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Today, we’re proud to announce the for federal agencies. This field guide provides actionable recommendations to address the common challenges agencies face when adopting agile and user-centered design methodologies. Ultimately, the goal is to help teams reduce risk and improve outcomes for the agency’s end-users. Each section provides straight-forward recommendations and templates for agency staff to address common pitfalls in planning and implementing modern software development projects. These recommendations include considerations in build-or-buy decisions, how to write a contract for agile software development, what to look for in a high-quality contractor proposal, and meaningful metrics for agile development. The field guide is writt.
This summer TTS welcomed Abdul Tahlil as a Coding it Forward Civic Digital fellow. Abdul joined the TTS Outreach team to work on the site. We’ve invited Abdul to tell us a bit more about the fellowship program and his experience as an engineer on the 18F site team. Take it away Abdul! About the Civic Digital Fellowship. The is a 10-week summer internship that places students and recent graduates in high-impact positions inside the federal government to innovate and solve problems using their technical skills. I was interested in joining the civic tech space to expose myself to the federal government’s approach to solving problems with technology and to learn about the challenges that arise when building products for our federal agencies. I c.
This post was originally published on the . Charlotte Snow and Shawna Gregory are product owners in the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Mission Area. Norah Maki and Amy Mok are a change strategist and an engineer at 18F. The USGS Water Resources Mission Area (WMA) is striving to make our water data easier to access for our users. This involves stepping back and reviewing how users currently use so that we can make informed decisions moving forward. Who is 18F? This year USGS has partnered with , a digital services group in the General Services Administration, that supports government agencies by improving web experiences through user-centric research and testing. 18F was brought in to specifically identify areas of improvement in use.
At GSA’s 18F, one thing we do on every project is human-centered design. We use the broader term user experience (UX) design to refer to a set of human-centered methods and practices we use in our work. We’ve released this that documents some of our practices and holds helpful resources. UX includes skills and activities, including doing design research and creating design artifacts like wireframes and prototypes that guide development. Doing UX in a government context requires explicit attention to organizational relationships and dynamics. Why a UX Guide? Most of us serve 2-to-4-year terms with 18F, which means people leave and join the organization frequently. We created this guide to preserve institutional knowledge and establish a comm.
On Feb. 7, 1961, James Meredith submitted a to the Department of Justice (DOJ) asking for the Department’s support in his admission to the University of Mississippi by enforcing federal desegregation laws not being respected by the state. Through the combined efforts of the local NAACP, the Department of Justice, and the US Supreme Court, Meredith eventually became the first African-American student admitted to the university. James Meredith letter submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Since 1961, the Department of Justice has come a long way in making it easier for people to report discrimination or a violation of rights. Now, with the help of 18F, they have transformed how the Civil Rights Division receives and processes civil righ.
Lately, the 18F content team has been thinking about how to communicate well in a crisis—a time when clear, understandable content is especially important. To help guide our own work, we’ve been referencing the CDC’s Field Epidemiology Manual, which provides advice for public health professionals about communicating during a public health emergency.
Agencies are encouraged to update their .gov websites to the greatest extent practicable to provide agency service delivery information to Federal Government consumers and to direct Federal Government consumers to the appropriate digital and telephonic resources to obtain needed services. - OMB Memorandum M-20-19: Harnessing Technology to Support Mission Continuity. It’s important for government agencies to provide easy access for citizens to critical information online.This is even more imperative during a crisis.
Among the many challenges during critical times is a change to how we work. Suddenly, many designers and researchers who can continue working are now in a remote workplace and distributed team for the first time. For those accustomed to working in-person with their research participants and teams, this can be a big adjustment. GSA’s 18F staff is distributed across the country and the majority of our research has been and will continue to be facilitated remotely. Our team has been working this way since our organization’s inception . We hope our experience will help guide designers and researchers as they adapt to new ways of working and provide some additional considerations to keep in mind while conducting research in critical times. Sched.
No policy or rule stays the same forever. In response to a crisis, policy changes often come much faster, and stakes can be higher. A new rule might change the amount of benefit someone receives as part of a safety net program, or make someone eligible who was previously ineligible. But policy changes only create impact once they are implemented. And in 2020, almost all social service programs use digital systems to manage eligibility and enrollment. Most policies written into legal code will eventually need to be programmed into these digital systems as part of implementation. These digital systems include tools used by caseworkers, front-end portals used by clients, and back-end systems that administer benefits. If you are working on impl.

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