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(Natural News) The mummified remains of cats, dogs, falcons, and mice haunted a recently discovered tomb in Egypt. Experts believed that the animals were not the coterie of favored animals that got buried with their late owners. Instead, the animals were sacrificed and preserved as consecrated offerings to the dead. Inscriptions found in the burial... 08/24/2019 06:47
(Natural News) The Reverend Not-so-Sharpton stood with his hands extended high and wide saying, “I hate white people this much.” But Sharpton is not considered a hater. He was much sought after by 12 of the Democrat presidential candidates who made the pilgrimage to his humble abode to kiss his ring. (Article by Don Boys, Ph.D. republished from 08/23/2019 18:16
(Natural News) The founder and now former CEO of, Patrick Byrne, has stepped down from his post after he stunned investors with a frank admission earlier this month that he was a government informant involved with the Deep State. Last week, as NewsTarget reported, Byrne noted during an interview with the Fox Business Network... 08/23/2019 14:58
(Natural News) Eating nutritious meals daily is essential for your overall well-being, but low-income families can’t always afford nourishing food, making it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to a study, two factors can help address this issue: meal planning and store selection. The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior and... 08/23/2019 14:52
(Natural News) If healthy food is medicine, then mushrooms are highly medicinal. These edible fungi contain numerous nutrients and produce natural compounds that help protect against diseases. They can even increase the longevity of people who eat them regularly. Researcher Paul Stamets explains that fungi can convert rotting organic materials into humus soils that help... 08/23/2019 12:00
(Natural News) Theories abound as to why zebras sport distinctive black-and-white stripes on their hides. In a recent study, a team led by the University of California (UC), Davis claimed that the pattern confuses blood-sucking flies, causing the insects to miss their zebra-sized landing zone completely. The flies feed on the blood of zebras and... 08/23/2019 10:25
(Natural News) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has pancreatic cancer. Multiple media sources are now reporting that she recently underwent three weeks of radiation treatment for a “localized malignant tumor” that was found on her tumor July 31st of this year. This is her second cancer treatment this year, according to media reports.... 08/23/2019 07:50
(Natural News) Following the bombshell finding of alarming levels of lead and aluminum in a probiotics dietary supplement that’s marketed to children and sold on, CWC Labs has completed heavy metals testing of five more popular probiotics to provide a larger comparison of dietary supplements in this category. 08/23/2019 02:33
(Natural News) For nearly two years as information about the coup attempt against President Donald Trump known as "Spygate" dripped out, observers long suspected that an operation of this scope – involving the Justice Department, the FBI, U.S. and foreign intelligence assets – had to have come from the very top. 08/23/2019 01:39
(Natural News) Proper hydration is the key to maintaining overall heath, especially if you are physically active or are recovering from an illness. However, sometimes drinking water alone is not enough. Rehydration is not the same as electrolyte or mineral replacement. The water you drink should contain beneficial minerals and electrolytes to replenish those that your... 08/23/2019 01:05
(Natural News) There was a time when British journalist and former CNN host Piers Morgan was about as contemptible as anyone else on that network. His Left-wing stances on every political issue from immigration to taxes to gun control were difficult for pro-America, pro-liberty, pro-constitutionalist individuals to watch, let alone agree with. But something has... 08/23/2019 00:47
(Natural News) Three years ago, the world’s longest solar road was laid into place, with government officials strutting down the solar panel road, grinning ear to ear. The new age, green energy project was the future of energy, at least, until the cameras clicked off and reality set in. A July 2019 report from the...

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