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Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:40
A neurotic writer unravels in a European hotspot as the director treads familiar ground to salute Bergman, Buñuel … and himself. It’s a peculiar feeling, being at a film festival and watching a film set at that very festival. This makes Woody Allen’s Rifkin’s Festival, kicking off this year’s event in San Sebastián, a singular phenomenon – not so much a movie, more a piece of site-specific art. In some ways, Rifkin’s Festival is absolutely familiar Allen territory, and, whatever else his detractors can or can’t accuse him of, there’s no way he’ll get off the charge of ploughing the same ground for the last couple of decades. Once again, he has made a brittle comedy about marital angst in a glamorous setting.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:40
Jeanine Añez says she wants to avoid splitting the vote for others running against socialist Luís Arce of Evo Morales’s MAS party. Bolivia’s conservative interim president, Jeanine Añez, has pulled out of next month’s general election, saying she wanted to avoid splitting the vote for other candidates running against the frontrunning socialist party of ex-leader . In a video message late on Thursday, she sought to unify those opposing the candidate for the party of Morales, who resigned last year after an election sparked widespread protests.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:37
New cases above 3,000 a day – as high as at any point since virus first hit country. Iran appears to be in the grip of a "third wave" of the coronavirus outbreak, with the number of new infections above 3,000 a day – as high as at any point since the virus first hit in February. Iran was one of the first countries to be struck by the virus outside China.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:27
Deal is the first concrete implementation of the special arrangements for Northern Ireland. A £200m contract to implement Brexit checks on goods in the Irish Sea has been won by a consortium of companies led by Japanese company Fujistu. HMRC announced on Friday that a two-year contract for the new trader support service (TSS) has been awarded to a consortium led by the tech company and its partners, the Customs Clearance Consortium, an organisation run by customs expert Robert Hardy and the.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:26
WikiLeaks founder was asked to reveal source for emails damaging to Hillary Clinton, court told. Donald Trump offered to pardon if the WikiLeaks founder provided the source for the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails before the 2016 US presidential election, a London court was told on Friday. Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said she observed a meeting where the and Charles Johnson, an associate known to have close ties to the Trump campaign, made the offer in 2017.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:26
Scientists disagreed with recommendations, including one advising people without symptoms had no need to be tested. A key set of guidelines for who should get tested for coronavirus that was issued last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reportedly published on the agency’s web site over the strong objection of CDC scientists. The scientists disagreed sharply with recommendations in the document including one advising that people who did not show symptoms of Covid-19 had no need to be tested for coronavirus, even if they had come into contact with a known carrier, the New York Times in a report on Friday.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:06
Trump’s usual script played well at a rally Thursday, but data suggests support for the president isn’t growing in the state. With 47 days to go until the election, Air Force One flew into central Wisconsin’s airport on Thursday evening, where Donald Trump pitched himself as the lone figure standing between Americans and leftwing radicals bent on chaos. "Biden wants to surrender our country to the violent leftwing mob," Trump told a crowd of thousands beside the tarmac.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:05
Good Law Project says plans ignore scientific evidence and break value-for-money rules. The government is facing legal action over Boris Johnson’s "moonshot" project, which could involve up to £100bn being spent on an attempt to increase Covid-19 testing capacity to 10m per day. The health secretary, Matt Hancock, and the minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, are named in a case that alleges the project, as described in leaked papers, is unlawful because it ignores scientific evidence, involves potentially huge private contracts that may not have been tendered and breaks the government’s own value-for-money rules.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 09:01
Scientists tracking the virus have uncovered a major mutation, but it may not be as scary as it sounds. Scientists have had eyes on Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, since the beginning of this pandemic. They can see it is evolving, but it is happening at a glacial pace compared with two other viruses with pandemic potential: those that cause flu and Aids.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 08:46
Event organisers think outside the box to hold drive-in literary event in North Devon field. The book lovers of Appledore, a picturesque fishing village on the north Devon coast, are a resourceful, determined lot. When their library faced closure 14 years ago, they helped save it by launching a literary festival, which grew and developed year by year into one of the most popular cultural events in the south-west of England.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 08:30
Officials say ban on new US downloads is set to start Sunday but could still be rescinded by Trump. The US commerce department said it will issue an order Friday that will bar people in the United States from downloading Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat and video-sharing app TikTok starting on 20 September. Commerce officials said the ban on new US downloads of TikTok could still be rescinded by Donald Trump before it takes effect late Sunday as TikTok owner ByteDance races to clinch an agreement over the fate of its US operations.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 08:13
Pros from then and now recall a game that sparked a cultural phenomenon and inspired some of the best skaters in history. Skateboarding has always ebbed and flowed in popularity, according to pro skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Chad Muska. “We’ve watched this rollercoaster ride and, each decade, there’s usually a huge peak and then a dip,” says Muska. “But we’ve not felt the dip for quite a long time now.” Since a crash in the early 90s, skateboarding has been enjoying a slow ride to the top. The dudes of the original skateboarding boom, now in their 40s, are now vastly outnumbered in skate parks by teenagers. In the late 90s and early 00s, ; skate videos ditched the grungy VHS aesthetic and fish-eye lenses for faster cuts and smoother shots.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 08:00
Warming temperatures make pinot noir a staple of English winemakers although unpredictable weather threatens quaffability. On a hot morning in Devon, a single field stands as a barometer of climate change. Charlie Brown, 30, an assistant winemaker at Sandridge Barton vineyard, explains that the site in which they will soon start planting pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunièr wine grapes would once have been considered unsuitable for growth. “The climate has changed. When you are the top of that brow the wind does rip through it a bit but we can plant here now,” he says.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 07:57
Wild Justice accuses government of breaching duty to protect conservation sites. Conservation activists are suing the UK government over the release of millions of game birds on to land which is home to rare and threatened species. The campaign group accuses ministers of breaching their legal duties to protect sites of high conservation value in England by failing to control the use of large areas of countryside to shoot pheasant and red-legged partridge for sport.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 07:54
Scapegoats sought and political squabbles indulged as virus continue new spread across Spanish capital. People in the queue to be tested for Covid-19 at the Buenos Aires health centre in south Madrid on Friday morning were met with a bleak but polite sign. The homemade noticeboard still bore the previous day’s information, spelled out in marker pen on sticky yellow notes: consultations – by phone and in person – 483; Covid consultations, 19; PCR tests, 78; and number of staff absent, 13.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 07:50
UN investigator warns of ‘catastropic’ stiuation with more that 10,000 protesters ‘abusively arrested’. A United Nations investigator has warned of the danger of "another iron curtain" falling across Europe during an ill-tempered debate in Geneva on alleged in Belarus. "Let’s not allow another iron curtain to descend on the European continent," Anaïs Marin, the UN’s special rapporteur on Belarus, said, in an urgent session of the body’s 47-member human rights council that was repeatedly interrupted by procedural objections from Belarus, Russia, China and Venezuela.
Guardian (United Kingdom) 09/18/2020 07:30
For decades David Attenborough delighted millions with tales of life on Earth. But now the broadcaster wants us to face up to the state of the planet. Sir David Attenborough’s soothing, matter-of-fact narrations have brought the natural world to our living rooms for nearly seven decades and counting. From Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the jungles of central Africa, the 94-year-old broadcaster has dazzled and delighted millions with tales of life on Earth – mostly pristine and untouched, according to the images on our screens. But this autumn Attenborough has returned with a different message: nature is collapsing around us. “We are facing a crisis. One that has consequences for us all. It threatens our ability to feed ourselves, to contr.

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