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The China Post 09/26/2020 17:30
TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — The 55th Golden Bell Awards took place in Taipei, Taiwan on Saturday with the familiar pre-show red carpet that was immune to COVID-19 precautions contrary to its counterparts from around the world. Like in previous years, the fashion ritual that launches the annual Taiwanese television production award ceremony saw a wave of […]
The China Post 09/26/2020 10:00
【看CP學英文】中秋連假即將到來,除了烤肉外,配合漸漸入秋的氣溫,大家也可以到宜蘭太平山的鳩之澤溫泉好好享受美人浴和好吃的溫泉料理! As the Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, everyone is busy planning to make the best of the 4-day long weekend. In addition to BBQ, you can head to Yilan County’s Jioujhihze Hot Spring located in Taipingshan and enjoy a relaxing bath as well as delicious hot spring-cooked food to welcome the cooler weather of the […]
The China Post 09/26/2020 03:30
【看CP學英文】專拍開箱影片的頻道Unbox Therapy近日推出蘋果開箱影片,但這次開箱的不是蘋果手機,而是蘋果「口罩」,引起網友議論。 Unbox Therapy recently released an unboxing video for Apple’s latest product, but instead of another fancy iPhone, the company unveiled the "Apple mask" which has attracted much attention online.
The China Post 09/26/2020 02:34
TAIPEI (The China Post) — “After boiling beef marrow bones, you will find the bones break down in broth after a prolonged cook,” says David, owner of Laowai Yipin Beef Noodle Restaurant. This is his secret recipe to make some delicious beef noodle soup. Every morning, the chef boils the soup himself and transforms it into a milky broth. With this pure love of cooking, David from Iran is […]
The China Post 09/26/2020 02:30
【看CP學英文】日本夢工廠吉卜力的動畫片畫面近期又被網友瘋傳,主因為許多人發現動畫片裡眾多定格畫面徹底表現出日本家庭主婦的心聲。 A series of Studio Ghibli’s most famous animations’ screenshots are making rounds on the Internet as they perfectly depict the hard work and lives of Japanese housewives. 當封城和自主隔離在許多國家變成常態,家庭主婦突然發現除了天天要將家裡打理乾淨外,還得24小時照顧窩在家的家庭成員,而許多媽媽們也需要自成教師,陪伴於線上上課的孩子們。 As quarantine and lockdowns become the norm in many countries, housewives have not only taken on the load of taking care of the house and the […]
The China Post 09/26/2020
【看CP學英文】對許多人來說,要打理一個家不容易,每天埋頭苦幹卻永遠有做不完的家事等著完成。日本一名男子近日在推特分享老婆每日更新的神秘清單,紙條上列著一條條她「不該謀殺丈夫的理由」,引起網友熱議。 By creating a list, you’re clearly outlining what needs to get done and when. That’s precisely the reason why a Japanese woman recently started listing the important reason why not murdering her husband, to the surprise of her better half and Twitter. 推特網友 @P_chan_papa分享道,最近發現老婆開始列出她所「感謝老公做的事情」,像是先生會幫忙她買茶、花時間陪伴三歲女兒等等。 The husband, Twitter user @P_chan_papa, said that he noticed how his wife started listing […]
The China Post 09/25/2020 23:16
【看CP學英文】「知道鞋子對女人非常重要、所以送妳的那一雙為何不要」、「要妳跑路真的不是我的計畫、想要表達妳是我的 Cinderella。」 “I know shoes are important to a woman, so why is it that you don’t want the ones I gave you … It wasn’t my intention to make you run, I just wanted to let you know, you’re my Cinderella.” 簡單的歌詞不僅敘述了跨國戀情的文化差異、更突顯了文化衝擊的小趣味,這是來自英國的Josh真實戀愛故事,這首歌名為《我愛妳》,內容將台灣與英國的文化差異寫入歌中,彷彿向世界宣示,愛情可以跨越國界、將文化幸福結合。 These simple lyrics can not only depict the situation of a cross-culture […]
The China Post 09/25/2020 11:47
BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — Steve Daines is the affable one, the smiler, a consummate salesman who parlayed his corporate success into a meteoric rise through Montana politics and a seat in the U.S. Senate. His former boss, Greg Gianforte, is more brusque, sometimes even harsh, a self-made technology mogul whose political career has proved rockier […]. 這篇文章 最早出現於 。
The China Post 09/25/2020 10:56
BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — Mali’s transitional president and vice president were sworn into office Friday, more than a month after a coup in the West African nation. The induction ceremony in the capital, Bamako, took place as Mali remains under sanctions by the 15-nation West African regional bloc, ECOWAS, and amid uncertainty about details of […]. 這篇文章 最早出現於 。
The China Post 09/25/2020 10:12
From the opening of his third presidential bid, Joe Biden has argued that he is in a unique position to mend a fractured nation and work — even with Republicans — to “unify the country” into some semblance of consensus. That central thesis of the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign is being severely tested by the […]. 這篇文章 最早出現於 。
The China Post 09/25/2020 08:22
As it marched from East to West this year, the coronavirus pandemic sank economies and transformed social interactions. It shut schools and businesses, stopped the sports and entertainment industries dead in their tracks, and even brought low the Olympic Games. And it killed. Nearly 1 million deaths have been recorded worldwide to date, according to […]. 這篇文章 最早出現於 。
The China Post 09/25/2020 08:19
BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors said Friday they won’t open an investigation of a newspaper column that disparaged police and infuriated the country’s interior minister, finding that it was covered by the right to freedom of expression. Berlin prosecutors looked into the matter after receiving more than 150 criminal complaints about the column published in […]. 這篇文章 最早出現於 。

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