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არჩილ თალაკვაძის განცხადებით, ყოფილმა მმართველმა პარტია "ნაციონალურმა მოძრაობამ" ზუსტად იცის, რომ არჩევნებში მარცხდება და არეულობისა და დესტაბილიზაციისთვის ემზადება.
By Emperor Bailor Jalloh, Accra, Ghana. In a bid to propel the campaign on Biodiversity and Climate Change in West Africa, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) via its funded West Africa Biodiversity and Climate ( WA BiCC) program on Tuesday 14 May 2019 in Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra,Ghana engaged Environmental Journalists in a media roundtable meeting on biodiversity and climate change in West Africa. The environmental journalists were drawn from various media (...). -. S.
The Conversation 05/19/2019 08:03
Scott Morrison’s spectacular win, against all expectations, is attributable to a potent mix of his strengths and Labor’s weaknesses. Morrison, it turns out, was made in some political heaven where they forge ideal campaigners. This man of faith may well literally believe in miracles, which is an advantage when you’re in a tight corner. Certainly he’s swallowed the book on the power of positive thinking. He was determined, focused, and John Howard’s successor in talking to the battlers. He brought marketing and tactical skills to the task. But given the shambolic Coalition performance of the last two terms, he couldn’t have won if Labor hadn’t left itself exposed. The opposition’s weaknesses are magnified in retrospect. The voters were wary
SvD (Sweden) 05/19/2019 08:00
Över 270 000 rohingyer har registrerats och fått id-kort av bangladeshiska myndigheter i samarbete med UNHCR, rapporterar FN:s flyktingorgan i ett pressmeddelande. Syftet är att stärka rohingyernas situation i Bangladesh, där de saknar medborgarskap sedan en lagändring 1982, och därför betraktas som statslösa. Detta trots att hundratusentals roh...
Realty Times 05/19/2019 08:00
Are you about to go on a long vacation? If your travels take you far from home for an extended period of time, it's crucial to make sure your house is well-prepared in advance for your long absence. Here are some helpful hints for making sure your home stays safe from plumbing disasters, appliance mishaps and more while you are away. Set Your Thermostat. If you will be leaving your house unattended during the winter months, make sure your thermostat is set to 55 degrees. This will keep your house warm enough to prevent freezing and bursting water pipes, which can cause severe flooding and water damage. If your travels take you away from home during warmer weather, you should leave the AC unit on in order to prevent mold, mildew, and other co.
The Horse 05/19/2019 08:00
Equine coronavirus' main signs are subtle and nonspecific—anorexia, lethargy, and fever. And while it doesn’t consistently cause gastrointestinal signs such as colic or diarrhea, researchers have learned that affected horses’ feces are the most reliable sample to test. The post Equine Coronavirus Diagnostics: Take Fecal Samples appeared first on The Horse .
Compliance Report 05/19/2019 08:00
MAY 19, 2019 BY TOM FOX In today’s edition of Daily Compliance News: King Con by Paul Willetts Chasing Phil by David Howard Ultimate Folly by Henry Macrory Duped by Abbe Ellin The Confidence Game by Maris Konnikova Additional resources-Golden Age of the Grift. The post Daily Compliance News: May 19, 2019-the Sunday Book Review-con men edition appeared first on Compliance Report .
Boing Boing 05/19/2019 08:00
Kudos to those of us who have chosen a less wasteful third option to "paper or plastic" at the supermarket or club stores. Tote bags are reusable, but they can be a pain to tote around. Here's an upgrade to that planet-saving measure. The Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag is that rare tote you'll want to use again, making it easier to load and unload groceries while also keeping them cold. The main innovation here is a rack that spreads out across your shopping cart, allowing you to unfold and keep them open by way of a velcro handle. That way, you can easily load them up and unpack them again when you get home - not to mention how neatly they store away. They're well made inside and out, with mildew and mold resistant material and dedicated hold.

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