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Design News 08/21/2019 07:35
Ed Begley, Jr. has been driving EVs for more than 50 years and will share his experiences at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. (Image source: Ed Begley, Jr.). Ed Begley, Jr. is an actor who has appeared in hundreds of films, television shows, and stage performances. He is most recognized for his role as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the television series St. Elsewhere (1982–1988). Beyond his career as an actor, Begley became an ardent environmentalist in the early 1970s and his commitment to living green brought him to a passion for electric vehicles (EVs). It is that passion that will provide the background as Mr. Begley provides one of the Keynote Addresses at , on September 12 th in Novi, Michigan. Begley will share his experiences as, over the.
Design News 08/21/2019 06:00
We recently told you how researchers in Australia used bark from eucalyptus trees to produce the highly useful material graphene in a low-cost, more eco-friendly way than typical processes. Now a researcher in the United States—working with a team in the Netherlands--also has reported a more eco-friendly and inexpensive the carbon-based material, which has myriad uses due to its high electrical conductivity, low weight, and high strength. From left to right, A vial of graphite like what you would find in an ordinary pencil; a vial of graphene oxide, produced by exfoliating graphite—shedding the layers of the material—and mixing it with the bacteria Shewanella; a vial of the resulting product—graphene materials; and a vial of graphene materi.
Design News 08/21/2019 05:00
The square-rigged saildrone was tough enough to withstand 80 mph winds and 50-foot waves as it autonomously circumnavigated Antarctica. (Image source: Saildrone). The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is a dangerous and foreboding place. Wind speeds can exceed 80 miles per hour and waves as high as a 5-story building are common, along with frequent icebergs. The dangers of the region mean that there isn’t any regular ship traffic, making it difficult to obtain accurate weather data. Yet, acquiring this data from the Southern Ocean is crucial to making scientific assessments of the Earth’s atmosphere, climate, and status of the oceans. Filling in a Blind Spot. To meet the challenge, a consortium of researchers sponsored by the Li Ka Shing Found.
Design News 08/20/2019 06:00
With the increased sophistication of technology such as smartphones and smart eyeglasses, researchers are looking for new ways to upgrade the typical characteristics of glass to meet contemporary technology needs. To this end, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created for facial-recognition technology in an analog way that uses simple tricks of light rather than the usual complex technology, they said. From left to right, Zongfu Yu, Ang Chen, and Efram Khoram at the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed the concept for a "smart" piece of glass that recognizes images without any external power or circuits.
Design News 08/20/2019 05:00
Rockwell Automation has opened an in San Jose within the company’s Information Solutions development facility. The EV center intends to provide live manufacturing demonstrations, hands-on trials utilizing new technology, and events showcasing collaboration with industry experts and Rockwell partners. Demonstrating autmented reality technology at the Rockwell Automation EV Innovation Center. (Image source: Rockwell Automation). Rockwell will utilize augmented and virtual reality modeling at the EV Innovation Center to provide automotive start-ups and established manufacturers an environment to learn new technologies and standards. The goal is to enable them to deliver electric vehicles to market faster, with less risk, and at lower cost. Work.
Design News 08/19/2019 06:00
Researchers have been making great strides in recent years to make artificial limbs as close to the real thing as possible to help make life easier for amputees. Now a team of researchers has to a 3D-printed prosthetic hand that allows the device to learn and adapt to a wearer’s movement patters so they can perform daily tasks with more ease. Different hand positions of a prosthetic hand developed by researchers at Hiroshima University.
Design News 08/16/2019 09:00
The from Navigant Research contends that partnerships will be important going forward, given the long-term commitment needed to put self-driving technology on public roads. (Image source: Navigant Research). The Drive to Level 5 podcast investigates the seismic shift toward the autonomous vehicle and the technical advancements necessary to perfect the connected car, from foundational elements down to the component level. The exploratory series connects with innovators across automotive electronics and embedded systems industries in preparation for the inaugural launching in Silicon Valley August 27-29 with North America's largest embedded systems event, the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC). Listen below to our fifth interview where host Jac.
Design News 08/16/2019 06:00
Supplying raw materials for the increasing volumes of electric vehicles (EVs) produced worldwide is a source of growing concern among battery and vehicle manufacturers. It should be no surprise that one primary worry is the volatility in availability of the lithium that is used in lithium ion batteries. Although the supply chains for mining and processing the material are somewhat convoluted, the general sense among industry experts is that there is presently an oversupply of lithium, which will act, over the short term, to keep prices stable, if not pushing them into a decline. According to a recent report from , however, the same cannot be said for nickel. So Many Uses. Nickel is an amazing useful material. The metal is both corrosion resi.
Design News 08/16/2019 05:30
Don McMillian insists that engineers are not boring just because they like boring things. RELATED ARTICLES:. Rob Spiegel has covered automation and control for 19 years, 17 of them for Design News . Other topics he has covered include supply chain technology, alternative energy, and cyber security. For 10 years, he was owner and publisher of the food magazine Chile Pepper. This summer (August 27-29), launches in Silicon Valley with North America's largest embedded systems event, Embedded Systems Conference (ESC). The inaugural three-day showcase brings together the brightest minds across the automotive electronics and embedded systems industries who are looking to shape the technology of tomorrow. Will you be there to help engineer this shif.
Design News 08/15/2019 05:00
Printing technology to create a printed drawing or some other type of image typically requires ink. However, an international group of researchers in Japan have succeeded printing one of the most iconic Japanese artworks without the use of traditional pigments in a first of its kind for this type of print production. A team at Kyoto University not only a version of Japanese artist’s Katsushika Hokusai’s “Great Wave” (called "Ukiyo-e" in Japanese) without ink, but researchers also fabricated the smallest version of the artwork to date—just 1 millimeter in width—said Professor Easan Sivaniah, head of the Pureosity Group at iCeMS, Kyoto University. This would not have been possible without the use of polymers to create the image rather than ty.
Design News 08/14/2019 08:26
Solar panels have been a great benefit to the world’s interest in deriving electricity from alternative energy sources. However, one drawback to the technology is that the panels and cells themselves are created from toxic and non-environmentally friendly materials. Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis—working with the Department of Energy (DoE)--aim to help solve this problem with a discovery that paves the way for nontoxic perovskite solar cells. An atomic model of a new semiconductor material (left), the most promising of 30,000 oxides in a potential solar panel. At right is a scanning transmission electron micrograph showing the atomic structure of the material, along with snapshot of the synthesized powder. (Image source: Ro.
Design News 08/14/2019 05:30
Opto 22 has released the white paper, “,” which discusses how controls engineers can use PLCs to meet the demand for obtaining, using and sharing data. The white paper focuses on three main communication challenges: complexity, security, and expense. The edge-based PLC was created to include a number of functions needed for network-based data capture, from traditioanl automation through IoT applications. (Image source: Opto 22). IoT and other data-intensive automation applications usually require many steps and a lot of middleware: hardware, drivers, parsers, and custom software. These steps tend to be time-consuming to set up, difficult to maintain and change, and create major security concerns. This white paper was designed to explain how
Design News 08/13/2019 06:00
Jacob Beningo is an embedded software consultant who currently works with clients in more than a dozen countries to dramatically transform their businesses by improving product quality, cost and time to market. He has published more than 200 articles on embedded software development techniques, is a sought-after speaker and technical trainer, and holds three degrees which include a Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan. Contact him at , or his and sign-up for his monthly Embedded Bytes Newsletter. RELATED ARTICLES:. This summer (August 27-29), launches in Silicon Valley with North America's largest embedded systems event, Embedded Systems Conference (ESC). The inaugural three-day showcase brings together the brightest minds
Design News 08/13/2019 05:30
In traditional CAD environments, geometry can be defined and represented in more ways than one. If you have ever used a 3D modeling program, you’ve most likely worked with meshes, BReps, or both, depending on the task at hand. Although meshes and BReps have their strong points, their weaknesses rear their head as product geometry becomes more complex. Managing the size and performance of complex geometry requires a computationally lighter means of defining and representing geometry. By integrating a field-driven design approach based on the implicit modeling technology, designers can focus on engineering work that matters, and spend less time with non-value-added tasks. Implicit Geometry. Implicit modeling is a powerful way to define, change.
Design News 08/12/2019 06:00
We’ve recently told you how researchers have found various new ways to synthesize graphene, including using from eucalyptus trees and a process based on . Now scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have invented a process to synthesize the highly conductive, useful material from a greenhouse gas—carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (red-black) and hydrogen (gray) catalytically react to graphene (black) on copper-palladium surfaces.
Design News 08/12/2019 05:00
What do artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing all have in common? They're all emerging technologies that are having a significant impact on the automotive industry on many levels. As the world continues on the road toward Level 5 fully autonomous vehicles, and today's vehicles become more and more connected, the auto industry is leveraging new technologies like never before to realize its ambitions. The sessions here are just a few of the offerings available at the , but are great options for any attendees looking to understand these technologies and the seismic shifts they're bringing to the automotive industry. RELATED ARTICLES:. This summer (August 27-29), launches in Silicon Valley with North America's largest embedd.
Design News 08/09/2019 06:00
Losing a limb is probably one of the most physically challenging things a person can face, which is one of the reasons why researchers have been working for decades to develope prosthetics with increasingly more advanced and "life-like" movements and capabilities. A team at the University of Utah has contributed to this aim with the for a next-generation prosthetic arm that can "feel" and make movements according to the thoughts of the person wearing it. University of Utah researchers Greg Clark (right) and Jake George (left) with the LUKE prosthetic arm, which can sense touch and move with the wearer’s thoughts.

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