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Pain News Network 10/13/2019 11:20
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. Researchers have identified a protein in the brain that appears to play a prominent role in the maintenance of long-term pain -- a discovery that could lead to new treatments that stop short-term acute pain from progressing to chronic pain. The protein RGS4 (Regulator of G protein signaling 4) is found in brain circuits that process pathological pain, mood and motivation. "Our research reveals that RGS4 actions contribute to the transition from acute and sub-acute pain to pathological pain states and to the maintenance of pain," says Venetia Zachariou, PhD, a professor in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences and The Friedman Brain Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. "Because chronic pain
Pain News Network 10/12/2019 12:58
By Rochelle Odell, PNN Columnist. Come the new year, I will start my 28th year battling Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Like so many high impact pain patients, I have been experiencing a pain flare that isn't improving and prevents me from doing many tasks. I am praying it will get better and not become my new norm. I have been a palliative care patient for a couple of months now. Palliative care is not what many people think it is. My meds did not get increased and I still live at home. A home health RN visits me twice a week, takes my vital signs, asks how I am doing, how is my pain, and what doctor do I see next. I was evaluated this time last year for Transitional Care Management or TCM. It’s usually for patients getting out of th.
Pain News Network 10/11/2019 16:51
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Eli Lilly’s Reyvow tablets for the treatment of migraine with or without aura – the latest in a series of new migraine treatments approved by the agency. Reyvow is the first migraine treatment that binds to serotonin receptors in the brain and depresses central nervous system activity. “Reyvow is a new option for the acute treatment of migraine, a painful condition that affects one in seven Americans,” Nick Kozauer, MD, acting deputy director of the FDA’s Division of Neurology Products, said “We know that the migraine community is keenly interested in additional treatment options, and we remain committed to continuing to work with stakeholders to promote
Pain News Network 10/10/2019 19:48
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. Federal health officials are once again urging doctors not to rapidly decrease or abruptly stop prescribing opioid medication to chronic pain patients. In an editorial published in the , three federal health officials warned that sudden opioid tapering significantly increases the risk of adverse consequences, including hospitalizations and emergency room visits. “There are concerning reports of patients having opioid therapy discontinued abruptly and of clinicians being unwilling to accept new patients who are receiving opioids for chronic pain, which may leave patients at risk for abrupt discontinuation and withdrawal symptoms,” the editorial warns. The editorial was co-authored by Deborah Dowell, MD, of the Center.
Pain News Network 10/10/2019 11:02
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. An experimental treatment shows promise in slowing the progression of knee osteoarthritis by increasing the thickness of cartilage in the knee joint, according to results of an early clinical trial published in the. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine gave 549 volunteers with knee osteoarthritis injections of the drug sprifermin or a placebo.
Pain News Network 10/09/2019 14:56
(Editor’s note: A found that nearly 20% of chronic pain patients used alcohol for pain relief. Many do so because they lost access to opioid medication. The (NIAAA) recently published this article on pain and alcohol, and invited PNN to republish it.). The relationship between alcohol and pain is a complicated one. It is a common belief that alcohol dulls pain, yet research shows that sometimes. Understanding the complex relationship between alcohol and pain is an important area of research for NIAAA. In 2016, about 20 percent of adults (50 million people) in the United States had chronic pain, defined as pain most days in the previous 6 months. Recent studies suggest that around 1 in 4 adults in chronic pain reports self-medicating with alco.
Pain News Network 10/08/2019 18:25
By Barby Ingle, PNN Columnist. Patients, caregivers and providers have been fighting with insurance companies for years over step therapy practices, prior authorization delays and changes in specialty tier medications. If a claim is turned down by a payer, there is usually a way to appeal – such as a peer-to-peer review between a provider and a physician at the insurance company. An insurance policy has come to my attention which ends peer-to-peer reviews and ultimately is a way to limit access to healthcare and avoid paying for certain treatments.
Pain News Network 10/07/2019 13:49
By A. Rahman Ford, PNN Columnist. Mark Berman, MD, is a key player in the escalating conflict between stem cell therapy providers and the Food and Drug Administration. Berman is co-founder of the California Stem Cell Treatment Center, a California-based clinic that specializes in autologous (SVF) stem cells derived from adipose tissue --- a patient’s own body fat. Berman and his partner are defendants in a filed by the FDA.
Pain News Network 10/06/2019 19:10
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. Public health officials in the Seattle area are warning about a spike in fentanyl-related overdoses that have killed at least 141 people in King County since June. As in other parts of the country, many of the deaths involve counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with illicit fentanyl. Three of the recent deaths in King County are high school students who took blue counterfeit pills stamped with an “M” and a “30” – distinctive markings for 30mg oxycodone tablets that are known on the street as “Mexican Oxy” or “M30.”“Teenagers who are not heroin users are overdosing and dying,” said Brad Finegood of Public Health – Seattle & King County. “Do not consume any pill that you do not directly receive from a pharmacy or your p.
Pain News Network 10/05/2019 03:01
By Dr. Lynn Webster, PNN Columnist. No one saw it happen. My three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter was in the basement by herself when she broke her arm. My guess is that she was jumping on the couch or standing on the back of it. Either way, the accident left her screaming and crying -- a natural response to being frightened and injured. At the time, it wasn’t clear if she was seriously hurt. But my daughter said she behaved very differently after previous falls left her with minor bumps and bruises. In a recent column, "," I wrote about how parents should respond to children when they injure themselves. Experiencing pain is part of life, and children develop their own reactions based on an almost infinite number of factors. As adults, we.
Pain News Network 10/04/2019 14:20
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. Chronic pain patients have long grown accustomed having their urine -- and sometimes their blood and hair – analyzed for opioids and other drugs. Someday they may be taking breathalyzer tests. In a small pilot study, researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed and successfully tested a device that collects minute droplets in breath that can be analyzed in a laboratory for morphine, hydromorphone (Dilaudid) and other opioids. “Exhaled breath collection represents a painless, easily available, and non-invasive technique that would enable clinicians to make quick and well-informed decisions,” said lead author Cristina Davis, PhD, chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at U.
Pain News Network 10/03/2019 11:51
By Carol Levy, PNN Columnist. Almost every report on the CDC opioid guideline that I have seen online gets this response from pain patients: “Class action lawsuit! Sue the CDC!”Many doctors cite the CDC opioid guideline when they stop writing prescriptions for opioids or reduce the amount they prescribe. Many patients say the tapering left them bedridden and unable to work because their pain returned to unbearable levels. Some even attempted or completed suicide as a result of no longer having the relief that opioids gave them. Is that enough grounds for a class action lawsuit against the CDC? I am not an attorney, but I wondered if there is a basis for such a lawsuit. Based on my research, the pain community does not meet the necessary leg.
Pain News Network 10/02/2019 13:09
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. DEA investigators should get easier access to prescription drug databases and electronic prescribing should be required for all opioids and other controlled substances, according to a new report from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). The is sharply critical of the DEA for its slow response to the opioid crisis and said the agency was "ill-equipped" to prevent diversion and monitor suspicious orders for pharmaceutical opioids. "We found that DEA was slow to respond to the significant increase in the use and diversion of opioids since 2000.
Pain News Network 10/01/2019 16:11
By Roger Chriss, PNN Columnist An outbreak of vaping-associated pulmonary illness is getting national attention. Over 800 people have been sickened and 12 have died. The that vaping products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) -- the psychoactive compound in marijuana – were involved in about 77 percent of the illnesses. Several states responded with and health alerts on vaping THC. What do we know about the risks of vaping? Vaping THC is so new that there is very little research. on vaping THC was published earlier this year. Performed on male and female rats, the study found that “repeated THC vapor inhalation in adolescent rats results in lasting consequences observable in adulthood." Specifically, both sexes became tolerant to THC and.
Pain News Network 09/30/2019 20:13
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. The FDA and DEA have issued warning letters to four online networks for illegally marketing unapproved and misbranded versions of opioid pain medication. The letters are the latest step in what appears to be an expanding federal and private crackdown on online pharmacies and websites that offer alternative health products and information. The four online networks, which operate at least 10 websites, are , and . The letters warn the companies to immediately stop selling illegal opioids to American consumers. “We cannot allow rogue online pharmacies to continue to fuel the crisis by illegally offering opioids for sale and circumventing the important safeguards that have been put in place for opioids to help protect th.
Pain News Network 09/30/2019 12:29
By Michael Emelio, Guest Columnist. It's my hope that this column can serve as a powerful example of the harm that can be caused when people are denied adequate pain management. And in so, I pray that it also serves as a lesson to all doctors and is something that our lawmakers, CDC and DEA will take a moment to seriously consider. To understand the full magnitude of the damage that's been caused, I implore you to read I wrote last year, in which I described how the opioid medication I take for intractable back pain was rapidly tapered to a lower dose, leaving me bedridden and disabled. It's high time that the harm being inflicted on me and other innocent victims of the opioid crisis is both acknowledged and stopped! While I can totally symp.
Pain News Network 09/28/2019 03:01
By Dr. Lynn Webster, PNN Columnist. Does prayer lead to healing? Many religious people around the world believe that it does. According to the science, it may. Medical researchers have looked into the effects of religion and spirituality on chronic health conditions, including chronic pain, for many years. The research has produced vastly different results. According to a review of studies in the , prayer may contribute to healing, may worsen health, or may make no difference at all. Helen Fosam, PhD, says in , "a positive emotional state and a positive expectation of pain relief can lower pain and enhance clinical effect of treatment.". So if you believe prayer can ease your pain, it may happen. Pain Is a Spiritual Condition. As I say in my b.
Pain News Network 09/27/2019 03:01
By Mia Maysack, PNN Columnist. In the opinion of some, at various points in my life I could've been considered a "pothead.". If that is how you refer to the medicinal use of a plant that grows freely in nature, I own the judgement with pride. I've known people who sit around and smoke loads of grass to the point of everything being funny -- but they're too stoned to laugh. That has never been my intent or relationship with marijuana. This is another element of living with chronic pain and illness that is severely misunderstood -- the desperation we feel for relief. After you've tried countless traditional approaches to no avail or improvement, I don't care what anyone says. Every single person reaches their absolute limit or breaking point. W.
Pain News Network 09/25/2019 12:27
By Pat Anson, PNN Editor. The Arthritis Foundation has become the first major patient advocacy group to release guidelines on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat arthritis pain. About 54 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis. CBD infused products – from edibles to lotions to beverages -- are rapidly going mainstream, even though there is little scientific evidence to support their use. Nevertheless, a recent by the Arthritis Foundation found that 79 percent of arthritis patients are currently using CBD, have tried it in the past, or are considering it. “We are intrigued by the potential of CBD to help people find pain relief and are on record urging the to expedite the study and regulation of these products,” the foundation

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