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Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 06:31
Around one in eight women will statistically develop breast cancer at some point in her life. Two in five breast cancers are diagnosed after a woman notices a lump, however, research suggests up to half do not check themselves regularly. In the UK, mammograms are only carried out on the NHS between 50 and 70, making self-exams all the more important for other age groups. Women should look out for any signs of swelling, dimpling or puckering of the skin. Nipples that are cracked, sore, inverted or ‘inside out’ may also be a sign of breast cancer. Using the ‘pads’ of the three middle fingers on the opposite hand, a woman should also press the entire breast, checking for any lumps. Early breast cancer can also cause blood-stained discharge fro.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 05:33
New data has revealed drastic shifts in UK travel behaviour since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The research, from airport transfer and sightseeing company Welcome Pickups, analysed UK traveller behaviour from March to the end of September this year, comparing it to the same period in 2019. Among the changes, it found an increase in longer trips and a move towards beach holidays, marking a nostalgic return to the way Britons used to travel. However, other findings, such as the rise of solo breaks, suggest that the pandemic is sparking a number of unexpected trends that could have a long-lasting impact on the way we travel. A return to two-week holidays The company observed that in the last six months 14 per cent of holidaymakers we.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 05:06
There is a celebrated quote from the pen of John Steinbeck which declares that “a sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ”. The accuracy of this statement could be debated endlessly at present – but there is a pertinence to those words, written 60 years ago, here in the gloom of 2020. And not just because a germ (or, at least, an insidious virus) has compromised our world. The sentence is taken from Travels With Charley, Steinbeck’s account of his road trip around the USA in 1960. While the book details the author’s search for an America he felt he had lost touch with, it also shows him on a hunt for happiness as he nears the end of his life, describing his “urge to be someplace else” as an itch that is always within him. Hi.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:18
We're quickly closing in on Halloween, and if you're still without a costume (or any ideas, for that matter), allow us to suggest dressing as a '70s female fashion icon. Not only were the 1970s a decade packed with groundbreaking style moments — from tie-dye to corduroy — but the beauty looks continue to inspire trends even to this day.Throwing a virtual Studio 54 disco? Channel Diana Ross with extra-long eyelash extensions or full Bianca Jagger brows. Or, if you just got a curtain fringe, take a hippie, bohemian approach and dress up as Farrah Fawcett or Stevie Nicks. Either way, scroll through for your easy and style-forward costume guide, ahead. ImanIf your costume party is happening over Zoom, consider a makeup-forward look, like fashio.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:03
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — “Adele” Episode 1789 — Pictured: Host Adele during the Monologue on Saturday, October 24, 2020 — (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC). People are still talking about Adele’s performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. While the night certainly wasn’t perfect — including one especially tone-deaf skit that left audiences unsettled — fans were excited to see the singer finally return to the stage after a long hiatus and debut a completely new beauty look from the last time we saw her. This past spring, the award-winning singer traded her signature voluminous shoulder-length bob for a longer look. Blending in brighter blonde highlights for this weekend’s performance, Adele’s hair was styled in a gorgeous, loose blow-out pull.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:00
Consider the gut. Adults have around nine metres of bowel in total: the small intestine, a long, narrow tube of about seven metres and the large intestine, so called because of its wide diameter. The latter is about one and a half metres long. That is a lot of piping. The human gut is an incredible system which mostly squelches away, filtering out what we do and don’t need, without us realising. Naturally, things can go wrong sometimes; symptoms like diarrhoea or constipation, bloating, wind, pain and nausea tend to alert us to our gut not functioning well. An upset gut can also go hand in hand with an upset mind; a person not functioning well. The connection between emotional distress and difficult sensations is long established; when we’r.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:00
“Oi, picky head…your hair’s picky, man.”You’d be hard-pressed to find a single Black woman in the UK who hasn’t received comments relating to her hair. Afro, textured and curly hair demands attention for its unique boldness, vitality and beauty but it has also been a central negative bias and for many, hair discrimination in the UK is a reality. A 2017 study found that one in five Black women feel social pressure to straighten their hair for work and are much more likely than white women to feel anxiety over the issue. Emma Dabiri, a social historian and author of Don’t Touch My Hair, wants this to change. For Black History Month, Dabiri is presenting a taboo-busting documentary called Hair Power: Me And My Afro by Channel 4 and Pulse Film.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:00
Welcome to Black History Is Now, a content series celebrating Black culture in the UK. This year, we’re platforming Unforgotten Women throughout Black British history, highlighting their achievements and legacy. There’s a saying which goes “behind every successful man is a great woman” and if you watch any YouTube video of Una Winifred Atwell, you’ll understand why Elton John counts the talented woman as one of his idols. Una Winifred Atwell was a prominent pianist who became a household name in Britain and Australia. Born on 27th February 1914 in Tunapuna, Trinidad, she was the daughter of a community pharmacist. She took up the piano at the age of four and was giving classical recitals when she was just six but despite her musical talent,
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:00
Over 100,000 people in the UK have a stoma. Common for people who’ve suffered with bowel cancer, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or even, in some rare cases, endometriosis, a stoma is a little hole that’s made in a person’s stomach from which waste can drain into a specially designed bag. It allows the intestines to bypass the rectum altogether. Essentially it stops the owner from having to poo. Katie May Chesworth, 23, is a content creator from the Lake District who’s been living with a stoma for five years. Here, she explains what her day looks like. “I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease, when I was 16 years old. After two years of failed medications, a lot of pain and trips to the toilet, I ended up i.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 03:00
Instagram turns 10 this month. I started using it back in 2012, when I was 16 years old and, like most, could never have predicted the vicelike grip the photo-sharing platform would come to have on our wardrobes and beyond. Back then it was simple: post an outfit, tag it #OOTD and keep scrolling. That hashtag, now used 332 million times on the app, provided playful exploration and offered people an opportunity to flex their creativity away from the humdrum of the nine-to-five. Something changed over time, though. I didn’t notice it at first but I subconsciously stopped posting pictures of myself rewearing the same outfit on Instagram. As time went on this became an intentional decision. Not only were my favourite influencers always wearing
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/27/2020 02:44
PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 02: Zendaya wears a white crop shirt, black pants, outside Armani, during Paris Fashion Week -Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019/2020, on July 02, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images). The votes are in: Fans want to see Zendaya’s new hair. The Euphoria star posted a short video from the ballot box over the weekend while exercising her right to vote. Though her hair was pulled back, fans were quick to spot what appears to be fresh blonde highlights — and they’re clamouring for a closer look. In the clip posted to Instagram, Zendaya and a friend pose beside the box, with the star’s dark brown hair appearing visibly lighter with streaks of blonde. “Just a couple of voters dropping off their ballots,”
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 12:55
Back in May, two months into lockdown, I found myself newly unemployed, broke, and depressed. I packed up my things, cleaned out my one-bedroom flat, that I shared with my pet rabbit, Covey, and moved into my childhood bedroom. At the time, I had been seeing someone for about 10 months. I could tell it wasn’t going anywhere, but navigating my new reality didn’t allow me much energy to do anything about it. Then, after barely speaking for a week, he dumped me. I wasn’t surprised. Part of me was even relieved; it was one less thing to worry about. But as time passed and the timeframe of when things would go back to “normal” got further and further away, I started to wonder: Will I ever have sex again? Where am I going to have sex? And with wh.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 12:46
It’s no secret that women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. From increased childcare responsibilities, to a higher chance of furlough and job loss, it’s thought that the fallout from lockdown restrictions will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of women around the UK. Now, women’s healthcare is the latest 'collateral damage' to emerge as a result of the pandemic. A new survey undertaken by the charity Breast Cancer Now revealed that 47 per cent of women do not check their breasts regularly for signs of breast cancer, and one in 10 never do. When asked why they didn’t check for changes, 46 per cent of those who had not been diagnosed with breast cancer said they “forget” to do so. Others cited embarrassment or a desire not to bothe.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 11:45
Phil Woods writes In February 2019 I flew to Sri Lanka for a week with hand luggage only on a TUI charter flight. As instructed on my flight confirmation invoice, I checked in online and printed out both boarding passes in advance. Printed on the passes was the instruction for “customers with no bags” to go straight to the departure gate, which would close “45 minutes before your flight departs”. On my return, I used this print out to clear passport control and security in Colombo. However, I was refused boarding. Gate staff said I should have obtained an airport-issued boarding pass at the check-in desk. TUI’s local agent, Aitken Spence, told me it had been asking TUI to amend its documentation after a passenger on a Stockholm flight had e.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 09:48
Camping in earshot of the sea is a delicate balancing act. Get too close, and the rumble and thump will induce nightmares of shipwrecks and tidal waves. But edge too far away, and you’ll miss out on a calming rhythm that beats a diazepam any night of the week. Cocooned in my thick down sleeping bag, as the North Atlantic barged ashore, and then fizzed over the moonlit sand, I found myself lying in a slumber sweet spot. I wasn’t exactly being rocked to sleep – more tranquilized by sound. The two beers, fresh breeze and five hours’ cycling had probably played a small part, too. But nevertheless, by 1930 I was dead to the world – earlier than most toddlers. Wild camping – or simply “camping” as most Scots have known it for centuries – became a.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 08:34
Boots has announced that it will start selling rapid coronavirus tests in selected stores within a matter of weeks. As an increasing number of countries require UK arrivals to provide evidence of a recent negative Covid test, we examine what the potentially game-changing move means for holidaymakers. The £120 tests will be processed by an in-store machine and return results in just 12 minutes. They involve a simple nasal swab and have been shown to be 97 per cent accurate in trials. Boots has stated that the service will be aimed at those who have no symptoms of the virus but want some peace of mind. The speedy test, which is significantly faster than others currently being trialled, has been developed by diagnostics firm LumiraDx, which ha.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/26/2020 07:31
With the cold nights drawing in and our daylight hours dwindling, most of you are probably thinking about winter hibernation. But don’t be so fast to close the curtains and pull the duvet up over your head. This time of year is, by my book, the best for getting up and outdoors early. One of the most underrated joys of winter is its crisp sunrises. Frosted grass underfoot and air that feels as thin as tissue paper – there is nothing more invigorating than getting outside to embrace the chill, and at this time of year you don’t even have to set the alarm too early. With the prospect of escaping for some winter sun getting ever further away, try booking yourself one of these breaks to enjoy a winter sunrise instead. See a castle lit up at Bamb.


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