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Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 23:35
YouTubers Who Planned Invasion Of Area 51 Arrested For Trespassing 10 Miles From Base. Police near Area 51 have arrested two vloggers for trespassing near the secret military base after planning an invasion of the site , according to the . Dutch YouTubers Ties Granzier and his friend Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep are being held by police after being found inside of the base's "score zone".
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 23:10
Insane And Ill-Advised: Trump's Future War With Iran, Part 1. It’s an inconvenient truth: the president of the United States has no coherent foreign policy. Period. At times Donald Trump talks sensibly about pulling out of quagmires in Syria and Afghanistan, while simultaneously ratcheting up threats against America’s favorite (at least since 1979) punching bag — Iran. He’s also loaded up his administration with the most hawkish of Iranophobes: National Security Adviser John Bolton (ZH: fired since this was written) and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Those two have never seen a problem they couldn’t blame on Iran or a solution that didn’t include regime change. Furthermore, there’s nothing that Israel’s about-to-be-indicted, corrupt Prime M.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 22:14
Yuan Extends Losses After China Macro Data Disappoints. China's yuan extended its early losses, testing down to the fix after headline economic data disappointed across the board. Industrial Production rose just 5.6% YTD YoY (below the +5.7% exp and down from +5.8% prior). Retail Sales rose just 7.5% YoY (below the +7.9% exp and down from +7.6% prior). Fixed Asset Investments rose just 5.5% YTD YoY (below the +5.7% exp and down from +5.7% prior). Property Investment rose just 10.5% YTD YoY (down from +10.6% prior). All of tonight's data missed expectations with only the unemployment rate improving very modestly (falling from 5.3% to 5.2%). Source: Bloomberg. Which sent yuan lower...
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 21:30
Our Energy And Debt Predicament In 2019. Many people are concerned that we have an oil problem. Or they are concerned about recession and the need to lower interest rates. As I see the situation, we have a problem of a networked economy that is not functioning well. A big part of this problem is energy-related. Strange as it may seem, energy prices (including oil prices) are too low for producers. If debt levels were growing more rapidly, this low-price problem would go away. The “standard way” of encouraging more debt-based purchases is by lowering interest rates. But we are running out of room to do this now. We also seem to be running out of economic investments to make with debt. If expected returns on investment were greater, interest r.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 21:05
Trump Preparing To Hit EU With Billions In Tariffs: Report. Washington is reportedly preparing to announce tariffs on billions of euros of goods from the European Union, following a confidential decision by the WTO that was just handed down on Friday, reports, citing four anonymous EU officials. According to these officials, the WTO ruled in favor of the US on Friday in a case against Airbus, ending a long-running transatlantic dispute between the world's two largest aircraft manufacturers.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 20:42
The Top 30 IPOs Of 2019 Will Burn A Total Of $12.5 Billion Between Them. After the recent WeWork IPO debacle, not to mention the Uber and Lyft public offering fiascos, investors may finally be waking up to the realization that they dumped a whole lot of money in pursuit of gains that will never materialize, and their "investments" are set for a painful lesson in irrational exuberance, even as silicon valley VC exits laugh all the way to the bank. It is therefore no surprise that, as Goldman's chief equity strategist David Kostin writes in his latest "Weekly Kickstart" periodical, the abundance of new high-profile IPOs has prompted many questions from portfolio managers.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 20:15
Aussie Government "Cash-Back"-Scheme Fails To Inspire Confidence. Australia gave "cash back" in July to those making up to $126,000. The move failed to inspire consumer confidence. Tax Refund Scheme. In July, the government of Australia concocted a . The maximum offset of $1080 will be available to taxpayers with taxable incomes of between $48,000 and $90,000. The offset is calculated on each person’s individual income not household income. Those who earned less than $37,000 will get $255 back. This gradually increases to $1080 for those earning $48,000. Anyone earning between $90,000 and $126,000 will get lower amounts. Those earning over $126,000 won’t receive any refund. Results In. Bloomberg reports. Australian households were gloomier this.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 19:52
"Liquidity Dies In Darkness": Trillions In Assets Have No Financial Disclosure To Support Them. While there has been extensive discussion of the passive/ETF/index fund bubble, most recently by Michael "Big Short" Burry, who warning of the implicit and explicit dangers the passive investing bubble carries with it, perhaps the most interesting angle of the ETF stampede into fixed income securities - which include junk bonds and leveraged loans in addition to the recent frenzy for investment grade debt - is the fact that a substantial portion of it now trades with virtually no fundamental information.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 19:25
It's A New World Order, Alright. Those winds just keep on shifting, no matter that the western press either doesn’t see them shift, doesn’t recognize them for what they are, or chooses to ignore them. But these winds bring tidings of a tectonic plate-shaking shift in the global political climate. The fires in Saudi oil installations, whether they were caused by drones or missiles, and whoever fired those, are a major story, and rightly so, because they could shake up economies in drastic ways. But they may still, not be the biggest story after all. Last Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to annex the Jordan Valley (already occupied territory, 65,000 Palestinians and 11,000 Israeli settlers live there).
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 19:07
Iran War Imminent? Trump Says US "Locked And Loaded" To Respond To Saudi Attack. Just as the price of oil was settling down from its record surge, it spiked once again, following a tweet by president Trump which has made war with Iran virtually inevitable. Just before 7pm, Trump tweeted that "Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!". Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 18:35
Former CIA Spook: "Clear To Me That Spying On Trump Was Ordered By Obama". Via Greg Hunter’s. Former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe looks like he is going to be charged for his role in the Trump Russia hoax to try to remove a duly elected President from office. Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp, who is an expert on counter-intelligence, says McCabe is going roll over on his co-conspirators and talk if the DOJ cuts him a deal.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 18:14
Oil Explodes 19% Higher, Biggest Jump In 28 Years. With traders in a state of near-frenzy, with a subset of fintwit scrambling (and failing) to calculate what the limit move in oil would be (hint: there is none for Brent), moments ago brent reopened for trading in the aftermath of Saturday's attack on the " world's most important oil processing plant ", and exploded some 19% higher , its biggest jump since 1991. Furthermore, in light of news that the , this could be just the start.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 17:56
Declassified Satellite Images Reveal It Would Take "Months" To Fix Saudi Oil Facility. And there it is, moments before oil markets open: upon the US release of declassified satellite images showing precision strikes on critical spheroids at the world's largest oil processing facility at Abqaiq one market analyst alarmingly ,. "We think this is a months fix, not days/weeks.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 17:45
QE, Monetization; Just Symptoms. What Of The Disease? Summary. This week, the Federal Reserve added another $6 billion to their Treasury holdings and maintained their MBS holdings. Interestingly, Bank Excess Reserves held at the Federal Reserve continue to tumble, down by $25 billion this week.unmatched by balance sheet reductions. Since QE ended, Bank Excess Reserves have fallen twice that of combined Fed Treasury and MBS holdings.this difference is direct monetization. But all of these are just symptoms of a disease that is completely beyond central bankers ; declining and decelerating growth among consumer populations that is incurable (but in truth, the disease is not the maturation of the world but our inability to accept it ). An updat.
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 17:20
Mexico Demands US Halt Weapons Flow Across Border. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard sat down with White House officials last Tuesday to discuss how a "" in US-bound immigration through Mexico has been seen this summer. Mexico's strategy to slow down immigration flows into the US has been due to a massive presence of at least 25,000 National Guard troops now stationed across the Mexico-US border. "What Mexico has done is working," Ebrard told the press while acknowledging that border crossings were still up from averages in September. "But the tendency is irreversible ...
Zero Hedge 09/15/2019 16:56
Hedge Fund CIO: "The Biggest Market Player Is 15x Leveraged; That’s Why When It Starts Going Wrong, You’re Out". Submitted by Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management. "Wanted to make sure you’re seeing this," texted a PM from one of those multi-manager monstrosities. "8 standard deviation move in the Momentum Factor in 5-days," he added.

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