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Although asymmetric phosphine catalysis is a powerful tool for the construction of various chiral carbon centers, its synthetic potential toward enantioenriched atropisomer has not been explored yet. Herein, we report a phosphine‐catalyzed highly atroposelective (4+2) annulation of δ‐acetoxy allenoate and 2‐hydroxyquinone derivative, which provides expedient access to aryl‐naphthaquinone atropisomers via the de novo construction of benzene ring. The two functions of catalyst, tertiary phosphine (Lewis base) and tertiary amine (Brønsted base), cooperatively enable this process with high regio‐ and enantio‐selectivity.
Orissa POST (India) 08/17/2019 07:12
Washington: The US has cut its aid to cash-strapped Pakistan by $440 million, bringing its commitments to just $4.1 billion. The decision to cut Pakistan’s economic assistance was officially conveyed to Islamabad about three weeks before the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to the US, the Express Tribune reported. The aid was disbursed under […]

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