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Hi I was wondering if anyone is having or had same problem as my husband it’s 5 weeks since his op when he sits down his bottom really hurts and when his wee is comming out it really hurts him it’s like a sharp pain we have took a wee sample the docs today and I’ve just rang for results they said he has high ceratinin in it but no infection and do another sample in 2 weeks but I’ve requested the doctor give us a call as surely it’s not right being in pain wen wee is comming out any body have the same as this thanks fran.
It’s a balancing act as far as risk goes. I would think a discussion with your rheumatologist would be worthwhile. I hated methotrexate and it wasn’t really helping me after 10 or 11 years on it. I am not pain free or without issues on sulphasalasine but my choice is to go minimum on the arthritis, sounds like you have a lot more pain and mobility issues so no easy choices there.
Hi Seamus .thank you for your reply.its good to hear that sepsis is not very common..we are very afraid this will happen again the next time a biopsy is due .my husband have been put on active surveillance as the urologist said the cancer is was in 2 cores out of12 .other wise my husband was in very good health until this event.He is extremely tired with little or no appetite.hope fully he will start to feel better soon.
Thanks John. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow. Been away for a week cat sitting and had a funeral to go to and now looking after my wife's cousin's little dog - it is such hard work as she feels she has been abandoned by her Dad! She is so sweet though but she has to be with us all the time - though after the first two nights she settled to sleeping in the family room quite well. We just make a great fuss of her and spoil her with special food and take her for lots of walks so quite tiring. She goes berserk when one of us leaves the room bless her I think she thinks we are abandoning her too and every morning she has to look in all the rooms - think she is looking for her Dad. Only once she has tried to climb the stairs and usually stays at the
Hi, Going to see the surgeon tomorrow to get results of the MRI. Got everything crossed that it is going to be a partial knee and hoping that he can give me an idea on the date as keeping everything on hold at the moment. Got a wedding coming up in August and other dates in May June and July to consider but having to tell everyone we can't commit or book hotels - just watching the prices go up the closer we get to the dates - still my knee is more important.
If you need to know things you must ask the questions - I know it is hard to know what questions to ask. You can also ask for copies of all the test results and letters your consultant has and sends to your GP and other consultants etc. Just ask every time you see them to be copied into the mailing list. I have been doing this for over 20 years and it is never a problem and it means that I have copies of everything concerning my condition when I go to see a new Dr/consultant and you would be amazed sometimes at how much is not on your medical notes. In the May after my prostate cancer treatment I went to see a cardiologist as I had atrial Fibrillation and asked my GP for a copy of my notes to take with me as there would not be time for them.
PubMed News (NIH) 04/23/2019
Contributors : Daniella Bianchi-Frias ; Mamatha Damodarasamy ; Susana A Hernandez ; Rui M Gil da Costa ; Ilsa M Coleman ; May J Reed ; Peter S Nelson Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Mus musculus. The incidence of prostate cancer is directly linked to age, but we still lack an adequate understanding of the prostatic aging-associated changes that facilitate carcinogenesis.

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