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Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 16:02
For travel lovers, 2020 has definitely been the year of the staycation. With international trips becoming increasingly difficult (and in some cases inadvisable), many of us have been making the most of the natural beauty and reinvigorating green spaces that the UK has to offer.As social distancing restrictions tighten across the UK, popular destinations including Snowdonia in Wales and Northumberland in northern England are now essentially off limits. However, other tourist spots are still in Tier 2 and able to welcome visitors safely.The folks at Click Consult have compiled a list of the UK's top staycation destinations for October by analysing which regions received the most Google searches between June and September of this year. This sl.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 12:41
With millions of people now subject to the most severe “Tier 3” restrictions in England, and a ban on non-essential travel in and out of Wales, the government has announced the nationwide abolition of charges to change Advance rail tickets. Under Tier 3 guidance, affecting large parts of northwest England as well as South Yorkshire, people are advised not to travel in and out of very high risk areas, other than for work, education, accessing youth services or to meet caring responsibilities. The “coronavirus firebreak” ordered by the Welsh government, bans non-essential travel.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 11:36
Instagram has promised to do more to prevent influencers from failing to disclose when a post is #sponcon. Facebook, which owns Instagram, is to introduce new measures designed to weed out hidden advertising following an investigation by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) . As part of the #sponcon crackdown, Instagram will ask influencers to confirm whether they have received incentives to promote a particular product or service before publishing their post. The app is also introducing new algorithms designed to spot hidden advertising.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 08:44
For a child growing increasingly inquisitive about the world he or she inhabits, every new doorway and uncharted space is too tempting to resist – and even more so if it is hidden and locked. From walking through wardrobes into fantasy lands of mythical beasts to zapping zombie sentinels in video-game quests, magical portals have whipped up young imaginations for generations – and those memories stay with us as adults.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 06:26
Holidaymakers returning to the UK from the Greek island of Rhodes have described how the airport descended into “chaos” as it failed to cope with the volume of travellers. Rhodes International Airport was overwhelmed yesterday, stranding passengers for hours with no air-conditioning to combat the high temperature and no room for social distancing. Witnesses on the ground reported there were few members of staff to control the situation. Many were left “visibly distressed”, according to reports, while others said "tempers were flaring" and "fights" broke out as people tried to battle their way through the crowds. Further disruption came when five boarding calls were announced at once, said one British traveller. Social media has been flooded.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 05:08
Thursday night’s final presidential debate couldn’t have ended without a coveted shoutout to the “radical left” from President Donald Trump. More specifically, Trump called out his favourite democratic socialist: New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the last few minutes of the debate, the conversation turned to climate change, giving Trump a prime opportunity to bag on the Green New Deal, which Ocasio-Cortez introduced to Congress in early 2019. “They know nothing about the climate. I mean she’s got a good line of stuff but she knows nothing about the climate, and they’re all hopping through hoops for AOC plus three. Not a real plan, it costs $100 trillion,” Trump said of Ocasio-Cortez and her Democratic colleagues Ayanna Pressley, Il.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 02:50
In Lagos, Nigeria, on the evening of 20th October, men in military uniform reportedly fired live rounds at peaceful protesters demanding an end to police brutality; at least 12 people were killed, and many others injured. Lagos is the economic capital of the country, and the shooting happened at the tollgate bordering the upscale neighbourhood of Lekki, punctuating two weeks of multi-city demonstrations aiming to disband the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 02:00
Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, our spending habits seem to have taken a sharp left turn. With many of us spending more time on our devices than usual, our propensity for online shopping has skyrocketed, as boredom and stress fuel our online expenditure. According to new data, 61% of British consumers admitted to shopping more online during the pandemic, with 89% saying they will likely continue to shop online at the same level or more post-lockdown. Newly released sales figures from e-commerce sites like ASOS confirm this sentiment: the e-tailer has quadrupled its profits since quarantine began. With many people unable to shop IRL during the pandemic, the pivot towards online shopping was to be expected but as the COVID-19 cri.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 02:00
Washing up is relentless. Relentless. No matter how often you work through a big load or how efficiently you get your plates on the drying rack, you turn around and another load has magicked itself out of thin air. If you exist, you produce washing up. It's like a byproduct of carbon dioxide at this point.The pandemic has only emphasised this small but constant annoyance. If you are one of the many confined to your home by the restrictions, you may have noticed that days, weeks and months bleed into each other with only washing up to punctuate mealtimes. And if you don't do it promptly it's always there, looming on the periphery.So recipes that lessen the literal load are only a good thing, right? Making lunch ahead or batch cooking breakfa.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/25/2020 02:00
There’s a rush of excitement on Sunday, as the Sun creates a conjunction with Mercury retrograde. We’re eager to share our thoughts and connect with others as these heavenly bodies join. Use this transit to get organised for the week ahead and enjoy catching up with loved ones and friends. Has Mercury retrograde got your brain feeling a little foggy? The messenger planet re-enters charming Libra on Tuesday, helping us to navigate all sorts of social situations. We’re more open to understanding each other’s motivations and can think less selfishly. The same day, beauty-loving Venus makes her way into stylish Libra. We can enjoy this transit by taking a little extra time to get dressed or spending some extra time on our skin or hair. Venus’s
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 14:09
THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT (L to R) ANYA TAYLOR as BETH HARMON in THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT. Cr. CHARLIE GRAY/NETFLIX © 2020. Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit finale, “End Game.”The Queen’s Gambit heroine Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) isn’t a particularly weepy person. Beth — an orphan who can’t shake the spectre of her late mother’s mental illness — may be in constant emotional turmoil for most of the Netflix series, but she doesn’t cry. Beth doesn’t even shed a tear in the immediate aftermath of her beloved adoptive mother’s (Marielle Heller) abrupt death. However, it is likely viewers will tear up at some point during the Queen’s Gambit finale, “End Game.” It’s an ending that proves those most at war with themselves can on.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 09:08
Working from home isn’t just “the new normal” – it’s almost certainly the way forward, too. It’s highly likely that COVID-19 will have changed working life irrevocably, making daily commutes to the office less commonplace and allowing many of us to relocate to somewhere less hectic. Whether you’re considering a big move or not, it’s definitely interesting to check out a new list of the best places to work from home in the UK. Compiled by Uswitch, the Remote Working Index 2020 aims to reveal the top 100 towns and cities in the UK for remote working. It does so by taking into seven different factors that prospective movers consider particularly important: house prices, the prevalence of green spaces, crime rates, broadband speeds, air quality.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 07:50
Two southern right whales wave a tail-fluke farewell (or so I like to imagine) as I tramp up from the beach. Day over, I think. But, as I fish for my car keys, a lithe feline form appears on the boardwalk ahead. A caracal – the mystery cat, my first in two decades of African wildlife-watching. Tufted ears swivel and amber eyes lock briefly on to mine. It slips away into the dusk. Was it ever even there?
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 04:57
Glimpsed from Lanzarote’s towering Famara cliffs, the isolated 17-sq-mile island of La Graciosa looks entirely uninhabited, until you spot a cluster of whitewashed houses hugging a tiny harbour. This eerily beautiful volcanic world of low-lying lava peaks and miles of powdery golden-white Atlantic beaches officially became the eighth Canary Island in 2018, but it’s still one of Spain’s most blissfully remote and secluded pockets.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 04:51
It’s official: rents are continuing to fall in London as city-dwellers relocate to the coast and more peaceful spots in the country. The average room rent in the capital is now £725, which represents a 7% decline from this time last year, when it was £780. The drop puts the capital out of step with the rest of the country, where rents have increased by 2% year-on-year, SpareRoom reports. The only city which has seen a steeper decline is Edinburgh, where rents are down 10% year-on-year. The 7% drop in the capital is almost slightly misleading, though, because in some areas rents have fallen far more sharply.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 03:56
Pop culture is a vast and ever expanding landscape. But from viral memes and GIFs to the characters that we let into our homes every week via television, Black women have always been around been around to inspire and slay. They have been the best parts of our favourite movies and the innovators of our favourite songs. They are icons, both living and deceased, and they are permanently ingrained in our memories.If you ask me, there is never a wrong time to celebrate Black women. But it’s true that Halloween presents a unique opportunity to honour these women by looking exactly like them, and we've got a few ideas to get you started. And just to stay on the safe side, I would like to remind everyone that Blackface is never okay — it really can.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 03:45
Unfortunately for fans of Netflix original series Mindhunter, the chances we’ll be getting a third season are slim to none. You can still hold out hope if that’s what you need to do, but when a director says he “doesn’t have it in [him],” it’s a bad sign. David Fincher, Mindhunter’s executive producer slash director slash showrunner, has basically confirmed that he’s given up on moving further with the popular crime drama. “We lived there for almost three years,” he said during an interview with Vulture. “Not year in and year out, but … probably six or seven months a year … Mindhunter was a lot for me.”Fincher said that when he started writing the third season while filming the second, he “didn’t like any of it” and scrapped it to start ov.
Yahoo Style (UK) 10/24/2020 03:40
We spent 2019 taking the stock of the people and things that no longer served us with Ariana Grande‘s Grammy-nominated album thank you, next. So what’s next? Now, in 2020, we’ve grown from our past and cherishing the things of value in our lives. Enter: “Positions.”The first single from the 27-year-old artist’s upcoming sixth studio album dropped at midnight on 23rd October, as well as the music video. In true Grande form, it’s vibey, fierce, and causing fans to completely ascend. The visual, directed by Dave Meyers, imagines Grande as president. In a conference room adorned with a painting of her dog Toulouse, she meets with her cabinet (not a single white man present), she works in the Oval Office, signs executive orders in full Jackie K.

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