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AOPA General Aviation News 07/15/2020 15:53
Many pilots have a clear desire to protect the freedom to fly for future generations of aviators. What may be a little foggier is how: “How can I ensure that my will and financial plans properly reflect my wishes to support the future of general aviation?” Getting one’s financial house and giving strategies in place can often make a complex flight plan look simple in comparison.
AOPA General Aviation News 07/15/2020 14:10
John Monnett's original plans-built racing airplane is back in stock at Sonex Aircraft in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Plans for the Sonerai will set you back just $145; add another $21,000, give or take, for parts and materials, along with some sweat equity, and you could wind up flying an airplane for sports car money, and towing it home to your garage.
AOPA General Aviation News 07/13/2020 18:32
A resume is a detailed summary of your work experience and qualifications, and it is the most important tool for your job search. Your resume serves several purposes. The resume represents you, the applicant. It is your image on paper or online. Thus, your resume should reflect you as a professional, well-organized individual. Remember, when you submit resumes with personal data, your resume may be discarded.
AOPA General Aviation News 07/13/2020 16:50
My first hint of the impact of the COVID-19 virus on air travel came in late February/early March when I worked a pair of flights to Orlando and Fort Myers that only had 40 or 50 people on them. That time of year, the airplanes to Florida are usually packed. These were virtually empty, and a good chunk of those empty seats would normally have been filled with people connecting from Asian flights. Within a few weeks, I’d be lucky to see 40 or 50 passengers in a day. COVID-19 has decimated air travel. It was, quite literally, a feast-to-famine transition in the blink of an eye.
AOPA General Aviation News 07/13/2020 13:28
While the coronavirus pandemic brought the hottest pilot job market in 60 years to its knees, nearly all experts agree that this downturn will be a pause. So what can you do to keep your skills sharp to be ready for the interview or return to work when it comes on the back of this slump?

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