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Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 19:50
Watch Live: 'Bloomberg Bashing' Round II At South Carolina Democrat Debate. After being savaged in the previous Democratic presidential candidate debate, all eyes will be billionaire Mike Bloomberg to see if he can recover tonight and his campaign is definitely coming out swinging as Bernie dominates the pack. Seven Democratic presidential candidates qualified for the South Carolina debate:. Former Vice President. Former New York Mayor. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor. Minnesota Sen. Massachusetts Sen. Vermont Sen. Businessman. Hawaii Rep. did not qualify for the debate stage in South Carolina. after the disastrous first outing - his net favorability rating dropped 20 points in the aftermath, according to Morning Consult - Bloomberg’s debate go.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 19:35
The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don't Want You To Know: "No Country Is Prepared". It’s been 100 years since the Spanish Flu caused a . While the WHO would like you to rest easy right now given their belief that Covid-19 is not currently a global pandemic threat, it is just a matter of time before they admit it's true. And when that day does arrive, “scientists say an outbreak of a flu-like illness could sweep across the planet in 36 hours and kill tens of millions due to our constantly-traveling population.”According to the “The report, named A World At Risk , said current efforts to prepare for outbreaks in the wake of crises such as Ebola are ‘grossly insufficient'”. It was headed by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former Norwegian p.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 19:15
NYC Hotel Loans Defaulting At Alarming Rate As Room-Rates Plunge, Tourism Tumbles. More and more New York City hotels are defaulting on their mortgages, signaling an alarming trend in the industry as "challenging market fundamentals" and new supply act as headwinds for the industry. This has resulted in room rates declining and sites like Airbnb gaining traction in the market, according to . The main metric to watch is the average daily room rate, which has dropped in New York City to its lowest point since at least 2013 : $255.16, according to STR.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 18:55
Why Governments Hate Secession. When the Soviet Union began its collapse in 1989, the world witnessed decentralization and secession on a scale not seen in Europe since the nineteenth century. Over the next several years, puppet regimes and states-in-name-only broke away from Soviet domination and formed sovereign states.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 18:15
Rickards: "1984" Has Come To China... USA Is Next. You’re probably familiar with George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four ; (it’s often published as 1984) . It was written in 1948; the title comes from reversing the last two digits in 1948. The novel describes a world of three global empires, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, in a constant state of war. Orwell created an original vocabulary for his book, much of which is in common, if sardonic, usage today. Terms such as Thought Police, Big Brother, doublethink, Newspeak and memory hole all come from Nineteen Eight-Four . Orwell intended it as a warning about how certain countries might evolve in the aftermath of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. He was certain.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 17:35
NYT: "The Coronavirus Is Not A Civilization-Ender But...". Just because is a perennial object of ridicule by both the right and the left doesn't mean its writers don't occasionally make a good point. And today, we'd like to draw our readers' attention to a column published Tuesday by a member of the NYT's editorial board. As Douthat points out, the outbreak has put Democrats, and liberals more broadly, in a difficult position. Eager to jump at every opportunity to criticize President Trump, many are secretly hoping the outbreak gets worse in the US because it could hurt Trump's chances of reelection. Many, including top Dems like Schumer, Pelosi etc., have already accused the administration of being unprepared and not doing enough. But if th.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 17:15
Illinois Has Its "Oh Sh*t" Moment And Realizes It Has No Money In Its Rainy Day Fund. Illinois wants to play catch-up with its rainy day fund at what is likely the worst possible time. With 11 years of bull market behind us and a pandemic that is starting to make its way across the globe, it is only now that Governor J.B. Pritzker has decided he wants to help bolster the state's safety net.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 16:55
Critical-Thinking Has Never Been More Important "Because The Ruling Class Doesn't Want You To". There are several reasons I spend so much time discussing and analyzing the current state of affairs. The primary motivation, aside from a drive to share personal opinions and spread awareness, is to encourage people to think critically. I don’t want readers to agree with everything I say, I want people to become inspired to think for themselves. The ruling class doesn’t want you to think, they want you to simply accept the nonsensical stories they tell you. By contrast, I don’t want readers to blindly accept any of my conclusions, rather, I want my work be a case study on how to deploy independent logic and insight to a variety of topics and situ.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 16:43
WTI Bounces Back Above $50 After Smaller Than Expected Crude Build. Oil prices plunged today as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned Americans to brace for an outbreak at home. "This virus has had a violent effect across markets", said David Tawil, president of Maglan Capital in New York. "There may be more shocks to come as the virus spreads, prolonging the time for oil to regain its footing.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 16:25
This Is Not A Drill: Why Covid-19 Could Be The Deadly Pandemic That Changes Everything. It has been almost three months since the Wuhan coronavirus, now known officially as COVID-19, emerged in Wuhan, China. This novel coronavirus is the latest candidate to be the next major pandemic. We’ve learned a lot about COVID-19 in that time, and unfortunately, there is still so much we don’t know. One thing that has becoming impossible to ignore , however, is that this not a drill. Like all outbreaks, it’s impossible to know for sure if any particular one will become the next deadly, global pandemic until it either happens or doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is shaping into what appears to be the one that folks will be reading about in a hundr.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 16:13
Iger Out As Disney CEO; Stock Extends Losses. A couple of week ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger was on CNBC talking about his contract extension to 2021 and offering some bullish comments about the coronavirus and Disney. This week, he's out. Disney revealed in a press release published minutes after the market close that the longtime CEO is out, and will instead assume an "executive chairman"-type role through 2021. CNBC noted that the move is unusual given the recent contract extension. Disney shares tumbled in after-market trade:. Tue, 02/25/2020 - 16:13.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 15:45
Schiff: "US Is In A Gigantic Bubble... & Covid-19 Is Going To Be The Pin". While yesterday's collapse in stocks has been broadly blamed on worsening Covid-19 headlines; Peter Schiff, the CEO and chief global strategist at Euro Pacific Capital, dug a little deeper into the real problems behind the market's fragility . According to Schiff, "the bond market is telegraphing right now that we are going to have several more rate cuts , I think between now and the end of the year.". In fact the market is pricing in almost 2.5 rate cuts by the end of 2020... Peter noted that US stock markets were already vulnerable before the virus outbreak. Remember, we’re talking about the US stock market that’s at bubble territory, nosebleed valuations, long in th.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 15:09
Fed Vice Chair Clarida Doesn't Tell The Market What It Wants To Hear. Heading into today's speech by Fed vice-chair Richard Clarida, especially after yesterday's Bloomberg op-ed by former Minneapolis Fed president Narayana Kocherlakota urging an immediate, emergency rate cut because of the drop in the S&P coronavirus, the market was somewhat hopeful that Clarida would make at least a strong hint that if the selling continues the coronavirus pandemic got worse, the Fed would cuts rate. Alas, with the S&P down more than 2.5%, the market did not get what it expected, when speaking at the NABE conference, Clarida said that the US economy and monetary policy are in a good place, noting that it is still too soon to speculate on whether the coronav.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 14:55
CTAs Begin Selling. Up until this point, the pressure from systematic investors was modest, with Morgan Stanley suggesting that between $20 and $60BN in systematic outflows and deleveraging may hit today. That changed moments ago, when as Nomura's Charlie McElligott writes in:. " CTA levels for the SPX fut 3128.5 is the level to sell, basically would be pretty big $ selling, the 3m window flips today and we have a weighting of 42.6% in our model for that time window .". A.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 14:30
'Big' Lie Of The Day: This Is Not A Pandemic. A regional governor in Italy issued a reassuring lie today. Business Insider reports . Venice is “ taking precautionary measures -- this is not a pandemic . We decided to ban all events for a week especially to protect older citizens, but businesses are working as usual,” said regional Governor Luca Zaia in an interview. Meanwhile, in Milan, all work activity has come to a halt with blockades preventing travel in and out of the area. The above details are from the Bloomberg article . Italy’s economic engine ground nearly to a halt on Monday amid Europe’s largest coronavirus outbreak. The hit to the economy from limiting movement and activity in the prosperous area from Venice to Milan, home to so.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 13:50
Dow Dumps 2,000 Points From Highs & 'Jawboning' Is Failing To Halt The Panic. Update (1350ET) : Like a champion boxer who is just past his prime, Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow took to CNBC early Tuesday afternoon to try and jawbone the markets higher as US stocks headed for their fourth day in a row. Kudlow stressed that the US has been "ahead of the curve" when it comes to "protecting citizens" (by canceling flights, barring foreigners etc.) - even as the CDC warns that the US is dangerously unprepared for "community outbreaks" that it believes will inevitably arrive.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 13:30
Facebook Investigates 'Suspicious Pro-Sanders Content'. In recent weeks, Facebook has investigated 'suspicious content supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign ,' according to the which notes that the company was unable to substantiate claims that 'Trump supporters or Russian actors were involved in any inauthentic activity' (Why they think Trump supporters would be supporting the Democratic candidate with the best chance of toppling the president is anyone's guess). Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said the company investigated a claim by an outside researcher over suspicious pro-Sanders content , among regular reports it generally receives from the research community.
Zero Hedge 02/25/2020 13:10
Watch: Hillary Clinton Still Blames Russia For Her Loss To Trump. Despite a 3 year long investigation that turned up precisely nothing, and a failed impeachment show trial, Hillary Clinton is STILL adamant that she lost the 2016 election to President Trump because of Russian collusion. Speaking from a red carpet at a Berlin screening of a four hour documentary about her, (no thanks) Hillary declared that "Obviously we know the Russians are continuing to try to choose our next president like they chose our last president.".

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