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Lancet 09/25/2020 17:54
Despite the development of revolutionary life-sustaining advances in neonatal medicine, medications are frequently administered in an ad-hoc and suboptimal way. Most drugs prescribed in neonatal care have not been submitted to the stringent regulatory processes of drug licensing that are standard in adult medicine.1 Although clinical research and licensing regulations differ between countries, the scarcity of licensed medications and inevitable use of off-label drugs in neonates are universal problems1 (countries reporting these issues include the USA, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Australia, India, and Brazil).
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is a national organisation representing medical fraternity of Pakistan. PMA works for the betterment of patients and physicians, and it acts to achieve the highest possible standards of medical care, ethics, education, and health-related human rights for all people.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
To our knowledge, this is the largest study of global vaccine confidence to date, allowing for cross-country comparisons and changes over time. Our findings highlight the importance of regular monitoring to detect emerging trends to prompt interventions to build and sustain vaccine confidence.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
I read with utmost disgust the Editorial about Kashmir.1 It is deeply distressing and disappointing to learn that a journal like The Lancet, considered one of the foremost proponents of medical science, is reduced to a cheap political magazine, presenting an unresearched and clearly one-sided political point of view to an uninformed, and very likely an uninterested, audience.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
The Editors1 stress the point that despite being under stress over long years of conflict, the promulgation to bring Kashmir into Indian Territory can be viewed unambiguously. Uncertainty was due to the status of Kashmir being left in the lurch with blurred borders created during and after British rule.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.4 is to reduce premature mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by a third by 2030 relative to 2015 levels, and to promote mental health and wellbeing. We used data on cause-specific mortality to characterise the risk and trends in NCD mortality in each country and evaluate combinations of reductions in NCD causes of death that can achieve SDG target 3.4. Among NCDs, ischaemic heart disease is responsible for the highest risk of premature death in more than half of all countries for women, and more than three-quarters for men.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
We applaud Ian Stiell and colleagues1 for their well designed and executed trial comparing two common methods of cardioversion for stable emergency department patients with acute atrial fibrillation. Their efficacy and safety results will better inform the shared decision-making conversations we undertake with our emergency department patients eligible for elective cardioversion.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
The heterologous rAd26 and rAd5 vector-based COVID-19 vaccine has a good safety profile and induced strong humoral and cellular immune responses in participants. Further investigation is needed of the effectiveness of this vaccine for prevention of COVID-19.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), representing the interests of approximately 80 000 practicing Indian physicians and 40 000 medical students, residents, and fellows in the USA, is disenchanted and disappointed with your Editorial.1AAPI, along with its counterpart in India and globally, denounces the Editorial not only as premature but biased and reprehensible for lack of due diligence in research and consultation with proprieties or stakeholders.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
This study was adequately powered, but treatment with gabapentin did not result in significantly lower pain scores in women with chronic pelvic pain, and was associated with higher rates of side-effects than placebo. Given the increasing reports of abuse and evidence of potential harms associated with gabapentin use, it is important that clinicians consider alternative treatment options to off-label gabapentin for the management of chronic pelvic pain and no obvious pelvic pathology.
Lancet 09/24/2020 20:08
Recently, the populist Modi Government revoked provisions of Article 370 and Article 35A to take away Jammu and Kashmir's special status and proposed bifurcation of the state into two centrally administered Union Territories—Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh1—a far-reaching decision that seeks to redraw the geography and future of a region at the centre of prolonged militancy.

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