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US President Donald Trump banned Americans from using TikTok, because of potential information leaks to China. In an ironic twist, The Intercept explains “Leaked Documents Reveal What TikTok Shares With Authorities—In The U.S.” It is not a secret in the United States that social media platforms from TikTok to Facebook collect user data as ways […]
DarkCyber spotted “Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court.” The Nation’s write up states: On June 1, Whitehead’s publisher, Penguin Random House, together with fellow megapublishers Hachette, HarperCollins, and Wiley, filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive alleging “mass copyright infringement.” The Internet Archive closed the National Emergency Library on June 16, citing the lawsuit […]
DarkCyber finds logo collections fascinating. The most recent “infographic” from Topbots groups companies engaged in artificial intelligence into categories; specifically: B2B sales and marketing Business intelligence Consumer marketing Customer management Data science and machine learning Digital commerce Engineering and information technology Finance and operations HR and recruiting Health care Industrials and manufacturing Legal and compliance […]
After years of letting online services operate like independent countries, a handful of the faithful have taken action. If the information in “Kim Kardashian to Freeze Facebook, Instagram Accounts in #StopHateForProfit Effort” is accurate, luminaries are using their orbital power to cause change. Elected officials lack the hands on experience with digital power houses that […]
“Facebook Takes Legal Action after Irish Regulator Threatens to Clamp Down on Transatlantic Data Transfer” illustrates that the company is consistent. The write up reports: Facebook … launched legal action against Ireland’s data regulator, in an attempt to halt a preliminary order that could stop the company from transferring user data from the European Union […]
The consulting firm Bearing Point is an interesting outfit. Marketing, of course, is job one. DarkCyber noted “BearingPoint Study Assesses the Digital Maturity of Passport Services in Countries around the Globe.” The document provides the firm’s assessment of government processes related to digital work flows. Not surprisingly, the report finds opportunities for improvement across the […]
How about virtual private networks? What about those free VPNs? How effective are specialized VPNs which bond two or more Internet connections? Interesting questions. “VPN Usage Now Makes Up Almost All Enterprise Traffic” does not answer these questions, but the write up reports about a study which offers some interesting and, to DarkCyber, slightly unbelievable […]
Kinetic assaults on the United States still pose a great risk, but even greater threats exist in digital spaces. Hacking, malware, viruses, and more could potentially damage the American way of life more than a physical attack. The Star Tribune reports that, “Military’s Top Cyber Official Defends More Aggressive Stance” on attacks taking place in […]

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