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811 results 11/08/2019 23:35
Today was last day working on the Brookfield Sub and I finally got to take a few pics. SC34 gang is going to Gainesville, Texas to shut down for the winter. An eastbound empty TOFC-COFC intermodal train passing through Avon, Illinois 11-8-19. Passed through Bushnell, Illinois and got a pic of the old depot. In Bushnell BNSF crosses the TP&W at a manual interlocker. 10/25/2019 13:32
Hello,. Just want to inquire is there any electricians on here who are a locomotive electrician? How do you rate the job? How hard is it to break into the sector ? And just your general day to day runnings and any advice for someone wanting to work in the sector, what courses maybe might be of benifit to them going along with there training as an electrican already. Thanks. 10/24/2019 21:52
Good evening all. I have a good buddy with an old book titled Kirkman's "Science of Railways" Portfolio. We haven't been able to identify it online and I was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on it. The usual google searches did not turn up any helpful results. As far as we know it was by a gentlemen named Marshall Monroe Kirkman, 1842-1921. In looking at his published book list, this "portfolio" does not appear anywhere. The whole book or portfolio measures maybe... 10/24/2019 01:09
I'll try to keep this as short as possible but also give as much information as possible. I work for the railway and unfortunately life altering accidents are all too common here. I worry about having to experience a fellow co-worker being injured or killed. I get along with all my coworkers and they feel like family to me. We go through many safety meetings and it's always the same repetitive message that gets crammed down our throats. The safety message is great and I feel the company is... 10/21/2019 18:12
Hi,. Link to the video (please select high resolution):. Fall photo steam charter with the Romanian-built Prussian G 10 ÖGEG 657.2770 on the Mattigtalbahn. This steam engine needs a major revision, also the line is the last major resort of semaphore signals in Austria which will be modernized soon. On Saturday, three pairs of freight trains were running Braunau - Mauerkirchen - Mattighofen - Munderfing (- in the morning to Friedburg), plus one... 10/20/2019 18:57
The holiday train is making it was thru New York November 26 2019. I want last year and I enjoyed my self, Its more for the kids but us adults enjoy the train. Mechanicville is better to view it when it comes into the stop. I sat on S. Main st along the tracks and got a good video, Yes it was dark but the video came out great. It was 42 degrees last year and it maybe the same this year too. Hope to see ya out there, an yes I'll video it and take more pictures and post them up. 10/17/2019 19:26
Finished work on the Emporia Sub yesterday and started traveling to Reading, Kansas on BNSF's Topeka Sub. Last night we tied up on a track next to the Amtrak station in Lawrence, Kansas. This morning we traveled to Osage City and tied up on the siding for the night. I got these pics today. This old ATSF boxcar was in an old yard near the Amtrak station. On the other end was this BN caboose; possibly used as a shoving platform. Passed... 10/04/2019 15:06
I wandered into the CSX freight yard today in Framingham,Ma and the yard master was nice enough to let me wander around and take a few pictures. I have no idea what a couple of the cars are for. maybe someone can help me? Specifically the car with the tank of gas on the front and the one that looks like it has some kind of "missile" on the front...

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