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Axios 12/06/2019 09:32
At least one person was killed by an active shooter, who also died, at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida on Friday, . The big picture: Earlier this week, another shooting incident when a U.S. sailor killed two people at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Shipyard in Hawaii. Details, :. 11 other people were taken to two local hospitals, according to two spokespeople. The base, which employs more than 16,000 military and 7,400 civilian personnel, is one of the Navy's most important — and is the home of the Blue Angels flight team. This is a developing story.
Axios 12/06/2019 08:21
Heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. will try to replicate his stunning victory over Anthony Joshua in Saturday's rematch. It's a compelling sports story and arguably the year's , but the controversial location — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — casts a dark shadow. Why it matters: Saudi Arabia's global reputation was starkly affected by the murder of journalist a year ago, and the country has been accused of hosting sporting events to divert attention away from that story and other human rights abuses, while rebranding itself and boosting tourism. In addition to boxing, WWE wrestling, ATP Tour golf, Formula E racing and the Italian Super Cup (soccer) have all recently been staged there. In the next month alone, it will host the Dakar rally, the Spanis.
Axios 12/06/2019 08:08
Conference championship weekend is upon us. Why it matters: The action begins tonight in Santa Clara, Calif. and continues through Saturday, with the outcomes dictating who makes the playoff and who makes the . Pac-12: , 8pm ET (tonight). Lines: UTAH -6.5 | O/U: 46. What to watch: The game-within-the-game matchup between Utah's dominant D-line () and Oregon's talented and experienced O-line. Big 12: , 12pm ET. Lines: OKLA -9 | O/U: 64. Fun fact: Oklahoma is the only school to win at least three straight Big 12 titles (2006-08 and 2015-18), while Baylor is the only other school to win two straight (2013-14). SEC: , 4pm ET. Lines: LSU -7 | O/U: 55.5. What to watch: LSU has the nation's No. 2 scoring offense, so they should have the advantage if thi.
Axios 12/06/2019 07:45
The dollar has fallen every day this week, notching a cumulative loss of around 1% since President Trump complained on Twitter about its strength and took aim at two countries with weak currencies. Why it matters: The decline may continue, reducing the dollar's strength in 2020, experts say. Driving the news: With U.S. businesses , Trump has made it clear the currency's strength is a major administration concern. On Monday, he would reimpose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Brazil and Argentina for "presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies.".
Axios 12/06/2019 06:00
New opposition from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week left the tech industry at risk of losing a cherished trade deal provision that could help cement its liability shield. Driving the news: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects online platforms from liability for content their users post, and Pelosi cited the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement's extension of its principles to U.S. trade partners as a sticking point for getting the trade deal through Congress. The big picture : While tech companies have been pushing to extend their Section 230 protection to other countries, the provision has faced new criticism from a collection of industry groups, advocacy organizations and lawmakers amid a debate on revising or eliminating t.
Axios 12/06/2019 05:15
Data: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Table: Axios Visuals. New data from the show that 6.2 million middle school and high school students use tobacco, the highest level since 2000. Why it matters: Tobacco use among middle schoolers and high schoolers remains high thanks to the popularity of e-cigarettes. Health advocates and some states are blaming misleading advertising, media and inconspicuous vape devices like Juul for enticing kids to try e-cigarettes. Findings: This year, NYTS asked teens why they smoked e-cigarettes.
Axios 12/05/2019 20:39
In a long-awaited safety report, Uber disclosed on Thursday that during 2017 and 2018, U.S. users reported nearly 6,000 incidents of sexual assault of various kinds. Why it matters: Uber (along with rival Lyft) has been criticized over the years not only for the occurrence of sexual assault and violence on rides, but also for its handling of these incidents, including attempts at downplaying or hiding them. In 2017, about what it calls "safety incidents" following several months of turmoil that led to the replacement of CEO Travis Kalanick with Dara Khosrowshahi, who has vowed to drastically change Uber's culture. Rival Lyft, for these same issues, also vowed at the time to release similar data (and even collaborate with Uber).
Axios 12/05/2019 19:32
The working relationship between the Trump administration's top health officials, Alex Azar and Seema Verma, has grown so dysfunctional that both President Trump and Vice President Pence have intervened to try to salvage the situation, according to three senior administration officials. Why it matters: It's an extraordinary intervention at the highest levels of government.
Axios 12/05/2019 17:11
Speaker Nancy Pelosi's formal impeachment announcement on Thursday was addressed squarely at skittish members within her caucus. Why it matters: President Trump wants as many Democratic "no" votes on the board when the inevitable vote to impeach comes, so Republicans are House Democrats from red and swing districts. The big picture: This is a chance for Pelosi to shape the conversation. Until now, mostly House Intel Chair Schiff — followed by House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler — has dominated the stage, and soon it will be in the Senate's hands. Coming tonight: Pelosi has a CNN town hall at 9 p.m.
Axios 12/05/2019 14:15
Lisbon — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a briefing to reporters in Lisbon that in a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday, they discussed the issue of Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank and they agreed to push the issue of a U.S.-Israeli defense treaty. Why it matters: Both issues were prominent in Netanyahu's campaign last September and are expected to be focal points in his upcoming campaign that could launch in less than a week. Netanyahu admitted it will be hard to implement both plans so long as Israel has an interim government, and that it will be problematic to pursue as the U.S. nears the 2020 presidential election over the next several months. The state of play...
Axios 12/05/2019 13:20
The White House directed Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) to block an effort by Sens. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday to pass a resolution via unanimous consent formally recognizing Turkey's genocide of the Armenian people, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Why it matters: This is the third time that the White House has directed a Republican senator to block the resolution, a symbolic measure already passed by the House that would infuriate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Cramer said on the Senate floor that he doesn't think this is "the right time" to pass the resolution, noting that President Trump has just returned from meeting with Erdoğan at the NATO summit in London, and that the resolution
Axios 12/05/2019 12:02
Chinese tech companies have ramped up efforts to set for facial recognition, raising concerns among business competitors, political observers and humanitarian advocates. Why it matters: China has long made a to set international standards on data and hardware compatibility across brands so that the standards reflect how Chinese products already work — giving its domestic industries a leg up in engineering races. But the nation's push to do so on behalf of facial recognition and surveillance industries that it built to surveil and subjugate the nation's Uighur ethnic minority is casting its standards efforts in a new, harsher light. Driving the news: Several Chinese firms, including ZTE, Dahua and China Telecom, have sought approval at the I.
Axios 12/05/2019 10:39
Each day at WeWork HQ, there are two different groups of staffers: Company employees, and a team of on-site fixers from SoftBank Group. It's the same thing at vehicle leasing company Fair, in which SoftBank Vision Fund is the largest outside investor. The big question: Who are these people, and where did they come from? The WeWork team was basically hand-picked by Marcelo Claure, the former Sprint boss and who became WeWork's executive chairman as part of SoftBank Group's recent bailout. The Fair team is part of Vision Fund's group of operating executives who were originally hired to enable growth, not to execute a turnaround. The operating group, led by Gerry Lopez, also has been working closely with parking network Reef Technology (f.k.a.
Axios 12/05/2019 10:01
While 5G started to arrive this year, you : First, you had to find a carrier that covered part of your city, and then you had to buy one of the handful of phones that supported the new network technology. Why it matters: Next year, the script will flip, as 5G support will be baked into a wide range of devices and networks expand to cover more of the country.

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