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Data Storage Asean 05/29/2020 07:46
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Fujitsu Limited announced the launch of Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DSP (Data Services Platform), a high-volume data management solution for enterprises that rely on vast amounts for data for success. The new ETERNUS DSP enables organisations to keep control of fast-growing data volumes by implementing an agile, highly automated and intelligent as well as scalable storage-as-a-service approach that spans not just the data centre and other relevant locations but also the existing and legacy infrastructure that organisations are struggling with. ETERNUS DSP tames even the most demanding applications and even ensures IT infrastructures are ready for greater future demandsBy combining the best features of enterprise storag.
Data Storage Asean 05/28/2020 19:10
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Dell Technologies is improving overall capabilities for hybrid cloud deployments with additional Dell Technologies Cloud advancements. To. b. est fit customers needs while reducing costs, they. now can move workloads across public and private clouds with greater flexibility and adopt a hybrid cloud approach. C ustomers using Dell Technologies Cloud over the course of three years could see an incremental return on investment of more than 170% and recoup their costs in fewer than six months a ccording to Forrester. “Data and workloads exist everywhere – at the edge, in core data centers and public clouds. And, while data and apps are multiplying, IT resources and budgets are not. For companies to turn their data into co.
Data Storage Asean 05/28/2020 18:39
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Microchip Technology Inc. released to production its switch family t. o support cloud, data centre and hyperscale computing that facilitates advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), enabling complex fabric topologies with greater scalability, lower latency, and higher performance than traditional Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) switches. Microchip's Switchtec PAX PCIe family of switches provides a turnkey fabric solution and reduces time-to-market for systems requiring multi-host sharing of Single Root I/O Virtualisation (SR-IOV) Non-Volatile Memory (NVMe) Solid State Drives (SSDs), Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and other PCIe endpoints. The Switchtec PAX devices ar.
Data Storage Asean 05/28/2020 05:07
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on businesses all over the world. From SMEs to large enterprises in various sectors and industries, the pandemic has caused significant changes to operations today. The demand for online services increased dramatically overnight when government-imposed lockdowns came into effect to control the spread of the virus. While businesses have had some online presence or a digital transformation plan, many scrambled to ensure their businesses remain relevant and could continue operations. For banks and financial service institutions (FSIs), having an online presence was simply not enough. While customers were still able to conduct transactions online on banking websites, banks and FSIs s.
Data Storage Asean 05/27/2020 20:09
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced an expansion of its application services portfolio with the addition of as a fully supported framework in . With Quarkus, Red Hat is advancing Java on and bridging the gap between traditional Java applications and environments. Java was introduced 25 years ago and to this day, remains one of the most popular programming languages among developers. Red Hat is helping to bring Java into the modern, cloud-native application development landscape by adding Quarkus as a supported runtime, and to approaches like. ,. and. that are enabling organisations to push the envelope on productivity, efficiency, agility and scale, and enabling Java develop.
Data Storage Asean 05/27/2020 19:45
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. announced powerful new integration capabilities for with the release of a new integration platform and an expansion of its . Autodesk added several new APIs enabling custom connections for BIM 360® and PlanGrid®, and 15 new native integrations, which brings the total number of direct integrations in the Autodesk Construction Cloud ecosystem up to over 140. Project teams can now more easily build custom integrations and streamline data across workflows – from design to planning, building and operations – so they can increase efficiency and productivity. Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect facilitates out-of-the-box integrations. Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (ACC Connect), an evolution of PlanGrid Connect, is a.
Data Storage Asean 05/27/2020 00:42
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Authored by: Gibu Mathew, VP & GM, APAC, Zoho Corporation. The future of work has arrived much faster than expected with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, has become a great experiment for companies this year. Businesses have been forced to make critical decisions and adapt very quickly to ensure the safety of employees. That means companies must train and empower them for such circumstances, without causing disruptions in operations and processes. In the midst of providing prompt support to employees and customers, the most critical arrangements that businesses need to have in a continuity plan is the ability to relocate human resources or processes according to their priorities. Without severing bu.
Data Storage Asean 05/27/2020 00:38
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. When data is processed, organised and presented in a given context, it becomes meaningful information that can improve our daily lives. Toshiba's Chief Digital Officer Taro Shimada shares more on how Toshiba Data Corporation, newly established in 2020, aims to explore the possibilities of tapping on everyday data to realise tangible benefits for society. From Data 1.0 to Data 2.0. The total amount of data in the world will grow more than five times from 2018 to 2025 - a veritable explosion of data in just seven years a. ccording to estimates by the IDC (International Data Corporation). And this growth is expected to continue. Toshiba believes that the amount of data created from the physical world - things like facto.
Data Storage Asean 05/22/2020 05:11
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. With more than half (53 percent) embracing them as the most popular form of deployment, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures have become the de-facto standard among organisations. Surveying over 250 worldwide business executives and IT professionals from a diverse group of technical backgrounds, data virtualisation leader Denodo’s third annual cloud usage survey revealed that hybrid cloud configurations are the centre of all cloud deployments at 42 percent, followed by public (18 percent) and private clouds (17 percent). The advantages of hybrid cloud configurations according to respondents include the ability to diversify spend and skills, build resiliency, and cherry-pick features and capabilities depending on ea.
Data Storage Asean 05/22/2020 04:49
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Authored by: Adrian Johnston, Senior Vice President of Cloud Applications (SaaS), Japan and Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation. The swift shifts in the current business climate are hard to ignore - and business continuity ranks high in priority for manufacturers to ensure they can continue to operate.
Data Storage Asean 05/22/2020 04:36
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. Authored by: Praveen Kumar, General Manager, Asia Pacific. Over the last five years, data has undergone an interesting journey in the region. It has not only grown in importance for organisations, but it has also evolved into a key asset to manage and understand. What was once just an organisational ideal, or a quickly replaced line item on IT budgets, has become a necessity. Today, in order to create a mobile-friendly business and reach potential customers at the pace of change, organisations are recognising that they must move beyond legacy environments to manage structural changes in products, services and systems. Current mandates to work from home and ensure that customers are not affected during the current CO.
Data Storage Asean 05/21/2020 04:51
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. COVID-19 has reshaped the world as we know it. Everyone has had to change their lifestyle as part of a collaborative effort to keep the virus from spreading. Over the past few months, businesses have had to deal with the new reality of having their employees work remotely. But while some countries around the world have eased restrictions, remote working would seem to most likely be the method of working for some time to come. With remote work comes a growing reliance on online collaboration and SaaS tools that allow staff to be productive no matter where they may be. Office 365, for instance, which was created with remote and mobile workers in mind, has definitely seen a surge in the number of users during the pand.
Data Storage Asean 05/20/2020 03:33
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. With businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Hat has been actively assisting them in their journey. Following the Red Hat Summit a couple of weeks ago, Red Hat Malaysia spoke to Malaysian journalists on some of the announcements made at the summit as well as shared some insights on how the company and their customers are coping with the pandemic. According to Eric Quah, Red Hat Malaysia Country Manager, the Red Hat team in Malaysia have been working with a lot of customers and business partners over the last couple of weeks, especially as there has been a pickup in technology adoption. The working lifestyle saw a lot of businesses reaching out.
Data Storage Asean 05/20/2020 00:39
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. , the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, and , the global leader in engineering and industrial software, announced their expanded partnership to deliver innovative solutions for the data centre market. The complexities to operate and maintain these facilities are creating an unprecedented set of challenges a. s hyperscale providers build data centres with an expanding fleet to meet worldwide demand.
Data Storage Asean 05/19/2020 23:00
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. If you want a great example of how data becomes siloed, look no further than the introduction of the COVID-19 tracing apps in Malaysia. There are currently three apps that have been issued. They are not connected, and each is collecting valuable data about COVID-19 infections as well as citizens’ travel which is then stored in its own silo. Each app serves its purpose and is useful in its own right, but no doubt if the data were combined, it would be more powerful in helping to keep the virus at bay. Data silos happen for numerous reasons. Perhaps long-term vision wasn’t built into the plans. Maybe the data was initially collected for a particular application, created by a specific department or as is often the cas.
Data Storage Asean 05/19/2020 06:10
Keyword tags:. Extra tags:. There was a time when a warning light flashed on your car dashboard, your heart would skip a beat, and you would google for the owner's manual to find out what it meant. The connected car changes that forever. In-car sensor data is combined with information collected from other like-modelled cars to predict and prevent the impending part failure before it happens. That data can be shared with your connected workshop, enabling an appointment to be automatically scheduled – with the problem already identified and parts pre-ordered if required. This example is not the future; it is happening today and shows how far we have come in terms of technology and the "things" that we interact with each day. This doesn't just a.

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