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Total Retail 08/05/2020 14:57
Last week, CommerceNext hosted its Virtual Summit as a forum for information sharing as the retail industry starts to rebuild from the effects COVID-19 has had. Melissa Campanelli, co-founder of Women in Retail Leadership Circle as well as brand and content director, Total Retail, moderated a panel which discussed the impacts of recession on marketing and merchandising […]
Total Retail 08/05/2020 11:27
During our July installment of the Women in Retail and Total Retail Virtual Lounge, Rodney Hutton, chief marketing officer, Ethan Allen, participated in a discussion with Brendan Witcher, vice president, principal analyst, Forrester. The two discussed a variety of topics, including how Ethan Allen has evolved its marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic, how a traditional […]
Total Retail 08/05/2020 10:35
The retail landscape of America is undergoing an undeniable transformation. COVID-19 has catapulted e-commerce center stage, with online marketplaces taking over for brick-and-mortar stores amid safety fears and lockdown restrictions. This has proven just how crucial it is to cultivate a robust digital presence, particularly as retailers are facing economic devastation, with 2.1 million job […]
Total Retail 08/04/2020 14:21
In today’s high-tech, high-touch world, shopping in a brick-and-mortar store is as old school as it gets, right? Think again. From the nearly ubiquitous self-serve checkout stations at grocery stores to new cashier-less store technology, in-store automation technology is transforming nearly every aspect of the traditional retail experience. Retail automation isn’t a new concept, but […]
Total Retail 08/04/2020 13:10
As the coronavirus pandemic forced brick-and-mortar stores around the world to shut their doors this spring, some retailers turned to livestreaming to engage their customers. Many found the experiment a resounding success. Case in point: InTime, a Chinese department store operator owned by Alibaba, leaned into livestreaming to boost its activity during the country’s lockdown. InTime saw […]
Total Retail 08/04/2020 12:36
Uncertain and unsteady are two words often used to describe the current state of the U.S. retail industry. This fact is compelling companies to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace in real time, which for some savvy brands has included avoiding spending unnecessary cash on advertising and tapping into one particularly stable marketing effort where they […]
Total Retail 08/03/2020 14:08
Around the world, many companies, including retailers, restaurants and personal care businesses, are loosening or even lifting COVID-19-related lockdown measures in one way or another. The New York Times recently reported while all 50 U.S. states have started reopening, substantial variations exist, while much of the public remains anxious about the potential for a second […]
Total Retail 07/30/2020 13:06
In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail’s Melissa Campanelli and Kristina Stidham discuss the trend of retailers closing their stores on Thanksgiving Day in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Walmart first announced nationwide closures last week, and others are starting to follow suit. The list now includes Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, […]
Total Retail 07/29/2020 17:03
During the most recent Women in Retail and Total Retail Virtual Lounge, Ran Reske, founder and co-CEO of Resident, a house of direct-to-consumer brands in the home goods space, including Nectar and DreamCloud, participated in an interview during which he discussed what the company is doing to ensure its brands rise above growing market competition, how the events [...]
Total Retail 07/29/2020 16:24
It was a ticking time bomb: in a pre-COVID, increasingly omnichannel-driven world, many areas of North America and Europe were already oversaturated with physical retail. And now that the COVID-19 pandemic has either forced or prompted consumers to shop differently — often online for the first time — the shift to e-commerce has dramatically accelerated. Without […]

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