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BetaNews 08/30/2019 08:12
The UK government has always maintained that following Brexit, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be absorbed into UK law. This means that there will be no material changes to the data protection rules that organizations in the UK will need to follow. However, the French data protection regulator has recently said that in the event of a no-deal Brexit and absence of an adequacy decision, it will treat the UK like any other country that is outside the European Economic Area. In other words, it will treat the UK as a "third country." It’s likely that other EU…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 07:22
Microsoft ended support for Windows XP back in 2014, but it’s still to be found on 3 percent of the world's PCs, according to NetMarketShare. Many people still look back fondly on it, and for good reason. It was a huge step up from the gray, bland Windows versions that proceeded it. Although Microsoft does issue the very occasional update for XP, in the main it's now viewed as a relic from days gone by, and lacking many of the modern features we take for granted in Windows 10. But what if Microsoft updated it? YouTuber Kamer Kaan Avdan has…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 07:19
Three-hundred-and-fifty in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days. Microsoft is facing another European investigation over Windows 10 privacy concerns. Check out Mark's article for details. As always, if I've missed an app or game that has been released this week that you believe is particularly good, let me know in the comments below or notify me via email. Discounts this week The following list is a selection of the best deals. Make sure you check out the Store for…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 07:17
Bug bounty programs have become a popular way for developers to track down security issues in software, but big pay-outs are not something that every company can afford. In a bid to keep its Android platform secure, Google has announced that its own bug bounty program is being expanded to include all big Android apps, regardless of who develops them. The company will reward security researchers who find bugs in any app in the Google Play Store with 100 million or more installs. See also: Google security researcher warns that hackers are using malicious websites to exploit iOS flaws and…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 06:23
In an effort to reassure privacy advocates, Tesla announced that its new automobile insurance product for owners of the company’s popular electric vehicles will not use onboard sensor data from said vehicles in determining policy premiums. The fear was that the company would use the voluminous data collected by every Tesla Model 3, S or X to pre-judge the risk associated with specific drivers and penalize those who've demonstrated a propensity for speeding or other aggressive behavior. Most news outlets are reporting this as a win for consumers, another bit of pushback against our intrusive, surveillance-state of a world. But…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 05:41
Mozilla has released Thunderbird 68.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also released in portable and -- for the first time -- 64-bit form for Windows users, Thunderbird is Mozilla’s free and open-source email client. Version 68 unveils improvements to its App Menu, incorporates the options dialog into the main program window and offers improved attachment-handling features. Thunderbird 68 opens with a major update to its App Menu. It’s been reduced to a single pane -- users must now click a menu to access its sub-menu options, which slide into place. Icons have also been placed next to menu items to…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 05:36
Ever since computers were invented, people have made up stories about how they'd one day become smarter than the humans that made them. While that seemed impossible with the first mega computers that had limited functional capabilities, the idea of an independent computer system is becoming more real with the development of AI. AI, also known as artificial intelligence, has captured the fascination of people around the world. If it's developed correctly, it could be the next major technology transformation that the world undergoes. It would help many people and change lives, so what progress is being made? Recently, the…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 05:18
Microsoft is due to launch the second edition of its augmented reality headset next month. HoloLens 2 will go on sale in September, according to the executive vice president of the company's artificial intelligence and research group, Harry Shum. Shum was speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai when he made the revelation, finally bringing to an end speculation about when the device will see the light of day. See also: Open source champion Microsoft makes the Linux kernel better with exFAT Microsoft faces another European investigation over Windows 10 privacy concerns Microsoft and others join the Linux…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 05:15
A number of previous Windows 10 Insider builds from the 20H1 branch have featured a new "Cloud download" option in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) under Reset this PC. Despite the feature’s presence in these builds, Microsoft has yet to release a working version. That changes in the latest flight. Build 18970 allows users to download Windows over a high speed internet connection when resetting a PC. The option reinstalls the same build, version, and edition that's currently on your device. SEE ALSO: Microsoft faces another European investigation over Windows 10 privacy concerns Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18965…
BetaNews 08/30/2019 04:27
Hackers are using compromised websites to install "monitoring implants" on iPhones, warns a security researcher from Google's Project Zero. Taking advantage of vulnerabilities in iOS and Safari, hackers are able to target devices running everything from iOS 10 to iOS 12, accessing contacts, images and other data. It is claimed that the practice has been going on for years, and that "simply visiting the hacked site [is] enough for the exploit server to attack your device". See also: Apple apologizes for having contractors listen to Siri recordings and announces privacy changes Apple puts the kibosh on vulnerability that let iPhone…
BetaNews 08/29/2019 13:52
We all knew that Apple would be unveiling new iPhone smartphones next month, but now, we know the exact day -- September 10. Earlier today, Apple sent invitations to members of the press. Sadly, my invitation was lost in the mail. Once again, the product event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in the company's Cupertino, California "Apple Park" headquarters. Yes, this means Apple's announcement will happen nearly a month before Microsoft's upcoming Surface event. BetaNews can confirm there will be three iPhone sizes -- 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch. We can also confirm that the oft-rumored square camera bump is…
BetaNews 08/29/2019 09:58
Apple products are very elegantly designed, but they aren't known for being durable, nor are they free from defects. For instance, my iPhone 8 Plus had dead pixels out of the box -- I had to get a screen fix immediately. Later, my MacBook Pro -- which I have since sold -- developed a screen defect on its own. There are countless people that have dropped their Apple devices too (even from low heights) and had the the damn thing break. Apple stuff can be rather fragile. So, yeah, owning an Apple product means you sometimes have to visit the…
BetaNews 08/29/2019 08:59
New research from managed detection and response company CRITICALSTART finds that security operations center (SOC) analysts are being overwhelmed by alerts and this is leading to high rates of analyst turnover. In the past year, 80 percent of respondents reported SOC turnover of more than 10 percent of analysts, with nearly half reporting between 10 and 25 percent turnover. 35 percent report losing a quarter or more of their SOC analysts in under a year. The number of alerts is increasing, with 70 percent of respondents investigating 10 or more alerts each day (up from 45 percent last year) while…
BetaNews 08/29/2019 03:46
No, the Fairphone 3 is not really made from marijuana plant fibers -- but it might as well be. This misguided attempt to make a smartphone that "care[s] for people and planet" is nearly as ugly as that hemp "shirt" your Environmental Studies buddy used to wear in college. Clunky, with middling specs and a creepy, peek-a-boo-translucent backside, it's a phone that screams "virtue signal -- incoming!" I mean, why else would anyone buy this thing? Its aesthetic is reminiscent of every generic, first-generation slab phone ever built -- like someone took an Apple iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 13:49
I'm someone who uses both a Linux-based operating system and Windows 10 daily. You'd think I constantly run into roadblocks when working between them, but really, that couldn't be further from the truth. Actually, much of the software I use on Linux is also on Windows, such as GIMP, Google Chrome, and LibreOffice. One area where I have faced difficulty over the years, however, is working with different file systems for external drives. It is a common problem. Today, Microsoft announces it will make working between Linux and Windows 10 even easier. How, you ask? By publicly publishing the exFAT file…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 13:19
Following outcry over human "grading" of Siri recordings, Apple has issued an apology and promised that it will no longer retain recordings of interaction with the digital assistant unless given explicit permission. The company says that "we haven't been fully living up to our high ideals, and for that we apologize". Having suspended the human grading of Siri requests, Apple is now making fundamental changes to its privacy policy saying that only Apple employees will be able to listen to recordings, as opposed to contractors, and users will have to opt in for this to happen. See also: Apple puts…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 09:51
Only 24 percent of organizations are prioritizing security when it comes to technology investment according to a new report from UK-based software company Advanced. For the report the company surveyed over 500 senior decision makers working in UK businesses, both SMEs and large enterprises, to explore the state of digital transformation. It shows that just 34 percent admit that regulatory change is triggering the purchase of new technology in their organisation, which is surprisingly low given the introduction of GDPR in May last year. Justin Young, director of security and compliance at Advanced says: The GDPR should have been a…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 09:00
DDoS attacks remain a major problem for businesses and can have serious consequences. Data center services supplier US Signal is launching a new cloud-based offering. Building on the company’s partnership with Cloudflare it delivers a robust, customizable service that protects organizations against online threats including DDoS, ransomware, malicious bots and application-layer attacks. US Signal's new Website and Application Security Solution filters unwanted or malicious traffic before it reaches a customer network. This leads to cleaner web traffic and more effective use of resources, such as internet bandwidth and server capacity, which are needed to host applications and websites. Filtering controls,…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 08:42
The majority of people in the world are illiterate -- including myself. No, I am not talking about being unable to read or write English or another language, but instead, the inability to code. Look, not everyone needs coding skills -- many jobs don't require it. However, as the workforce changes, and blue collar jobs disappear to automation and robots, the ability to code will be essential. And so, it is highly recommended that young folks get into coding as soon as possible -- the younger the better. After all, even if they later choose a career that doesn't involve…
BetaNews 08/28/2019 06:32
The Magecart JavaScript attack that captures online payment information has been around since 2016. A new study for Arxan Technologies produced by Aite Group takes a detailed look at the attack. This research follows the trail of servers compromised by Magecart groups, as well as the collection servers to which the sites were actively sending stolen credit card data, in an effort to examine commonalities between victim websites and the tactics, techniques, and procedures used to compromise the servers. Arxan and Aite Group have also worked with federal law enforcement to notify the 80 victim sites discovered during this research as well as…

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