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PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Radia Johnson ; Christoph Mancao ; Richard Bourgon ; Josep Garcia Series Type : Expression profiling by array Organism : Homo sapiens. Background. We aimed to develop a gene expression-based prognostic signature for isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) wild-type glioblastoma using clinical trial datasets representative of glioblastoma clinical trial populations. Results. NanoString data were available from 512 patients in the discovery ATE dataset. Elastic net identified a prognostic signature of nine genes (CHEK1, GPR17, IGF2BP3, MGMT, MTHFD1L, PTRH2, SOX11, S100A9, and TFRC). Translating weighted elastic net scores to an average z-score signature conserved the prognostic value of the ATE signature. The z-score signature was progno.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Ming yu ; Divyansh Agarwal ; Laxminarayana Korutla ; Catherine L May ; Negin N Griffith ; Wei Wang ; Andrei Georgescu ; Bernard Herring ; Omaida C Velazquez ; Prasanth Vallabhjosyul ; James F Markmann ; Chengyang Liu ; Ali Naji Series Type : Non-coding RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. The intrahepatic milieu is inhospitable to intraportal islet allografts, limiting their applicability to ameliorate Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : G S Worthen ; Andrew Paris Series Type : Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Mus musculus. Regenerating new alveolar epithelium is essential for recovery from many lung diseases. This multi-cellular regenerative process occurs when type II alveolar pneumocytes (AT2), with support from mesenchymal niche cells, proliferate to generate more AT2 cells and transdifferentiate in type I pneumocytes. To elucidate how coordinated events between AT2 cells and mesenchyme restore alveolar epithelium we used unbiased genome-wide analysis of chromatin accessibility and gene expression in both cell types following acute lung injury. We observed that chromatin acessability in AT2 cells changes signfican.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributor : Travis Sullivan Series Type : Expression profiling by RT-PCR Organism : Homo sapiens ; synthetic construct. To identify microRNA (miRNA) profiles of small, pathologically confirmed stage 1 clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) tumors that could predict progression to metachronous metastatic disease.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Avani Yeola ; Shruthi Subramanian ; Jason Wong ; Vashe Chandrakanthan ; John E Pimanda Series Type : Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. Terminally differentiated murine osteocytes and adipocytes can be reprogrammed using platelet-derived growth factor–AB and 5-Azacytidine into multipotent stem cells with stromal cell characteristics.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Sandro Ninni ; Eloïse Woitrain ; Augustin Coisne ; Céline Gheeraert ; Staniel Ortmans ; Thomas Modine ; Mohammad Koussa ; Francis Juthier ; André Vincentelli ; Olivier Molendi-Coste ; Laurent Pineau ; Philippe Lefebvre ; David Dombrowicz ; Bart Staels ; David Montaigne Series Type : Expression profiling by array Organism : Homo sapiens. Introduction: Post-operative atrial fibrillation (POAF) is a frequent complication after cardiac surgery, but its pathophysiology remains incompletely understood.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Longfei Jia ; Yuanhui Mao ; Shu-Bing Qian Series Type : Other Organism : Homo sapiens. Precise control of protein synthesis by engineering sequence elements in 5’ untranslated region (5’UTR) remains a fundamental challenge. To accelerate our understanding of cis-regulatory code embedded in 5’UTR, we devised massively parallel reporter assays from a synthetic mRNA library composed of over one million 5’UTR variants. A completely randomized 10-nucleotide sequence preceding an upstream open reading frame (uORF) and downstream GFP leads to a broad range of mRNA translatability and stability in mammalian cells. While efficient translation protects mRNA from degradation, uORF translation triggers mRNA decay in a UPF1-dependent manne.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributor : W Yi Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Saccharomyces cerevisiae. All 14 essential genes of chrIII were clustered and reordered, and transcription of the genes was tested. We designed and constructed three types of reorganized essential genes into three different plasmids. For the genomic direction (GD) plasmid, the essential genes were arranged according to their natural chromosomal positions and orientations. For the same direction (SD) plasmid, the essential genes were arrayed in the same positions as GD plasmid, but all genes were assembled in the same direction (SD). For the random direction (RD) plasmid, the essential genes were modularly assembled according to the combined length
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Claudio Sette ; Donatella Farini Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Mus musculus. We uncover a Sam68-dependent splicing program during cerebellar development. These events direct proper isoform expression of the genes required to guarantee the establishment of the correct spatial/temporal neural circuitry. The dysregulation in Sam68 null mice leads to functional defects in adult neurons.
PubMed News (NIH) 06/01/2020
Contributors : Christine Pich ; Patrick Meylan ; Beatris Mastelic-Gavillet ; Romain Loyon ; Catherine Moret ; Christine Goepfert ; Pedro Romero ; Camilla Jandus ; Liliane Michalik Series Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Organism : Homo sapiens. Besides improving insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes, the thiazolidinedione family of compounds and the pharmacologic activation of their best characterized target PPARg has been proposed as a therapeutic option for cancer treatment.

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