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Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 18:20
As competition for AUM growth among the world's largest ETF managers has intensified over the past few years, triggering a 'race to the bottom' in passive-fund fees, many suspected that it was only a matter of time before a fund manager hit upon the genius marketing tactic of simply offering investors in a fledgling fund payment for AUM. That finally came to pass last week, when the hitherto unknown Salt Financial introduced a new low-volatility equity ETF by offering to pay out 50 cents for every $1,000 invested in the fund until it hits $100 million AUM (alternatively, the offer would apply to all funds invested before April 30, 2020, whichever comes first). The hope is that investors will be so happy with their returns (or at least indif.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 18:00
Authored by Lee Friday via The Mises Institute,. In most countries, numerous government welfare programs provide benefits (often means-tested) to eligible recipients. Whether these payments arise from unemployment compensation, child tax credits, old age pensions, or a myriad of other programs, the outcome is the same: recipients receive guaranteed payments. The ultimate goal of many poverty warriors is a Universal Basic Income (UBI), often promoted as a supposedly cheaper alternative to the numerous welfare programs it is intended to replace. The UBI is a guaranteed income from the government which varies with age, but is otherwise unconditional. It is not means tested, which means everyone receives the same Basic Income, regardless of thei.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 17:40
How much would Zerohedge readers spend for a dirty-looking pair of sneakers? Well, these new stylish shoes from Gucci aren't dirty nor originate from the slums of San Francisco streets, but they were designed and manufactured in Italy to have a " distressed " appearance (perhaps they did not qualify for the ECB's QE). Looking poor in fashion is hip this year and the only way to pull it off apparently is to spend nearly $1000 for a pair of poor-looking sneakers. Considering that wealth inequality in the developed world is the widest in modern history, so maybe Gucci is making a statement, or better yet, giving the elites an expensive taste of what it's like to be poor. Although the most likely answer is that the company is merely maximizing
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 17:20
Authored by Jeff Charles via,. Dems getting creative in amending federal election laws, but will it backfire? Well, you’ve got to hand it to them. The progressive left continues to find new and creative ways to ensure that President Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2020. At the state level, Democratic politicians are taking actions, such as passing legislation supporting the National Popular Vote compact, that are designed to prevent Republicans from maintaining control of the White House. The Washington state senate has passed a measure that could keep the president off the ballot if the house also passes the bill. Illinois is also considering similar legislation. But will it succeed? Washington Seeks To Bar Trump From Ba.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 17:00
Yesterday we presented the sad story of one quant whose algos had stopped working as a result of massive overcrowding in a handful of trading strategies. There was a silver lining: despite having to change his strategies, he was - well - a quant. Which is great, considering that life for "old school" fundamental traders is orders of magnitude worse these days. Consider what Sandy Rattray, CIO of London-based quant giant Man Group, said at the AI and Data Science in Trading conference Tuesday in New York, who slammed the legacy asset management industry, which he said is "kicking and screaming" as it’s forced to adapt to quantitative trading while managers who ignore it face irrelevance. Rattray also compared traditional money managers with
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 16:40
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,. The Trump administration is working to overthrow the government of Venezuela. They are not at this time doing this by military invasion, nor by funneling thousands of armed militants into the country, nor even solely with starvation sanctions and CIA ops. The first and foremost means of overthrowing Venezuela’s government currently being utilized by the United States government is the low-risk, low-cost plan to simply control the stories that everyone tells themselves about who is in charge in Venezuela. Adept manipulators understand that humans are storytelling animals. The only thing keeping the powerful powerful, keeping money operating the way it operates, and keeping government running the
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 16:21
While it should not come as a surprise following news that a grand jury subpoena - which listed the Justice Department’s criminal division listed as a contact - had been sent to Boeing and the FAA, scrutinizing the development of Boeing 737 MAX jetliners and in particular whether corners had been cut with its anti-stall (MCAS) system, moments ago Boeing stuck tumbled when the Seattle Times reported that the FBI has joined the criminal investigation into the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX, "lending its considerable resources to an inquiry already being conducted by U.S. Department of Transportation agents.".
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 16:01
This is what it looks like when doves cry... The Fed folded entirely to the market today, slashing its rate trajectory dramatically lower nearer the market's implied dovishness... Bloomberg's Ye Xie noted that if we take the dot plot at face value (which, mind you, may not be a wise thing to do), then it seems the Fed will hold rates steady this year before raising one more time in 2020. If that pans out, it would be unprecedented. Since the 1970s, there have been three times when the Fed held rates steady for more than a year after raising them in the previous three months: 2006, 2000 and 1997. Invariably, the next move was a rate cut. However, the market has shifted even more dovish, pricing in almost an entire rate-cut in 2019 now... Sto.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 15:06
Authored by Michael Lebowitz via,. We asked a few friends what the picture below looks like, and most told us they saw a badly drawn bird with a wide open beak. Based on the photograph below our colorful bird, they might be on to something. As you might suspect, this article is not about our ability to graph a bird using Excel. The graph represents the current bull market and economic cycle as told by the yield curve and investor sentiment. As the picture is almost complete, the bird provides a clue to where we are in the current cycle and when the next cycle may begin. For investors, one of the most important pieces of information is understanding where we are in the economic cycle as it offers a critical gauge in r.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 14:44
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) revealed that "sitting ambassadors" were involved in a plot to "take down" President Trump. Sitting down with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett, Meadows said that the release of new documents will "show" that US ambassadors conspired with the DOJ , reports the Washington Examiner . "It's additional information that is coming out that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down ," said Meadows. "We talk about the 'Deep State.' There are players now, even ambassadors, that are sitting ambassadors that were involved in part of this with the FBI-DOJ.". "
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 14:27
Some were convinced there was no way Powell could surprise markets dovishly. They were wrong. And to get a sense of just how dovish the Fed's statement was, look no further than the yield curve where everything to the left of the 7Y Treasury (and even that is in danger), is now inverted to the effective Fed Funds rate (2.40%), with 2Y and 3Y yields tumbling to 2.326%, and 5Y 2.3858%. Needless to say this is a nightmare for banks, whose Net Interest Margin just got crushed. It also means that indeed as some were worried, the Fed may indeed know something about the economy that nobody else does, at least judging by the panicked bid for safety.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 14:25
Remember early December? The Fed was excitedly projecting multiple rate-hikes, a strong economy, resurgent inflation and "Buy Stocks, Sell Bonds" was the hidden message from behind the curtain. And then - all of a sudden - stocks crashed, bond yields tumbled and Jay Powell and his Fed followers pivoted more aggressively than any Fed in history - gushing a narrative that prompter the market to. So the question is, dear Mr.Powell, who do you think is right? The bond market (with its weak growth outlook and forward-priced low rates for longer) or the stock market (resurgent on multiple expansion in the face of collapsing earnings and macro data?)... Chair Powell is expected to start speaking at 1430ET...
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 14:04
The Fed has some 'splaining to do. The market is pricing in 16bps of rate-cuts in 2019 while they are forecasting - at last call - 2 rate-hikes... One of the big issues the Fed's wrestling with is what constitutes neutral, and while there's a lot of false precision in the r* framework, by one popular measure the funds rate is already bang on neutral. Bloomberg notes that if we compare the real policy rate (deflated by the core PCE price index) with the Laubach-Williams estimate of the real neutral rate, we find a perfect match. And furthermore, 10Y yields have been glued to the Fed's long-term dot-plot rate forecast since the start of 2018... Expectations are that the FOMC will maintain its more dovish "patient" stance and shift from two hi.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 13:50
According to a survey by human resources consultancy Robert Half, around half of U.S. employees are potentially distracted by the March Madness colleague basketball tournament starting this week . 49 percent of employees admitted in a survey to being distracted at work by sports in general. Surprisingly, as Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes , managers are not extremely worried about this kind of behavior during March Madness, when many workplaces organize their own bracket competitions. More than half thought that college football improved productivity and 72 percent said it improved employee morale. You will find more infographics at Statista. The most common way to celebrate March Madness was to engage in bracket and other competitions,
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 13:10
President Trump on Wednesday said that he does not mind if the public is allowed to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller's upcoming report following nearly two years of investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Mueller is expected to send the report to Attorney General William Barr soon, according to Reuters, though Trump told reporters while leaving for his trip to Ohio that he has no idea when it will be released. In exchange with reporters while leaving the WH for his trip to Ohio, Pres Trump said he has no idea when the Mueller report will be released.
Zero Hedge 03/20/2019 12:25
Earlier today, we published a complete preview of what to expect from today's FOMC announcement, and how to trade it. Now courtesy of Goldman, here is a proposed red-line statement that lays out what the Fed is most likely to say today (see bottom of post). But first, recall that in order to justify its "powerful dovish pivot", the Fed will have to trim its economic outlook for 2019 and perhaps 2020 (while naturally blaming "external factors"), but not too much, lest traders panic about the economy. As a result, Goldman said that it expects only modest changes to the Committee’s economic projections, and believes the 2019 growth forecast will decline two-tenths to 2.1%, and the 2020 forecast is likely to decline one-tenth to 1.9%. The bank'

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