen as easy as plugging in a. smartphone. That's why we are now doubling the funding available. for local authorities to continue building the.
IHS - General Author 08/12/2019 02:15
What a difference a year (or two) makes. When we published the. 2017 edition of our International Reference Pricing Guidebook, we. did so under the banner " " This was our nod to the fact that,. in an era of managed-entry agreements, patient access schemes and. other such instruments, a legitimate question has been posed over. the longevity of IRP: to the extent that visible prices in. reference markets increasingly mask varied types of concessions,. has IRP outlived its usefulness? As we remarked in the 2017 edition of our study, in the final. analysis, IRP remains alive and kicking. Despite the inability to. pierce the veil of confidential discounting, this policy tool. continues to feature prominently in the pricing framework of many. markets, matu.
IHS - General Author 08/08/2019 02:20
IHS Markit recently estimated the US oilfield water management. market to now be valued somewhere around $37.5 billion. That. represents a 12% year-on-year market growth from 2018—mainly. driven by water disposal and water hauling. On our recent podcast,. our experts Paola Perez Pena and Prescott Roach give us an overview. the market, including how the Permian Basin plays a part. Jessica Nelson:. Paola, can you put that $37.5 billion in perspective for us and. provide an overview of the water management market? Paola Perez Pena:. Our valuation is the result of the analysis of the whole value. chain of the market. We have multiple segments and each of them. behave and contribute differently to our estimation of the market. value. From our valuation, ha.
IHS - General Author 08/07/2019 09:25
(Excerpt). Uttar Pradesh state government yesterday (6 August) approved a. new policy to establish electric vehicle (EV) charging. infrastructure, reports the Financial Express. A 25% rebate on the. market rate of land will be offered to set up EV charging points. Under its EV policy, the state government expects to run 10,000. electric buses and phase out old ones In the first phase. By 2024,. 70% of commercial vehicles are expected to be electric and 200,000. charging stations will be set up. Significance: The Indian government has recently announced a. slew of initiatives to promote the use of EVs in the country. Last. month, in the Union Budget, the government reduced goods and. services tax (GST) rate on EVs from 12% to 5%. Furthermore, the GST.
IHS - General Author 08/02/2019 07:58
Foreign investment in Ireland's pharmaceutical sector has gone. from strength to strength in 2019. With major new. multi-billion-dollar investment projects lined-up and the expansion. of existing manufacturing facilities rolling in, the IDA. development agency has reason to be pleased, as well as confident. for the outlook in 2020. But there is an environmental cost to this. level of inward investment, which pharmaceutical companies and. Irish policymakers are increasingly mindful of. Topping the policy. agenda is industry's requirement for a new largescale public. investment program to curtail the sector's cost of doing business. in Ireland in the context of having to export hazardous waste. Public investment to improve pharma waste systems in Irela.
IHS - General Author 08/02/2019 05:17
In 2018 more than 4 GW of offshore wind capacity was added. globally to surpass 22 GW of installed capacity with northern. Europe and mainland China heading the global market. Large European. utilities including Ørsted, E.On, Vattenfall and Innogy dominate. the sector with projects in Europe and new developments in Asia and. the United States. The offshore wind industry will continue to witness a healthy. growth driven by rapidly falling costs due to economies of scale. and new technology developments. Currently, over 61 GW worth of. capacity are under different stages of development, mostly. concentrated in mainland China and Europe. Emerging markets such as. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States will. appear shortly on the globa.
IHS - General Author 08/02/2019 01:46
[Excerpt]. The Spanish passenger car market fell further in July. According. to the latest data published by the Spanish Association of. Passenger Car and Truck Manufacturers (Asociación Española de. Fabricantes de Automóviles Turismos y Camiones: ANFAC),. registrations declined by 11.1% y/y to 116,686 units. The. performance this month created further drag on the market in the. YTD, and now its registrations are down by 6.5% y/y at 809,159. units. Significance: The decline in the Spanish market. during July came despite one additional working day compared to. July 2018. However, this month was also boosted by OEMs seeking to. register non-WLTP certified vehicles before the September deadline,. with a heavy use of incentives. ANFAC notes that this defi.
IHS - General Author 08/01/2019 05:52
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) is currently. overseeing the federal environmental assessments of seven proposed. exploration projects for the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore. region (see table below). In addition, other exploration projects. not included in this article have either already received. environmental approval but have not yet been drilled, or they are. still in the early stages of the process and a determination has. not yet been made whether an environmental assessment will be. required. Figure 1: Proposed exploration projects for Newfoundland and. Labrador offshore region. The operators with exploration programs undergoing environmental. assessment are BHP, BP, Chevron, CNOOC International, ExxonMobil,. Husky, and.
IHS - General Author 07/31/2019 05:36
Where is the recovery in offshore drilling activity? The bulls. will tell you it's just around the corner, but it has so far failed. to materialize for offshore supply vessel (OSV) companies in the. Americas. If we step back and look at the Western Hemisphere as one. big market, then the Americas OSV market has remained largely flat. since October 2018 when the market hit a low of 85 contracted rigs. across both continents. Since then it's been hovering at 88. contracted mobile rigs (semisubmersibles, drillships and jackups),. supported by 397 offshore supply vessels (PSV, AHTS and AHT). While. production facilities require long term support, drilling activity. drives new OSV demand, and rig utilization remains poor. Operators. have been enjoying a pr.
IHS - General Author 07/30/2019 09:42
On 26 July, the city of Grand Rapids in Michigan, United States,. officially launched a year-long trial of autonomous vehicles,. according to MLive . The Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle. Initiative (AVGR) is using four autonomous shuttles, provided by. May Mobility, for the trial. These six-seat shuttles will transport. passengers along a downtown Grand Rapid bus route, going from east. to the west side of the vicinity, free of charge. The one-year long. trial is scheduled to run through 26 July 2020. The 3.2-mile (5.2 km) route follows DASH West route providing. access to Downtown, West Side and Heartside Business Districts. The. route has more than 20 stops, including at more than 10 nearby. parking lots as well as the David D. Hunting YMCA, Kendal.
IHS - General Author 07/30/2019 08:47
Investments in the low-carbon segment among global integrated. oil and gas companies have become increasingly material in recent. years. In fact, IHS Markit currently forecasts nearly $7 billion in. average annual spending in the low-carbon sector among this peer. group between 2019 and 2021. This higher spending has led to. questions about the profitability of investments in sectors outside. of the traditional oil and gas business. Chris DeLucia from our. upstream companies and transactions team discusses the returns in. this two-episode topic on our Upstream in Perspective podcast. . Jessica Nelson:. When we spoke last October, it was following your report at that. time that investigated the low-carbon strategies of several. integrated oil and gas o.
IHS - General Author 07/29/2019 05:26
In 2018, IHS Markit tracked wind turbine installations totaling. 51.3 GW, an 8% increase compared to the previous year. The. following infographic summarizes the key findings from our. study:. Figure 1: Wind turbine installations. Indra Mukherjee is a Global Wind Power Analyst for IHS. Markit. Posted 29 July 2019.
IHS - General Author 07/26/2019 06:38
Sometimes something as innocuous as an Admiralty Chart can give. an idea of the presence of oil or gas. The northeast part of Chart. 278a shows the presence of gas in an area surrounded by fields such. as Andrew, Moira, Maria, Fleming, Shelley and Everest. Figure 1: Escaping gas. Escaping gas is of course a shipping hazard as it reduces the. buoyancy of the water and it is thought to be one explanation for. the Bermuda Triangle (gas from clathrates in that case). Escaping gas also has an effect on seismic sections. An obvious. one is that it can disperse seismic energy and make a section look. fuzzy. The example (figure 2) is from the IHS Markit owned Fisher. Bank survey which covers the area indicated in between all those. North Sea fields. In the s.
IHS - General Author 07/25/2019 05:50
The Permian fields of West Texas have a famed history and that. history is still being written. The first commercial well was. drilled in Mitchell county, West Texas in 1920. By War World II,. the region was producing near 0.5 million b/d, supplying valuable. fuel to the Allied forces. Growth continued to a peak in 1973 at. near 2.0 million b/d before gradually declining to 0.9 million b/d. in 2007. The initial tight oil revolution began in North Dakota and. the Permian was a relatively late coming to the party, but the. basin is now the primary driver of US crude oil growth. The Permian. is now dominating the US oil activity with 47% of the nation's. drill rigs. The Majors were key participants in the early periods of Permian. history but over time b.


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