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THE WEEK 10/17/2019 05:50
More than it is salt and sea monsters, kelp and foam, the ocean is fury and it is noise. It roars, crashes, rumbles, groans, howls, booms, hisses, spits, and seethes. Sometimes, when you are lonely and cold, and there is no one else around, it might even seem to sing to you in the screeching pitch of a siren. The Lighthouse , out Friday, is like the ocean: It is mad and threatening noise. It is a lot of other things too — vomit, rot, kerosene, semen, stone, lobster, rain, bedpans, glass — but above all, it is an achievement of sound. Critics often praise films by telling audiences to "see it big"; in the case of The Lighthouse , listen to it as loud as you possibly can. At least, if you can bear it. Robert Eggers' highly-anticipated follow-

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