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WA Forecast for Tuesday, August 20, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;High Temp (F);Low Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%);Chance of Precip. (%);UV Index. Arlington;Clouds breaking;75;50;NNE;4;64%;4%;5. Bellingham;Clouds breaking;74;53;N;8;64%;11%;4. Bremerton;Clouds breaking;75;52;NNE;5;62%;3%;6. Chehalis;Clouds breaking;78;52;NNW;4;56%;2%;6. Deer Park;Mostly sunny;84;48;E;7;40%;0%;6. Eastsound;Some sun returning;72;55;SE;7;67%;10%;5. Ellensburg;Breezy with some sun;86;55;NW;16;39%;0%;7. Ephrata;Mostly sunny, nice;89;61;NW;7;29%;0%;6. Everett;Clouds breaking;75;52;NNW;4;63%;4%;5. Fort Lewis;Clouds breaking;77;53;NNE;5;75%;4%;6. Friday Harbor;Clouds breaking;70;52;SW;6;70%;7%;5. Hoquiam;Clouds breaking;71;56;N;8;77%;4%;6. Kelso-L.
WA Current Conditions as of 12:00 AM PDT Sunday, August 18, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%). Arlington;Mostly clear;61;Calm;0;82%. Bellingham;Mostly cloudy;65;S;8;70%. Bremerton;Mostly clear;62;NNW;5;83%. Chehalis;Clear;59;Calm;0;93%. Deer Park;Clear;63;SSE;5;49%. Eastsound;Cloudy;63;SSE;6;77%. Ellensburg;Clear;61;WNW;9;62%. Ephrata;Clear;71;N;3;37%. Everett;Mostly clear;61;N;4;82%. Fort Lewis;Clear;62;S;5;95%. Friday Harbor;Clear;54;Calm;0;89%. Hoquiam;Cloudy;61;NW;5;93%. Kelso-Longview;Mostly cloudy;63;Calm;0;82%. Moses Lake;Clear;71;WSW;10;45%. Olympia;Clear;56;S;6;89%. Omak;Clear;70;NW;6;36%. Pasco;Clear;74;SSW;10;45%. Port Angeles;Cloudy;57;W;9;93%. Pullman;Clear;59;Calm;0;57%. Puyallup;Mostly c.
EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — Police say the man who crashed a van on Boeing company property died from what appears to be a medical emergency. Everett police Lt. Robert Goetz said the crash happened about 11:30 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Boeing's recreational facility. The driver apparently lost control while driving the boxside van, hit two vehicles and then rammed into a fence, which dislodged from the fencepost and hit a woman standing by. She was taken to the hospital as a precaution with non-life-threatening injuries. Emergency crews attempted CPR on the man in the van but he died at the scene. No other injuries were reported.
WA Forecast for Monday, August 19, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;High Temp (F);Low Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%);Chance of Precip. (%);UV Index. Arlington;Partly sunny;74;56;NNW;5;68%;27%;4. Bellingham;Partly sunny;72;58;SSE;11;67%;27%;3. Bremerton;Clouds and sun;74;55;SSW;5;71%;5%;3. Chehalis;Nice with some sun;76;55;W;5;61%;14%;5. Deer Park;Mostly sunny;82;51;SW;8;44%;2%;6. Eastsound;Clouds and sun, nice;71;57;SW;13;69%;11%;3. Ellensburg;Mostly sunny;85;58;NW;16;43%;0%;7. Ephrata;Mostly sunny, nice;88;61;WNW;8;34%;0%;6. Everett;Clouds and sun;74;57;N;5;68%;57%;4. Fort Lewis;Nice with some sun;75;56;SW;7;80%;5%;4. Friday Harbor;Clouds and sun;70;55;SW;9;74%;8%;4. Hoquiam;Clouds breaking;69;60;W;9;79%;44%;4. Kelso-Longvi.
Adv17. (All times Eastern). Schedule subject to change and/or blackouts. Monday, August 19. AMERICAN LEGION. 4 p.m. ESPNU — World Series. 7 p.m. ESPNU — World Series. LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES. 11 a.m. ESPN — World Series: Teams TBD, Consolation game, Williamsport, Pa. 1 p.m. ESPN — World Series: Teams TBD, Internation elimination game, Williamsport, Pa. 3 p.m. ESPN — World Series: Teams TBD, U.S. elimination game, Williamsport, Pa. 6 p.m. ESPN — World Series: Teams TBD, International elimination...
WA Current Conditions as of 12:00 AM PDT Saturday, August 17, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%). Arlington;Cloudy;64;Calm;0;77%. Bellingham;Cloudy;65;S;5;70%. Bremerton;Mostly cloudy;63;S;4;81%. Chehalis;Mostly cloudy;63;Calm;0;82%. Deer Park;Mostly cloudy;60;Calm;0;80%. Eastsound;Cloudy;64;S;7;72%. Ellensburg;Clear;63;NW;26;57%. Ephrata;Clear;72;NNW;22;39%. Everett;Mostly cloudy;62;SW;4;85%. Fort Lewis;Cloudy;63;SSE;5;87%. Friday Harbor;Cloudy;58;Calm;0;83%. Hoquiam;Mostly cloudy;62;WNW;8;86%. Kelso-Longview;Mostly cloudy;64;N;3;69%. Moses Lake;Clear;73;NW;16;40%. Olympia;Mostly cloudy;62;SW;7;77%. Omak;Partly cloudy;71;N;13;43%. Pasco;Clear;74;W;5;38%. Port Angeles;Cloudy;59;W;8;89%. Pullman;Clear;6.
Stocks rose broadly in afternoon trading on Wall Street Friday as investors looked to end a turbulent week on a positive note. The S&P 500 was up 1.4% as of 3:24 p.m. Eastern time and the Dow Jones Industrial Average also gained ground. But both indexes are still headed for a third straight weekly decline after steep losses earlier in the week, including an 800 point drop in the Dow. Technology stocks drove much of the market's gains in a sign that investors regained some appetite for riskier holdings. Microsoft rose 1.6% and Apple climbed 2.2%. Nvidia surged 7.7% on solid earnings. Health care and industrial stocks also gained ground. Investors brushed off a weak forecast from agricultural equipment maker Deere, which gained 4.2%. Utilitie.
WA Forecast for Sunday, August 18, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;High Temp (F);Low Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%);Chance of Precip. (%);UV Index. Arlington;Mostly sunny, nice;73;58;WNW;5;65%;65%;4. Bellingham;Mostly sunny, nice;71;58;S;8;69%;36%;4. Bremerton;Mostly sunny;73;57;S;6;71%;22%;4. Chehalis;Mostly sunny;73;57;WSW;5;64%;13%;5. Deer Park;Some sun, pleasant;79;52;SSW;7;49%;0%;6. Eastsound;Mostly sunny;71;58;SW;7;73%;31%;4. Ellensburg;Mostly sunny;82;55;NW;14;47%;6%;7. Ephrata;Mostly sunny;85;58;WNW;10;33%;0%;7. Everett;Sunshine, pleasant;74;58;NW;5;66%;58%;4. Fort Lewis;Sunshine and nice;73;56;SSW;7;81%;38%;5. Friday Harbor;Sunshine and nice;69;56;SW;6;77%;25%;4. Hoquiam;Some sun, a shower;69;59;WNW;11;82%;64%;4. K.
KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Congo's year-long Ebola outbreak has spread to a new province, with two cases confirmed in South Kivu, according to the government health ministry. Two new patients have tested positive in the Mwenga area of South Kivu, adding to North Kivu and Ituri provinces where there are confirmed cases of the disease, according to the health ministry. The Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo has killed 1,808 people out of 2,765 confirmed cases, according to the new report.
WA Current Conditions as of 12:00 AM PDT Friday, August 16, 2019. _____. City/Town;Weather Condition;Temp (F);Wind Direction;Wind Speed (MPH);Humidity (%). Arlington;Mostly clear;57;N;7;87%. Bellingham;Clear;61;S;10;77%. Bremerton;Clear;65;SSW;6;77%. Chehalis;Mostly cloudy;57;Calm;0;100%. Deer Park;Clear;57;Calm;0;77%. Eastsound;Clear;61;S;8;82%. Ellensburg;Clear;69;WNW;21;50%. Ephrata;Clear;74;WNW;21;34%. Everett;Mostly clear;62;N;8;77%. Fort Lewis;Clear;62;S;7;98%. Friday Harbor;Clear;57;Calm;0;86%. Hoquiam;Mostly cloudy;61;WNW;8;86%. Kelso-Longview;Mostly cloudy;64;N;6;80%. Moses Lake;Clear;75;WSW;6;36%. Olympia;Clear;59;SSW;6;83%. Omak;Clear;72;NNW;7;34%. Pasco;Clear;77;NW;18;34%. Port Angeles;Clear;56;W;12;89%. Pullman;Clear;64;Calm;0;51%. Puyallup;Mostly c.
TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares were mixed Friday as turbulence continued on global markets amid ongoing worries about U.S.-China trade conflict. Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 recouped early losses to be up 0.3% at 20,456.96 in morning trading. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 inched down nearly 0.1% to 6,402.40, while South Korea's Kospi fell 0.8% to 1,923.56. Hong Kong's Hang Seng added 0.8% to 25,701.58. The Shanghai Composite gained 0.7% to 2,834.85. On Wall Street Thursday, stock indexes were flipping between gains and losses until a late-day bounce gave the market a modest gain. Worries about a possible recession collided with hopes that the strongest part of the U.S. economy — shoppers spending at stores and online — can keep going. The major U.S. s.
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (AP) — Mientras que es común que personas con parejas estables tengan fantasías sexuales con otros, en la serie original de Amazon Prime “El juego de las llaves” estos deseos se materializan. El programa, que se estrena el viernes en la plataforma de streaming y cuenta con las actuaciones de Maite Perroni y Fabiola Campomanes, aborda un tema pocas veces explorado en producciones latinoamericanas: parejas estables, casadas o no, que buscan abiertamente tener experiencias sexuales con otras personas, ya sea en grupo o por separado _ “swingers”, como se les conoce popularmente. “En los 70 en Guadalajara era muy sabido que en un club de tenis, que era el Racquet, se jugaba el juego de las llaves”, dijo Fernando Lebrija, uno de

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