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Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) results from the destruction of pancreatic β-cells that is mediated by the immune system. Multiple genetic and environmental factors found in variable combinations in individual patients are involved in the development of T1DM. Genetic risk is defined by the presence of particular allele combinations, which in the major susceptibility locus (the HLA region) affect T cell recognition and tolerance to foreign and autologous molecules. Multiple other loci also regulate and affect features of specific immune responses and modify the vulnerability of β-cells to inflammatory mediators. Compared with the genetic factors, environmental factors that affect the development of T1DM are less well characterized but contac.
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Background and objectives: The light-curing unit is considered an essential piece of equipment in every dental office. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) by the light cure (LC) device on gingival tissues of albino rats histologically and by regarding the expression of P53 and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Materials and methods: Gingival tissues of the rats were exposed to LEDs for 30 s with an interval of 30 s for periods of 2 and 5 min and were examined after two and four weeks of light exposure. After the set time, histological sections were studied and the P53 and EGFR expressions were evaluated immunohistochemically and by molecular methods. Results: Mild hyperplasia and mild infla.
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There is widespread metabolic disruption in women upon becoming pregnant. South Asians (SA) compared to White Europeans (WE) have more fat mass and are more insulin-resistant at a given body mass index (BMI). Whether these are reflected in other gestational metabolomic differences is unclear. Our aim was to compare gestational metabolic profiles and their determinants between WE and SA women. We used data from a United Kingdom (UK) cohort to compare metabolic profiles and associations of maternal age, education, parity, height, BMI, tricep skinfold thickness, gestational diabetes (GD), pre-eclampsia, and gestational hypertension with 156 metabolic measurements in WE (n = 4072) and SA (n = 4702) women. Metabolic profiles, measured in fasting.

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