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Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 06:46
Your ignorance and bigotry is truly pathetic. We are well aware of what the article claims she is accused of, yet the article also states that there is no proof. Not sure how things work in apartheid land (I'd guess it's one rule for them and another for us, because that's how apartheid works) but in the civilised world if you are accused of something, there is a trial, facts are displayed and judgement is passed. If there are no facts, there is no case. Trying to force a confession isn't proof of a crime.
Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 06:44
The Jews/Zionists/Israelis have NOTHING to fear but fear itself … hello? Iran since 1979 has been the enemy of Israel since Iran is a vile Jihadi/Islamist POLICE STATE … eh? Israel has submarines … the IAF … long range missiles … and a capable multi-layer AIR DEFENCE SYSTEM in place … eh? The Jews/Zionists/Israelis will ATTACK on their own when they feel that Iran is about to breakout with a NUKE … hello? The Iranians/Hezbollah/Shia Brigades/PMU et al have been 'hit' over 200 + times in the last couple of years … the F-35 is a game changer … the capabilities of the IAF have NEVER been better … eh? The USA has NEVER been asked to fight on Israel's behalf … YOU'RE referring to the Arab/Muslims … LMAO. Stick to the pablum fuster … Israel is a s.
Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 06:29
Now that’s rich coming from an old ignoramous such as yourself. Where are israels borders old man? You know the ones that are internationally recognized as part of israel? The UN has recognized Palestine. 138 countries have recognized Palestine. Nothing you say changes that FACT. What legal claim do the ILLEGAL SETTLERS in the OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES have to the Privately owned Palestinian land they built ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS upon? The WB (INCLUDING East Jerusalem) is NOT recognized (not even by the israeli Supreme Court) as part of israel. Get over it instead of having your little pathetic hissy fits, take a chill pill and accept the facts old man.
Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 05:29
The Saudi Murdering Regime are Cowards who can only attack and Execute Woman and Children in their own Smelly Country. Now the Saudi Regime are begging for Peace as they are Defeated by the Brave Yemeni Rebels who showed the World how Weak the USA and Saudi Arabia are. Muslim Cult Leaders in Saudi are a Shameful Bunch of Girls that can not fight a Proper War without Crying like little Scared Kids looking for the Weak USA to fight for them. NO the USA only wants the $$$$$$ Money from these Thicko Cult Muslims in exchange for Faulty Military Assets that have Proved will not be able to Protect them from outside attacks.
Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 05:05
The TWO FACED Trump is a Liar and a Trouble Maker not a Deal Maker....He gave Turkey the Green Light to Attack the Brave Kurds who have Fought for the USA on the Battle Fields. Old Man Trump can not be Trusted and is a Liar and a Cheater....He is now feeling Guilty for helping Turkey Kill all the Kurds and their Families with Kids. These Minorities in Syria called the Kurds are know being offered Blood $$$ Money by Trump to help with his own Guilt in being a Murderer that Trump is. Trump needs to be sent to the War Crimes Court as he is a Slimy Little Lying Man who has destroyed the World Order because like Er-DOG-an he is a Dictator that needs to be removed ASAP. Trump will go down in History as a Lying Murdering Trouble Making Yank that i.
Middle East Monitor 10/14/2019 01:00
So Murdering Cowards of Muslim Cult Saudi Arabia are now making Love to Putin although he is a Protector of Iran,Syria and Hezbollah. Large Military and Oil $$$ Contracts for Putin that helps Saudi’s enemies like Iran against them. Looks like the Saudi’s need to turn their backs on the Weak Liars called the USA who can not be Trusted so Putin is the New Kid that will Kick the Weak USA out of the ME while selling them better Missile Protection then you can get from the Weak Un liked USA.

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