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Troc Only found out my husbands bone scan was clear but consultant mentioned robotic prostratectomy. He is 57 Gleason 10. Would like to know what options available as surgery side effects sound bad but everything is a risk. Going to try to get more information about all possible treatments. Look after yourself. It’s a horrible time for you. Thanks Helen24.
Dear Cillian seldom seen such a brilliant analysis and my whole life that's what I do but not for life and death in the sense of most people. I also have thought of throwing money at the procedure and then later figuring out if we get new facts and new therapies. This may be a factor why certain private practices stopped because there is no commercial demand and no insurance yet pays. The problem for me ,is more the risk of confronting the death risk of missing the small piece of cancer in the wall of the prostate ,and then having it invade my whole body. I have accompanied my wife through seven years of a much more virulent cancer.(oesophagus 7 cm!) Chances of survival were 15 per cent in first year but we found best surgeon probably in Eu.
Hello that is a great analysis I have Gleason 8 and 9 so very aggressive psa increased rapidly during 18 months from 3 to 12? i have been told I could do Nano knife but it may fail! my question is as this is very aggressive would it be life threatening to do nano knife as I could always do prostatectomy later i am 69 and do not want incontinence but definitely not death !
Its fairly normal to have these kind of problems post RT but after 5 months they should be getting better not worse. Couple of questions though, did you have any long standing bowel/urinary issues before the RT and is RT the only treatment that u have had for the PC. As Freefaller says the specialists have seen these reactions before so should be able to come up with some treatment/medication to help. regards Steve.
Without knowing what your specific problems are it is hard to comment but all sorts of problems appear after radiotherapy. Is this your rad. onc or urologist saying this? I am surprised that they haven't come across all the varying side effects from radiotherapy. Of course there can also be problems appearing that may have nothing to do with the radiotherapy. Both bowel and bladder problems appear after radiotherapy and sometimes months after. There is medication available and it may be a good idea if you e mail the MacMillan specialist nurses on this site with your problem and get an answer from them as I found them really helpful. Or you could contact the Prostate Cancer specialist nurses on 0800 074 8383. They are open Mon - Fri 9am to 6.
Hi Marty8, sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with pc. The hormone therapy starves the cancer cells of fuel (testosterone) so a large drop in PSA is to be expected. Some get a better or quicker response than others. It’s reassuring to see your PSA drop in the way it has. This is an excerpt from PCUK “How will I know if my treatment is working? You will have regular prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood tests to check how well your treatment is working. If your PSA level falls, this usually suggests your treatment is working. How quickly your PSA level falls, and how low, will vary from man to man.” Full article is here I hope the chemotherapy goes well.
The doctors said the best treatment for him was HT & RT not to have it removed Yes your right i think its hard for us because before being diognosed with prostate cancer we were affectionate towards each other as well sex although was hit n miss probably because were getting older but i felt loved and needed although i know he loves me too but we do all need that reassurance i wish you all the best for 2020.
Hi Willbop and welcome, sorry to hear of your dad's situation. Do u know what the trial drug was, looks like it didn't agree with him anyway, perhaps he may feel better when the effects have worn off. He is still on treatment, you say that is is on hormone therapy, hopefully that is keeping the psa down. It could be worth looking at other clinical trials, look at for more info and search for trials. Hopefully others will post with more comments/advice. Best wishes Steve.
Hi Luckily bone scans were clear so although grade 5 highly aggressive (Gleason 10) it is localised. Consultant asked my husband to consider a robotic radical prostatectomy as he is only 57. Has anyone had this and did they have the side effects? I know there are risks but then again so does everything. If so how long was the wait for the operation. Hormone treatment has lowered PSA from 30 to 3 after 2 Decapeptyl injections. Thanks Helen24.
Hello This is my first post on this forum. I have been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate cancer and started hormone treatment in November 2019. I am due to start chemotherapy within the next two weeks. My PSA result from my GP in Nov 19 was 102. A second result of 81 was recorded prior to hormone treatment. A third test result two days ago was 13. Has anyone experience of PSA dropping like this over a short period? I am obviously extremely pleased as the hormone treatment is working but maybe a little confused at the speed. Has anyone had similar experiences or is this fairly standard. Thanks for your time.

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