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Tabb Group - General Author 04/04/2020 16:29
Summary of Rules and Guidelines for Corrective Waves Zigzag Rules • A zigzag always subdivides into three waves. • Wave A always subdivides into an impulse or leading diagonal. • Wave C always subdivides into an impulse or diagonal. • Wave B always subdivides into a zigzag, flat, triangle or combination thereof. • Wave B […]
Tabb Group - General Author 04/03/2020 10:11
Fenergo has published its latest analysis of global regulatory fines for AML, KYC, sanctions, MiFID, and data privacy violations against financial institutions. The results outline trends in regulatory fines since the last report in 2018 and draw comparisons with activity from the previous 12 years. Between October 2018 and December 2019, regulators across the US, […]
Tabb Group - General Author 04/03/2020 07:14
The industry firmly focused on implementing regulatory reporting requirements under MiFID II before the deadline and missed out on the focus for the reconciliation obligations. While the financial firms were upgrading their existing legacy systems to address the MiFID II reporting requirements, the end objective would be to implement an automated reconciliation process. Depending on […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/26/2020 11:21
Are we living through another 2008 crisis? Is it a deeper crisis? How long will it last? Are you betting that the safeguards put in place to protect against global systemic financial risk will hold through the COVID-19 crisis? Can today’s challenges trigger a credit event at one of your counterparties? Are the major counterparties […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/13/2020 16:00
270 Wave Personality The idea of wave personality is a substantial expansion of the Wave Principle. It has the advantage of bringing human behavior more personally into the equation. free forex signals and The personality of each wave in the Elliott sequence is an integral part of the reflection of the mass psychology it embodies. […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/13/2020 10:29
Wave Personality part 2 Figure 2-15 downswing. Nearly everyone was proclaiming a new bull market. Services were extremely bullish, and the upside volume was running higher than at the peak in 1929. — The 1961-1962 rise was wave (b) in an (a)-(b)-© expanded flat correction. At the top in early 1962, stocks were selling at […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/12/2020 12:06
Institutional demand for digital assets has skyrocketed. But only 4 percent of crypto exchanges are trustworthy, according to Digital Asset Research, which is focused on providing crypto research and data for institutional clients. Speaking with TABB Group senior equities analyst Michael Mollemans, Doug Schwenk, DAR co-founder and chairman, explains the risks for institutional traders on […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/12/2020 06:16
This eBook gives you a comprehensive overview of the FIX Engine’s capability, implementations, benchmarking & security of the product. Also this eBook covers the topics about FIX Engine’s increased connectivity, operational efficiency, low latency, & the differentiation factor in FIX Engines. FIX engine is a FIX protocol-based messaging infrastructure designed for high-frequency trading and to […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/11/2020 12:24
The FCA recently released its Sector Views publication that gives a picture of how various segments of the financial sector are performing, how the financial environment is changing and the impact of these changes on market effectiveness. The analysis contributes to the FCA’s Business Plan 2020/21 and decisions it makes regarding market integrity and competition. […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/11/2020 09:47
As digital transformation gains momentum in the financial services industry, players are rethinking their automation and business intelligence (BI) playbooks to streamline operations. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and big data analytics are replacing traditional banking systems that either no longer work or don’t work fast enough. There are major […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/11/2020 08:33
Since their debut more than a decade ago, bitcoin and other digital assets have enjoyed heightened interest among retail and institutional investors across geographies and achieved several adoption milestones over this period. This progress has occurred despite the very different approaches taken by regulators in different regions who are, in some cases, still refining their […]
Tabb Group - General Author 03/10/2020 19:58
At Bonova Advisory we interview C-Suites, Celebrities, Influencers and Industry thought leaders on a wide variety of topics in Finance, Banking and Technology. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Steven Yamshon Managing Principal at Benefit Financial Services Group (BFSG). He leads Benefit Financial Services Group’s environmental, and socially responsible investing efforts. With over 35 […]

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