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Bioethics.Net 05/18/2020 13:48
[00:00:09] Hello and welcome to Reopening the Nation Hastings Center, a conversation about the next steps forward in the coveted 19 pandemic. We’re so pleased to have with us today. Ryan, Kalo, Ed Felten and Mildred Solomon. We’re hoping for strong audience participation. So please do us questions by typing them into the Q&A box…. .
Bioethics.Net 05/14/2020 14:20
by Hedy Wald Civilization No longer as we knew it Rainfall hits dry ground Stripped down to essence We treasure touch of cool breeze When hug cannot be Pause, unmask to breathe Hope sustains as the tree bud Bursts forth in Springtime Hedy S. Wald, PhD is Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at [...]
Bioethics.Net 05/14/2020 02:36
by Craig Klugman,PhD, Angira Patel MD, MPH, Nanette Elster, JD, MPH, and Dalia Feltman, MD, MA. The debate continues on when and how to open the country back up and allow communities to return to “normal”. Consensus is lacking and there is significant variability across the country. The for opening. Some states have come out with their own plans, and some states are just opening all the way through both and .…
Bioethics.Net 05/13/2020 11:58
Bioethics, in its essence, is multi-disciplinary. It involves medicine, philosophy, theology, political science, and supernumerary other scholarly fields. And, of course and, perhaps, unfortunately, economics. Bioethics is blessed, and plagued, by its confluence of academic influences, and operates within their inevitable, intersecting, conflicting, uncomfortable gray areas. The Covid-19 pandemic speaks to the bioethical implications that …
Bioethics.Net 05/06/2020 12:15
Michael Baur, Ph.D., J.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor of Law, Director of the Natural Law Colloquium, and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics Education at Fordham University recently spoke with Matt Galloway of CBC’s The Current on the topic of moral fatigue in everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic.
Bioethics.Net 05/06/2020 09:32
Written by Alberto Giubilini Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities – Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics University of Oxford Main point: Lockdown measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 have so far been compulsory in most countries. In the same way, use of contact tracing apps should be compulsory once lockdown measures […]
Bioethics.Net 05/05/2020 12:13
By Roger Crisp At a recent New St Cross Special Ethics Seminar Prof. Noam Zohar of the Dept. of Philosophy, Bar Ilan University and a member of Israel’s National Bioethics Council, spoke on ‘Debating Forced Medical Feeding: A Critical Examination of Israeli Responses to Hunger Strikes’.

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