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In recent days, some taxpayers' coronavirus stimulus checks have started to be distributed not as paper checks to be mailed -- but rather as prepaid debit cards, loaded with the appropriate stimulus funds. Some recipients, however, have accidentally thrown their stimulus check debit cards away, thinking they must be the result of a scam of some kind, according to local news accounts. Here's what to do if you accidentally miss your stimulus funds. In the weeks following Congress' passage back in March of a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package, one that included billions of dollars for direct stimulus payments to Americans, everyone has been waiting for their stimulus check to come in one of two ways.
Sony recently updated the PS5 landing page on its website with a list of the console's standout features, perhaps hinting at a reveal in the coming days. Rumors have suggested that Sony plans to reveal the design of the PS5 in early June. Mounting evidence seems to be pointing to a major PS5 event within the next few weeks. The long wait that PlayStation fans have endured for the reveal of the PS5 might finally be coming to an end. This week, Sony updated on its website for the first time since the system architecture deep dive was streamed back in March.
The asteroid that killed the dinosaur struck the Earth at the worst possible angle for the species living here at the time. Advanced modeling reveals that the rock likely struck at an angle of between 60 and 75 degrees, maximizing the amount of hot gas released into the atmosphere. The impact resulted in the death of approximately 75% of all species on Earth. When struck Earth it was .
We share top 10 lists each week that help people find new shows to watch on Netflix and on TV, and they pretty much all have one thing in common: The most popular show each week is an original Netflix series. This week's list has a huge surprise though, because the most popular new series of the week isn't on Netflix. Is it TNT's Snowpiercer ?
Hitting the town for a night out is something we are all craving for. Going out to dinner or a movie can be an ideal time for couples or even for families. But if you're leaving your kids at home with a babysitter, you'll probably be curious how they're doing at some point in the evening. You won't have to wonder much longer, thanks to the latest from Woot! If you're looking for an indoor security camera, our favorite deals website has a new deal for you. Starting today and ending tomorrow, you'll have access to for only $29.99! These are brand new cameras that allow you to see what's going on inside your home for almost nothing! You'll be able to look live at what is currently going on where your camera is or you can watch recorded clips u.
Face masks with filters have been in stock and for sale for weeks now, and our readers have bought tens of thousands of boxes since the CDC recommends that we all wear them to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Prices have come down in recent weeks, and the on Amazon now cost just 70¢ each. That had been the best price we've seen for top-rated masks until now, thanks to a special coupon that slashes the price of to just 41¢ apiece. How is it possible that there are people out there who are still complaining about having to wear a face mask?
The first coronavirus contact tracing app based on the Apple-Google COVID-19 spread API launched in Switzerland to some categories of users. Latvia will roll out nationwide its own app based on the standard as soon as it receives approval for the App Store and Google Play. Other countries and US states are working on similar apps based on the Apple-Google standard for iPhone and Android, as there's an increase need to manage the spread of COVID-19 and warn people of potential exposure to the virus. Apple and Google inked a historic partnership a few weeks ago, to develop a common standard for apps that can allow governments to conduct sophisticated contact tracing campaigns that could help them contain the novel coronavirus outbreak.
iPhone 11 sales crushed competitors in the first quarter of the year. Apple moved nearly 20 iPhone 11 units during the period, just as the novel coronavirus health crisis started affecting the entire world. The Galaxy S20 series was no match for the iPhone 11, and the new Samsung flagships sold even worse than the Galaxy S10. The iPhone 11 displaced the iPhone XR as the world's most popular phone in the first quarter, but the 2018 handset still made the top 10, surpassing the best placed Galaxy S20 version. The worst thing about the Galaxy S20 in a world where the cheapest new iPhone costs just $699 was the price. Samsung somehow believed that it's perfectly acceptable to , and hoped it would make a killing. It turns out that the phone was
There are plenty of Hearthstone alternatives, but Dark Table might be the most exciting yet. Dark Table is a four-player multiplayer card game with just one winner. Aside from card quality and skill, actual politics and alliances will alter the course of the battle. Dark Table already passed its Kickstarter goal, with launch planned for December 2021. Blizzard’s Hearthstone is one of the most popular online collectible card games (CCG) on the market. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac and you get to craft a deck of cards comprised of spells and minions, and hope a combination of wits and luck will be enough to beat your opponent. You can build your way up and collect more cards as you gain in-game currency, or buy them in bulk.
Apple will start reopening many of its retail stores later this week. Apple's new safety guidelines will require all employees and customers to wear face coverings. Apple initially closed all of its retail stores in mid-March on account of the coronavirus pandemic. As the coronavirus continues to subside in many areas, and with many states planning to loosen lockdown measures over the next few days and weeks, Apple today said it plans to reopen approximately 100 of its retail stores across the country this week. Apple's decision comes about three weeks after the company in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska.
Rockstar Games hasn't even hinted at Grand Theft Auto 6 yet, but a recent filing from the developer's parent company Take-Two might reveal a potential release date. According to Take-Two's latest K-10, marketing spend will spike in fiscal year 2024. The last time the company's marketing spend spiked like this was the year Red Dead Redemption 2 launched.
Spotify finally removed the 10,000 song limit from user libraries this week. Previously, Spotify users could only save 10,000 songs and albums to their personal libraries, but now they can save as much music as they want without any limits. Playlists and downloads for offline listening are still limited to 10,000 items each. With close to 300 million users, 130 million of which pay for a monthly subscription, Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world.
Several high school students in Atlanta tested positive for the coronavirus after attending a drive-through graduation parade and subsequent graduation party. Georgia allowed non-essential businesses to reopen in late April. The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States is now around 100,000. A number of recent graduates from a private high school in Atlanta tested positive for the coronavirus shortly after the school held a drive-through graduation parade a little more than a week ago.
The Pixel 5 specs will be underwhelming, according to recent leaks, especially when compared to the iPhone 12 series that will feature Apple’s next-gen A14 flagship processor. While the Pixel 5 might be as powerful as the Pixel 4, the Pixel 6 that could make up for Google’s missteps. Arm just launched a series of mobile processors that will power next year’s flagship series, including a brand new, powerful Cortex-X1 chip that could power premium phones like the Pixel 6. I’ve written quite extensively about , and it really boils down to this: For , the upcoming "flagship" Pixel phone , if that.
HBO Max will debut tomorrow and may be the best streaming service for movie lovers. HBO Max will also offer users a giant library of TV programming, including hits like Rick and Morty , Friends , and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air . HBO Max will cost $15/month, but a new promotion lets users sign up at a $12/month rate. As someone who grew up a big TV fan, I never thought I'd see a day where it was literally impossible to keep up with what has become an avalanche of new content.
The World Health Organization warns that a "second peak" of novel coronavirus infections could come right behind the first if countries relax lockdown and social distancing measures too quickly. While infection rates are down in some countries, many regions are still on the rise. There is still a possibility of a second wave in the fall, but it could be preceded by a second peak in the first wave if countries aren't careful. Shortly after the novel coronavirus pandemic started, health experts began warning of a potential second wave in the fall (providing we made it through the first wave).
Now that all 50 states have reopened their economies to one degree or another, here are some coronavirus tips to follow when you're in a setting like a restaurant dining room. At least 30 states have now allowed restaurants to reopen their dining rooms, generally maxed at a reduced capacity for now. The behaviors you should follow there mirror the other coronavirus prevention measures people should already be doing, like washing your hands regularly. Going out to eat again at a restaurant near my apartment, for the first time since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, wasn't as weird as I thought it might be.
A miracle coronavirus cure isn't available at the moment, but scientists found more proof that the human immune system can develop neutralizing antibodies that can block the virus from infected cells. These antibodies can be used to develop COVID-19 treatments, including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies that would work just like a plasma transfusion from a recovered patient. Not all COVID-19 patients develop such strong antibodies, but the ones that can "kill" the virus have been found in several people who beat the disease. The novel coronavirus is highly contagious and can be fatal, .
Researchers estimate that half of the states within the United States haven't yet reached their peak levels of novel coronavirus infections. A state-by-state breakdown shows that 24 states still don't have the virus under control. Whether you live in a state where the virus has seemingly peaked or not, remember that a second wave is all but a guarantee at this point, especially as states begin to loosen restrictions on gatherings and services. The coronavirus pandemic has been raging in the United States for months now, but not every state has been impacted in the same way.
Whether you're looking for a , a , or any other robot vacuum from iRobot, all the best-sellers are discounted on Amazon right now with savings up to $201. Prices start at just $224 for the terrific Roomba 614 and they go up to $799.99 for the Roomba i7+ that empties itself when it's done vacuuming. . iRobot's various Roomba robot vacuum models are by far the most popular options out there.

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