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Towards Data Science 08/21/2019 09:17
Opal Butterfly VR, courtesy of. AI may soon surpass human artistic creativity. and. Summary. Our experience of art — painting, music, sculpture, poetry — taps into multiple senses, associations, memories and emotions, and involves what one may call a conscious component. AI today lacks subjective experience and multimodality but is starting to acquire artistic creativity. Does creativity require the capacity of conscious experience? We assert that the answer is no. Specialized AI may soon become more creative than humans and better at capturing and representing collective experiences, as multimodality, supervised learning and collaboration with humans will significantly enhance today’s creative bots. Much of art is about recognizing and manipu.
Towards Data Science 08/21/2019 09:17
Normalized stock price predictions for train, validation and test datasets. Don’t be fooled! Trading with AI. Predicting gradients for given shares. This type of post has been written quite a few times, yet many leave me unsatisfied. Recently, I read , which, I think was overall a very interesting article. It covers many topics and even gave me some ideas (it also nudged me into writing my first article 🙂). But it doesn’t actually say how well the network performed. My gut feeling says “not well” given that this is usually the case, but maybe/hopefully I’m wrong! For some time now I’ve been developing my own trading algorithm, and so this article presents my (work-in-progress) approach, thoughts and some results. This covers:. The challenge. Da.
Towards Data Science 08/21/2019 09:16
How Augmented Reality (AR) is Changing the Travel & Tourism Industry. According to a Statista report, the Augmented Reality AR market across the globe is predicted to nurture from 5.91 billion to 198 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2025. has materialized as a constructive tool for different businesses. It allows them to transform the way customers observe their surroundings. This innovation in technology has been predominantly beneficial for those working in travel-based industries. Augmented Reality, or AR, offers an excellent selling experience and augmented environments, which can be enhanced in diverse ways in the tourism sector. In this blog post, you will get a better look at the impact of AR in the travel industry. Importance of AR i.
Towards Data Science 08/21/2019 09:16
Side Notes — Lukas Galke. In this instalment, we bring you a piece written by a member of the team which examines techniques for reducing neural network training cost. By identifying the strength of subnetworks’ learning early in training, i.e. picking a winning subnetwork , we could potentially reduce compute costs for modern deep learning researchers & practitioners. In addition to our serialised blogs, ‘’ & ‘’, we’ll occasionally be releasing pieces & materials as stand-alones or short-run series. Speaking to the off-topic, and somewhat ambiguous nature of these materials when contrasted with our other publications, we’ve elected to call it ‘Side Notes’. ‘Side Notes’ will be just that. Ancillary pieces related to & AI, that we think our r.
Towards Data Science 08/21/2019 09:07
One of the ways we like to make sense of the world is by grouping similar things together. In design, we group colours into shades. In sales and marketing, customers are usually segmented to accommodate their differences. And in statistics, clustering is a widely used unsupervised learning technique to help organise a dataset. As you may have noticed from my previous stories, Snowflake can be used for way more than just retrieving or aggregating data. It can be extended to a wide range of data-related tasks at a large scale, and coexist peacefully alongside the more traditional workloads. In this story, I’ll demonstrate k-means clustering running in Snowflake, in a manner that scales well to large datasets. Here’s a quick Tableau visualisat.
Towards Data Science 08/20/2019 21:31
Sugar, Flower, Fish or Gravel — Now a Kaggle competition. I am very happy to announce the launch of our Kaggle competition “”. This competition is the culmination of literally hundreds of hours of human labor from dozens of scientists. The challenge is to segment satellite images into one of four classes. Typically, when we think about different cloud types we think of cumulus, stratus and cirrus. The four classes in this challenge, however, are called Sugar, Flower, Fish and Gravel. So, what the heck are those? It all started around two years ago at a workshop where 12 cloud experts came together to discuss shallow clouds over the ocean. These clouds look benign compared to big thunderstorms but, in fact, for the Earth’s climate they play a.
Towards Data Science 08/20/2019 18:43
Photo by on. Reinforcement learning as-is is a pretty hard topic. When I started to dig deeper, I realized the need for a good explanation. This article, coupled with the code is my school project. I am currently in a sophomore year of high school, and I understand the hard mathematical concepts in a more ‘social studies’ kind of way. I hope this article proves to be helpful for newcomers like me. I created a GitHub project you can clone and follow along! Make sure to You can download everything that I processed on my PC in the downloads section. As well as FAQ, dataset description, some docs, how-tos and more. It is frequently updated. I haven’t pushed for a week because I was writing this article. I hope you like it! This article provides
Towards Data Science 08/20/2019 18:43
Photo by. Towards a more responsible development of artificial intelligence with a research paper from OpenAI. The 10th of July team members of OpenAI released a paper on arXiv called by , Miles Brundage and . One of the main statements in the article goes as follows: “Competition between AI companies could decrease the incentives of each company to develop responsibly by increasing their incentives to develop faster. As a result, if AI companies would prefer to develop AI systems with risk levels that are closer to what is socially optimal — as we believe many do — responsible AI development can be seen as a collective action problem” Therefore how is it proposed we approach this problem? Responsible AI development? AI in health and wellbein.
Towards Data Science 08/20/2019 18:40
AI is transforming politics — for both good and bad. Big Data powering Big Money, the return of direct democracy, and the tyranny of the minority. Source: Pixabay. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most widely discussed phenomena. AI is poised to fundamentally alter almost every dimension of human life — from healthcare and social interactions to military and international relations. However, it is worth considering the effects of the advent of AI in politics — since politics are one of the fundamental pillars of today’s societal system, and understanding the dangers that AI poses for politics is crucial to combat AI’s negative implications, while at the same time maximizing the benefits stemming from the new opportunities i.

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