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Scholar Commons 04/03/2020 14:31
The remoteness of subarctic and arctic ecosystems no longer protects against invasive species introductions. Rather, the mix of urban hubs surrounded by undeveloped expanses creates a ratchet process whereby anthropogenic activity is sufficient to introduce and spread invaders, but for which the costs of monitoring and managing remote ecosystems is prohibitive. Elodea spp. is the first aquatic invasive plant to become established in Alaska and has potential for widespread deleterious ecological and economic impacts. A rapid eradication response with herbicides has been identified as a priority invasion control strategy. We conducted a multi-lake monitoring effort to assess collateral impacts from herbicide treatment for Elodea in high latit.
Scholar Commons 04/02/2020 09:23
As a new type of wastewater treatment technology, constructed wetland become more and more popular at present due to cheap cost, non-secondary pollution and other advantages. However, constructed wetland could not take regular operation because of cold weather in reducing its efficiency. In view of this, comparison tests on four main pollutants and the water temperature were conducted among three different insulation measures for two years. The test results indicate that COD, TN and NH 4+-N removal rate was 30%~45%, 40%~60% and 35%~60%, respectively, based on thin-film method of insulation measures processing system. These removel rates were approximately 10%~20% higher than the greenhouse method and frozen method. The content of TP in the
Scholar Commons 04/02/2020 09:23
The Florida Everglades depends on both seasonal hydroperiods and low nutrient loading. This study investigated phosphorus concentrations in a 237,000-ha wetland complex in the Greater Florida Everglades known as Water Conservation Area 3A (WCA-3A). WCA-3A is south and downstream of Lake Okeechobee and most of the agricultural activity in the Everglades region, but immediately north and upstream of the Everglades National Park. The original goal of the study was to investigate if this water conservation area was serving as a phosphorus sink during a 9-month period (October 2015 to June 2016) that normally would have bracketed the dry winter season of south Florida. The beginning of 2016 brought several unexpected polar fronts with high rainf.
Scholar Commons 04/02/2020 09:23
Human-induced non-point sources of nitrogen and phosphorus have contributed to the world's widely common occurrence of harmful algal blooms, such as the serious eutrophication issue of western Lake Erie and south Florida’s coastlines. Wetlands have long been considered as an effective way to remove nutrients before the runoff entering rivers or lakes. A new term “wetlaculture” and its practice were recently described and is currently under investigation to describe a landscape consisting of rotating ‘wetlands and agriculture’. A wetlaculture mesocosm experiment has been set up on agricultural land in Defiance, Ohio, the northwestern edge of the former 4,000 km2 ‘Great Black Swamp’ which was drained entirely in the 19th century. The mesocosm.
Scholar Commons 04/02/2020 09:22
The world is faced with unprecedented threats to our aquatic ecosystems from excessive nutrients caused especially by agricultural and urban runoff. More than 750 aquatic ecosystems in the world suffer from degraded ecosystem services with impairments described as hypoxia, dead zones, and harmful algal blooms, most due to pollution caused by excessive nitrogen and phosphorus. At the same time, it has been estimated that, on a global scale, we have lost half of our original wetlands to our current extent of 8 to 12 million km2 , with most of that loss in the 20th century. We are proposing here a sizeable increase in the wetland resources around the world to solve the diminishing wetland problem but with the strategic purpose of mitigating th.
Scholar Commons 04/02/2020 09:22
Human-induced non-point sources of nitrogen and phosphorus have contributed to the world widely common occurrence of harmful algal blooms, such as the serious eutrophication issue of western Lake Erie in the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America. A sustainable wetland-agriculture integration system (we call it “wetlaculture”) is proposed for reducing high nutrient loaded flows into natural waters and recovering farmland soil conditions by applying wetland treatment system. A physical wetlaculture mesocosm model has been developed on agricultural land in the northwestern edge of the former 4,000 km2 ‘Great Black Swamp’ which was drained entirely in the 19th century. Twenty-eight vertical-flow mesocosms (Rubbermaid tubs 122 x 76 x 61 cm) we.
Scholar Commons 03/31/2020 17:22
We center three publicly accessible images: (1) Am I not a Man and a Brother? (1787), (2) Colin Kaepernick (2017) “Taking a Knee”, (3) Mother McDowell of the Black Student in Florida Admonished for “Taking a Knee” in school (2017). The photograph of mother McDowell is included, rather than her son, who she wanted to remain anonymous across media outlets. We draw primarily from publicly accessible media and scholarship available via the Internet (museums, newscasts, scholarly repositories) to provide a composite of kneeling discourse and counter-narratives related to race (i.e., anti-slavery, abolition, anti-racism protests) and proper behavior. Each image is situated within literature supporting analysis through concepts (time, race) visual.
Scholar Commons 03/31/2020 17:22
This article is a report of a critical co-autoethnography action research (AR) study of Allan Feldman’s life in AR relative to the development of knowledge democracy (KD). For nearly 30 years he has been doing, studying, and writing about AR, first as a doctoral student and then as a professor. Prior to this he engaged in reflective practice as a secondary science teacher. In this study we ask how his life in AR has contributed to KD, and what actions he and others can take to increase the contribution of AR to KD. The meaning-making processes used throughout relied heavily on collaborative conversations with a critical friend (Frederick Bradley), self-reflective writing, and interrogation of the literature and Feldman’s previous writings.

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