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Verge 07/17/2019 17:13
FaceApp — the photo editing app that uses neutral networks to create dramatic photo edits — is , thanks to a new aging filter, but the Democratic National Committee isn’t on board with the fun. The organization instead repoortedly sent out an alert warning 2020 Democratic presidential campaigns from using the app due to concerns about the app’s Russian developers, . “This app allows users to perform different transformations on photos of people, such as aging the person in the picture. Unfortunately, this novelty is not without risk: FaceApp was developed by Russians,” warned an alert from Bob Lord (the DNC’s chief security officer) that CNN obtained.
Verge 07/17/2019 17:08
Ore Huiying/Getty Images for Netflix. Netflix didn’t add nearly as many subscribers as the company projected it would in the second quarter of 2019, and saw a loss in US subscribers , when the company separated its DVD mail-order system and streaming platform. The company lost approximately 130,000 subscribers in the United States in Q2, and only gained 2.7 million global subscribers, after projecting it would add 5 million.
Verge 07/17/2019 17:00
Instagram. Instagram is giving more users the option to publicly hide the like count on their posts. The company announced today that it’s expanding its hidden like count test, which it first announced in May, to six more countries: Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. The test in Canada, where people who were included in the test had their likes hidden by default. They had to opt out to show the likes publicly, although they can always see that like count on their own content. The feature hides users’ public like counts on videos and photos in the Feed, on the web, and within profiles. Instagram said at the time of the initial announcement that it wants followers to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how...
Verge 07/17/2019 16:30
Appearing right on time during the week of the 50th anniversary of the , here’s the first trailer for Snoopy in Space , an educational Peanuts show made exclusively for the upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service. According to , Snoopy in Space “follows Snoopy as his dreams of being an astronaut become a reality when he and Woodstock tag along with the Peanuts gang on a field trip to NASA and are chosen for an elite mission into space. As Snoopy and Woodstock fulfill their dreams of astronaut training and space travel, Charlie Brown and the gang assist their friends from mission control.”Peanuts Worldwide and NASA recently signed the Space Act Agreement, which builds on a partnership that first began during the...
Verge 07/17/2019 16:27
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. After giving it earlier this year, Netflix has confirmed it will officially introduce a new plan that only lets customers stream content on a mobile device. The plan, set to launch in India during the third quarter, will be priced lower than the company’s existing subscriptions. In a letter to investors released this afternoon, Netflix said the mobile-only plan “will be an effective way to introduce a larger number of people in India to Netflix and to further expand our business in a market where Pay TV ARPU (average revenue per user) is low (below $5).”As for where else this plan might eventually become available, for now Netflix is only saying that it will “continue to learn more after launch o.
Verge 07/17/2019 16:00
Leaks are common in the tech industry, but for the past six years, Apple has been doing everything in its power to prevent them from getting out into the world. Following a big leak that spoiled the announcement of the iPhone 5C, reports that Apple created its own manufacturing security division, dubbed the New Product Security Team (NPS), to closely monitor its suppliers and assembly partners in China.
Verge 07/17/2019 15:56
The second fireball | Image: in cooperation with. A prototype version of SpaceX’s next-generation rocket caught fire last night following an engine test in Boca Chica, Texas. About four minutes after SpaceX briefly ignited the vehicle’s engine, a second small explosion engulfed the rocket in flames for a few seconds — seemingly by accident. The fire was quickly extinguished, but the incident may postpone the first big flight of the vehicle. The hardware that caught on fire is the test model of SpaceX’s next big rocket, the Starship: a massive spacecraft the company is developing to take people and cargo into deep space. SpaceX is building multiple versions of the rocket at the company’s test facilities in Cape Canaveral, Florida and Boca Chi.
Verge 07/17/2019 13:23
Image: Ford. Ford revealed today that it was behind a successful campaign to get a pickup truck emoji shortlisted for next year’s wave of new characters. It’s a reasonable addition to the long list of emoji currently available to us — pickups represent a growing portion of US auto sales — but its development comes with an important caveat: Ford didn’t disclose that it was behind the proposal to make the new emoji, . The pickup truck emoji stands to benefit Ford in particular, since it’s the market leader in the category. Pickups are more profitable for automakers, too, so there’s incentive to push consumers toward them. Ford made a commercial, narrated by Bryan Cranston, touting its achievement in creating the emoji. Ford’s...
Verge 07/17/2019 13:12
Microsoft has created a hologram that will transform someone into a digital speaker of another language. The software giant unveiled the technology during a keynote at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference this morning in Las Vegas. Microsoft recently scanned Julia White, a company executive for Azure, at a to transform her into an exact hologram replica. The digital version appeared onstage to translate the keynote into Japanese. Microsoft has used its Azure AI technologies and neural text-to-speech to make this possible. It works by taking recordings of White’s voice, in order to create a personalized voice signature, to make it sound like she’s speaking Japanese. Microsoft has shown off...
Verge 07/17/2019 12:42
The latest update for the Spotify app on the iPad brings long-awaited support for multitasking features, including Split View (which Apple debuted in 2015) and Slide Over modes. You no longer have to open up a full-screen instance of Spotify to find new music, or switch songs via the limited pull-down menu. To use the Slide Over feature, add Spotify to your iPad dock, then open it while you’re still using a different app. Spotify will launch as a Slide Over view that sits on top of the app that’s currently running. If you want to use the Split View, tap and drag the top of the Spotify view window to the top of the screen. Your screen will then be split between Spotify and your other app; adjust the size to your taste. This new update...
Verge 07/17/2019 12:04
Illustration by James Bareham / The Verge. The Oakland City Council voted last night to pass an ordinance banning city agencies from using facial recognition technology. The move sets up Oakland to become the third city in the United States to pass similar legislation. , municipal agencies, including city police, will be banned from obtaining or using the controversial technology. The city joins neighboring San Francisco, as well as Somerville, Massachusetts, which both earlier this year. The Oakland City Council will take a second vote on the ordinance in September, but it is seen as procedural. The legislation has been pressed by civil rights advocates, including the American...
Verge 07/17/2019 12:01
FaceApp. FaceApp, a Russia-based app that applies filters to photos, is having another moment in the spotlight this week. The app first , but this time it’s catching on because of a filter that makes users look older or younger. As with the last viral moment, however, users have been that the app’s creators are harvesting metadata from their photos. Close research suggests FaceApp isn’t doing anything particularly unusual in either its code or its network traffic, so if you’re worried about FaceApp, there are probably a bunch of other apps on your phone doing the same thing. Still, the conversation does bring attention to standard tech practices that might be more invasive than users realize. To use the app,...
Verge 07/17/2019 11:59
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. . Asurion CEO Tony Detter joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to discuss simplifying our experience with tech products, the problems with closed ecosystems, and why an insurance company like Asurion got involved with tech support. Below is a lightly edited excerpt where Detter and Patel discuss what we can do about the “everything is too complicated” problem. You can hear this and more in the latest episode of The Vergecast . Nilay Patel: Every year around the holidays, I write a post about . What happens is that I go home and basically spend the entire time driving around the Midwest to parents’ and families’ houses, and I just listen to my family ask me questions about...
Verge 07/17/2019 11:57
Battle royale games aren’t especially known for their stories, but it looks like PUBG is trying to change that. In the lead-up to the game’s fourth season, developer PUBG Corp released a cinematic trailer which provides the first real official lore for the game — and it’s incredibly dark. The trailer starts off with a young child on Erangel, PUBG ’s first map, who is the sole survivor of a horrible battle on the island. It then skips ahead pretty far in the future, where the boy is now a man, apparently with quite a bit of cash, who organizes the battle royale tournaments on Erangel. It ends with a shot of the man staring at a massive bank of monitors, taking in all of the murderous mayhem. This kind of explicit narrative stands in stark...
Verge 07/17/2019 11:55
Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call. On Wednesday, Facebook cryptocurrency chief David Marcus faced Congress for a second round of questioning, this time from . As in Tuesday’s Senate hearing, Marcus faced deep concerns over Facebook’s previous privacy issues, but there was also new skepticism over the nature of the Libra project itself. “I don’t think you should launch Libra at all,” Rep. Deborah Maloney (D-NY) told Marcus in one exchange, “because the creation of a new currency is a core government function and should be left to democratically accountable institutions, that are accountable to the American people. But at the very least, you should agree to do this small pilot program first, fully overseen by the Federal Reserve and the...
Verge 07/17/2019 11:30
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. , the two-day shopping holiday, is wrapping up, and almost everything that was discounted earlier in the week is either sold out or back to its original price. However, not all of the deals are done just yet. We’ve sorted through the remains of Prime Day to see if any deals were left over. There are only a few deals left compared to the hundreds that we originally picked out, but we’ve laid out the best deals below. at Best Buy, but only if you activate service in-store through Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T. Otherwise, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 phones can still be found for around $200 off at Amazon and B&H Photo. Samsung Galaxy S10E (128GB storage) for...
Verge 07/17/2019 11:22
Photo: Vertical Entertainment. 2012’s Iron Sky was an intentionally funny B-movie, lambasting science fiction tropes with the same gusto as Spaceballs or Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery . The film failed to find the cult status it deserves, but it built a following just big and enthusiastic enough to . The result is Iron Sky: The Coming Race , which arrives in theaters and on-demand services on Friday, July 19th. The original Iron Sky was set in an imagined version of 2018 where astronauts, sent to the dark side of the moon by an unnamed US president bearing a striking resemblance to Sarah Palin (Stephanie Paul), discover Nazis have been hiding there since the end of World War II. What follows is a mashup of Independence Day , Wa.
Verge 07/17/2019 10:42
Not many robotics companies can boast legions of fans online, but not many robotics companies make robots quite like Boston Dynamics. Each time the firm shares new footage of its machines, they cause a sensation. Whether it’s a pack of robot dogs or a human-like bot up a set of boxes, Boston Dynamics’ bots are uniquely thrilling. They’re also something of a Rorschach test for our feelings about the future, with viewers either basking in the high-tech splendor or bemoaning the coming robo-apocalypse. And when a parody video circulated last month showing a CGI “Bosstown Dynamics” robot , many mistook it for the real thing — a testament to how far the company has pushed what seems...

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