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The Vox 07/20/2019 22:36
Marvel Studios. Thor 4! Black Widow! Doctor Strange 2! And so, so much more. For the first time in years we finally have an idea of what Marvel Studios has planned for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio revealed its upcoming schedule during its Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday night, announcing at least 10 projects to expect over the next two years. The biggest revelations include the news that Natalie Portman will wield Thor’s hammer; Mahershala Ali will star in a new Blade project; and a confirmation from Marvel that it’s working on movies featuring some of the studio’s recently acquired characters. Marvel’s business plan and marketing strategy has long been to hype what’s next, with much of that hyp.
The Vox 07/20/2019 16:02
Three protesters call for Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images. Two scandals have led to more than a week of protests calling for Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation. Thousands of protesters demonstrated in the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico Saturday, marking the eighth straight day of rallies calling for the resignation of the island’s governor. The crowds show no sign of ebbing, and analysts say that the protests are quickly becoming in the US territory’s modern history. The protests arose in response to the in which Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his inner circle make light of the casualties caused by Hurricane Maria and disparage political opponents using vulgar, homophobic, and sexist lang.
The Vox 07/20/2019 11:44
Yazidi activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad speaks to Donald Trump. | Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images. President Trump displayed awkwardness and ignorance throughout a meeting with refugees. In a meeting with victims of religious persecution on Wednesday, President Donald Trump repeatedly appeared to be unaware of many of the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises. Trump met with more than two dozen survivors of religious conflict, a few of whom told their stories — and made impassioned entreaties for aid — directly to the president. As he asked questions of his guests, the president seemed to reveal a stark lack of familiarity with the fundamental details of problems faced by Rohingya in Myanmar, Uighurs in C.
The Vox 07/20/2019 10:05
The face of a man who’s definitely a Hanzo main. | HBO. Game of Thrones turned Bran Stark into a tired geek power fantasy — at its own expense. ’ left many fans disappointed with what they viewed as , or sloppy writing that abandoned many of the show’s . Among the most hotly debated, even confusing choices the show made was the issue of who would finally rule what was left of Westeros. After the dust cleared, the answer was ... . It’s true that Bran is an interesting choice, in that he isn’t a hyper-masculine character; unlike other contenders for the throne, like Jon or even Tyrion, he’s never fought in a battle. His abilities are entirely mental and intellectual rather than physical, as he’s lost the use of his legs. He’s portrayed as a “s.
The Vox 07/20/2019 09:10
An attempt to break the world record for number of participants in an Ice Bucket Challenge, Endicott College, 2016. | John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty Images. Five years later, the ALS Association tells us how they spent the money. Five years ago, a viral challenge swept the United States: Record a video of yourself getting a bucket of ice dumped on your head, and/or donate money to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rare neurodegenerative disease. Among the millions who participated included Justin Bieber, LeBron James, , , , and George Bush; Barack Obama dodged the ice bucket but donated. More than 2.4 million videos were tagged on Facebook as part of the challenge, and made its way to the ALS Association — twice as much
The Vox 07/20/2019 09:00
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. A moralist gets a taste of his own medicine. In early June, Sen. Bernie Sanders traveled to Walmart’s annual shareholder meeting to confront company executives over their moral culpability for the low incomes of many of the company’s employees. "Walmart is the largest private employer in America and is owned by the Walton family, the wealthiest family in the United States," .
The Vox 07/20/2019 08:30
Neil Armstrong’s A-7L lunar spacesuit from Apollo 11 mission on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum July 19, 2019 in Washington, DC. | Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images. And the rest of the week’s best writing on books and related subjects. Welcome to Vox’s weekly book link roundup, a curated selection of the internet’s best writing on books and related subjects. Here’s the best the web has to offer for the week of July 14, 2019. When Buzz Aldrin flew to the moon 50 years ago, he took a tiny book with him. :. When Buzz Aldrin embarked 50 years ago on his historic voyage to the moon aboard Apollo 11, he packed a tiny, credit-card-sized book, “The Autobiography of Robert Hutchings Goddard, Father of the Space Age.”Goddard, who was a
The Vox 07/20/2019 08:00
This convict cichlid fish is more emotionally complex than you might think. | De Agostini via Getty Images. A study finds that when some fish lose their chosen mates, they become more pessimistic. We humans like to think we’re special creatures. We have rich emotional landscapes that are far more complex than those of, say, fish. Right? A recent shows that fish are more emotionally complex than we give them credit for. Scientists at the University of Burgundy in France studied one called the convict cichlid, a monogamous fish species that forms long-lasting pairs. They found that when female cichlids lose their chosen mates, they become glum and more pessimistic about the world. It turns out emotional attachment to a partner is not unique to.
The Vox 07/20/2019 07:00
Former South Carolina Republican lawmaker Mark Sanford is thinking about challenging Trump for president. | Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call. Sanford wants me to ask him about the deficit with more “passion” in my voice. South Carolina Republican Mark Sanford sees a hurricane coming and he’s scared nobody cares. “I know it’s a pleasant day on the coast of South Carolina right now, but this thing is coming our way, will be here in a short time, might we not want to have a conversation about this?” Sanford told me in a Thursday morning interview. He’s not talking about a literal hurricane. He’s not even talking broadly about a climate crisis. This is a political storm. (And as far as political storms go, Sanford isn’t directly talking about President D.
The Vox 07/20/2019 00:01
Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars. | Hulu. About that Veronica Mars ending …. Okay: Hulu’s Veronica Mars season four has been out for eight hours now. You’ve had a chance to watch it and fully freak out. It’s time to talk about the ending. If you have not yet watched every episode of the new season of Veronica Mars , including the finale, and you don’t want to be spoiled, please close this window now. Because some major stuff happens at the end of this season, and we’re about to unpack it. Here’s what happens in the finale of Veronica Mars. One of the most talked-about storylines in the original run of was Veronica’s turbulent romance with troubled bad boy Logan Echolls. The TV show saw them break up and get back together repeatedly, but by the en.
The Vox 07/19/2019 20:00
Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images. Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world. Sign up for the , delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the for past editions. The House votes to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade; Pompeo calls out China’s detainment of Muslims as a “stain of the century.”A step toward a $15 minimum wage. Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images. The House passed a bill on Thursday that would raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2025. []. The Raise the Wage Act was Democrats’ centerpiece agenda when they claimed the House; the same cannot be said for Republicans, who branded the bill a “job killer.” The vote passed along party.
The Vox 07/19/2019 17:10
Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images. Plus: A new report tracks the spreading use of facial recognition technology across the US. According to Vox, Instagram has been running this experiment in Canada and is now rolling it out to users in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.
The Vox 07/19/2019 17:10
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross announced on July 18, 2019, that 13 officers will be fired for racist and violent Facebook posts. The firing comes as fallout continues from a report of offensive social media activity from officers in several police departments. | Matt Rourke/AP. Philadelphia is firing 13 officers for racist Facebook posts. Other departments could soon follow. The Philadelphia police department announced on Thursday that for social media posts that advocated violence and included racist, misogynistic, and homophobic remarks about African Americans, Muslim Americans, and other groups. over the posts. The announcement comes a little over a month after an from BuzzFeed News and Injustice Watch, a nonprofit Chicago-
The Vox 07/19/2019 17:00
Cats, the musical and now the movie, is a trippy delight — but it doesn’t have to be confusing. If you’re not familiar with the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats — or even if you are — then you probably have many, many questions after glimpsing December’s film adaptation, whose this week. Sporting a surprising, A-list cast including Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Rebel Wilson, and Idris Elba, the film has been helmed by Les Miserables director Tom Hooper with, apparently, all the subtlety of original Cats star . But as weird as the trailer is, with its blurry CGI fur, oversized set pieces, and completely literal, straight-faced commitment to the concept of singing cats, there’s one very important thing.
The Vox 07/19/2019 16:40
Astronaut Ed White goes on his historic spacewalk. | Courtesy of NASA, June 1965. 3 surprising true stories about television’s role in one of the most famous moments in history. The is one of the most famous events in human history. When it was broadcast on TV in July 1969 — July 20 in some parts of the world and July 21 in others — 500 million people around the globe watched it, and . The footage of Neil Armstrong taking those first steps 50 years ago is so famous that it must be hard to find anything new to say about it. Right? Well, the new three-part does have some new information to share about the moon landing. The series goes all the way back to the roots of the American space program in the 1940s to trace the story of the space race
The Vox 07/19/2019 16:35
Astronaut ice cream is a lie. |. That chalky space ice cream you got at the gift shop? It is a crumbly con. Any space-enthused kid has endured the crumbly, chalky agglomeration of flavors known as "astronaut ice cream." We deal with it because of the supposed connection to the lives of real space explorers. The only problem is that astronaut ice cream is a lie. As the above video shows, this legendary children's treat has a surprisingly murky history. The case against astronaut ice cream. Phil Edwards/Vox. Apollo 7 is identified by as the only flight to harbor the chalky ice cream. When I asked astronaut , the sole surviving member of the crew, about it, he said, "We never had that stuff." As you can hear above, he said that years later, when
The Vox 07/19/2019 16:30
2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang at the first Democratic debate on June 27, 2019. | Al Diaz/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images. Big Tech’s consolidation is hurting innovation, Yang says, but just saying “break them up” is a “20th century approach to [a] 21st century problem.”2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s best-known policy proposal is his version of universal basic income, a called the Freedom Dividend. But on the latest episode of Recode Decode with Kara Swisher , Yang opened up about how, if elected, he would seek to regulate the big tech corporations that have made UBI more appealing for some voters. Notably, unlike his competitor Senator Elizabeth Warren, Yang — a former lawyer, entrepreneur, and the founder of the nonp.
The Vox 07/19/2019 16:20
Elizabeth Warren just rolled out her latest plan to take on Wall Street. Her target: private equity. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. The Massachusetts Democrat says she wants to stop “Wall Street looting.”has a plan for the private equity industry — and they’re probably not going to like it. For workers at the now-defunct , , and , had her plan already been enacted, it could have made a difference. This week, the Massachusetts Democrat unveiled the latest plank of her “” proposal to push American companies to operate in a fairer way and focus more on the interests of workers and consumers, this time with a focus on Wall Street. In a , she laid out various ideas for ways to end Wall Street’s “stranglehold” on the economy. “To raise wages, he.
The Vox 07/19/2019 16:00
Income inequality is inescapable on the streets of San Francisco. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. “The CEO tax targets just what people want to be targeting.”America is riven by enormous . Should Silicon Valley’s very richest pay to make that better? That’s the question behind an intriguing and politically timely new proposal that San Francisco lawmakers plan to put before voters next spring and that could lead to similar efforts across the country: A second-of-its-kind attempt to tax the companies that are paying their CEOs too much and their workers too little. The proposal bridges many of the big ideas coursing through the progressive bloodstream during the presidential campaign: that careens from scandal to scandal; a disgust with the y.

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