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SolarChargedDriving.Com 11/19/2019 13:17
Many veteran drivers — including electric car drivers — believe that they have what it takes to keep their minds focused and alert, even when they’re feeling the tug of exhaustion on their eyelids. However, the truth is that no matter how important it is to stay awake at the wheel, sleep is a biological […]
SolarChargedDriving.Com 11/03/2019 22:11
One of the biggest reasons I drive electric, and have been doing so for nearly six years, is to stick it to Big Oil. Big Oil destroys the air we breathe, the planet we live on and human and environmental health. It does so all in the name of generating as much profit as it can -- for as long as it can, regardless of the consequences on humanity, both present, and future, as well as on other living beings on the planet.
SolarChargedDriving.Com 07/18/2019 20:43
The photo above represents THE future of "gas" stations in the USA --> The fully solar-powered fast-charging electric "gas tank". This Tesla Super Charging station, complete with a massive roof of solar panels, which generate the electricity that flows into the Tesla batteries charged there, opened recently in Las Vegas. Tesla has quite a few more of these around the USA.

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