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Boing Boing 11/14/2019 20:52
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have pledged universal, free broadband and a nationwide fibre buildout by 2030 if elected; they plan to renationalise parts of BT and tax Big Tech to pay for the fibre rollout. BT under private ownership has been a catastrophe, especially the privatised, spun-out installation business Openreach, whose bureaucratic incompetence, arrogance, hostility and sheer, pig-headed idiocy make them seem like something out of a poorest-quality farce comedy.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 19:45
Often remembered but rarely seen: The Star Wars Holiday Special is a variety show most remarkable for how unenthusiastic, or inebriated, the cast was. It is currently viewable on YouTube. Recently referenced in The Mandalorian , Life Day is Wookie Christmas; apparently uncelebrated for 41 years. I have a friend who is still grousing that the Hulk was held up for this genre mash-up nonpareil. Pretty sure shitty Life Day presents is how we got Kylo Ren.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 19:27
Oops. Awkward. An Italian council was flooded immediately after rejecting new measures to address the climate crisis that threatens to sink the city, and wreak havoc throughout the world. The regional council of Veneto is situated on Venice's Grand Canal. On Tuesday night, the office flooded for the first time in its history, right after rejecting measures to fight climate change. Here is a . . Reporting :. And the council chamber in Ferro Fini Palace started to take in water around 10 p.m. local time, as councilors were debating the 2020 regional budget, Democratic Party councilor Andrea Zanoni said in a long Facebook post. "Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority League, Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia partie.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 19:15
Spoiler: The idea is you want to get to day two, alive. “How you going to beat up a man gifting you handmade seasonal accessories?”Excellent advice on all the things you should definitely not do on your first day in prison. This character is priceless, as is his advice, may you never need it. From , starring Grizz Chapman. More: , ,. []
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 19:00
Microsoft just won a $10 billion so-called “war cloud” contract with Donald Trump's administration for Pentagon cloud-based computing. Amazon wanted that $10 billion Pentagon contract, and the company run by Jeff Bezos plans to dispute the contract process, claiming “unmistakable bias.”Donald Trump has long made a sport of mocking Amazon founder and Washington Post newspaper owner Jeff Bezos, and Jeff Bezos is well aware of this. Amazon filed a formal protest in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which deals with financial claims against the federal government, :. Amazon’s competitive bid for the “war cloud” project drew criticism from President Donald Trump and its business rivals. The project, formally called the Joint Enterprise Defense I.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 19:00
Sous vide cooking: It sounds fancy, but it's actually one of the easiest and most reliable ways to cook. It's the reason why many restaurants are able to put out delicious dishes with a consistent flavor. All you need is the right equipment, and that hasn't always been available to those outside the resto crowd. Now that the secret is out on sous vide, gadgets like the are letting home chefs prepare their meals in a whole new way. Sous vide is French for "under vacuum," and that's the secret to the consistency. To use this device, all you do is put your beef, poultry or seafood into an airtight bag, then drop it into a pot of water. Clamp the cooker onto the side, select your temperature on the LED display, and wait. It's that easy to get y.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 18:34
PayPal on Thursday says it has halted payment support for models with PornHub, the online adult site, after Paypal says it found that Pornhub made certain payments without PayPal's permission. "Following a review, we have discovered that PornHub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 18:09
A federal court ruled today that an atheist gentleman from Kentucky should be permitted to get a personalized license plate from the state with the phrase “IM GOD” on it. The man is committed to his cause -- this only took three years of legal fighting. from a U.S. District Court in Frankfort, Kentucky. The and fought on his behalf, and won. From :. Court documents show Ben Hart, a self-identified atheist, set out to get the Kentucky plate in 2016. But Hart’s request was denied by the state transportation department on the basis it violated antidiscrimination guidelines. News outlets report similar plates had been approved before, including “TRYGOD” and “NOGOD.”Kentucky’s American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundati.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 17:35
Wow. This person paints amazing art on Vans sneakers for friends and family, and it's truly amazing. “I’ve hand painted a bunch of Vans for friends and family,” says IMGURian @. “Figured I’d share! Hope you enjoy.”They don't seem to have an online business, or any interest in creating one. But I'd totally buy a pair! [via ]
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 17:21
The first rule of kindness club is be kind. This is a seriously impressive . “The world is better because of you, Mr. Rogers,” says IMGURIAN . “I am a better person because of you.”Like him, I also grew up watching Fred Rogers and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on PBS. As did pretty much everyone my GenX age. Actor Mister Rogers in the new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” in which he stars as the kind man from TV with whom my generation grew up. Here's the movie trailer. [via ]
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 16:38
My kids draw every day. I try to join them for an hour or so on the weekends. We store our pencils in these Lihit Lab Teffa "book style" pencil cases (Currently on Amazon). Mine contains my pencils, charcoals, lead holder, erasers, snap-blade knife, and reading glasses. It's not large, but it's designed with "pages" to hold your stuff efficiently. Pens and pencils fit behind straps, and smaller stuff can be stashed in the mesh pouches. My sketches:
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 16:36
Whose house? Nancy's house. The Speaker stopped a speech to explain what "exculpatory" means to the national dolt. Holy crap. 😂 Nancy Pelosi stopping her statement to the press and taking a moment to explain what the word "exculpatory" means to Trump is a whooooooleass mood. 💀💀💀— Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan)
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 15:12
Two students were killed and several more injured Thursday in a mass shooting at a California high school. A suspect is in custody, . The victims are 16 and 14 years old, according to the report. The shooter is 16 years old and is in critical condition; police say he shot himself. Detectives reviewed video from the scene which showed the gunman in the quad of Saugus High School in Santa Clarita when he took a gun from his backpack, shot five people and then shot himself in the head, authorities said. The early morning school shooting was on the suspect's birthday, authorities said. The surviving victims are a 14-year-old girl, a 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 14:28
("Genetic Evasion") is a project from the University of Maryland's ("a lab dedicated to scaling-up undergraduate research in computer and network security"); in a at the ACM's Conference on Computer and Communications Security, a trio of Maryland researchers and a UC Berkeley colleague present their work on evolutionary algorithms as a means of defeating state-level network censorship. Geneva develops countermeasures to deep-packet-inspection-based censorship systems that monitor network traffic for forbidden keywords and use packet-injection to break connections to forbidden resources. Geneva's approach is typical of genetic algorithms: drawing on an arsenal of evasion techniques, Geneva attempts to circumvent filters, and the techniques t.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 14:24
was one of the last bizarre wonders of the Internet, a 64-bit operating system , in pursuit of singular religious goals. Davis was mentally ill and . The BBC's Elizabeth Ann Duffy : "Perhaps we shouldn't think of TempleOS as a technical achievement, but an artistic one.". When a homeless man was accidentally killed by a train on the 11/08/18 in The Dalles, Oregon, no one realised how many people it would effect. The man was a computer programmer called Terry Davis and he was on a mission from God. He'd designed an entire operating system called Temple OS and according to Terry its creation had been a direct instruction from God himself. As a fellow programmer explained it, 'you can imagine how over time one man might build a house, but this
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 13:54
A double whammy for those who use .org domains: ICANN , and then the registry in control was . While Internet Society might not have wanted to raise prices, a private equity company surely will try to maximize the value of the registry. In a release about the deal, Internet Society noted:. "Today’s news has tremendous benefits for both the Internet Society and PIR.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 13:10
Graphic designer Reagan Ray compiled more than 100 logos of videogame consoles from 1976 to 2017. (Just a handful seen above.) Oh how I miss the days of the, um, Fairchild Channel F and the Bandai Playdia. Ray writes:. This list covers the second (1976) through eighth (present) generation consoles. According to Wikipedia, there were 687 first-generation consoles produced, so I decided that was a rabbit hole I didn't want to enter. I had fun designing the page to look like an old video game ad or one of those posters that came in Nintendo Power. The TV screen borders even made me nostalgic for playing games on an old crappy 19-inch TV. (
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 13:01
In 2016, Bennie L. Hart applied for a vanity license plate emblazoned with "IM GOD." The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet refused to issue the plate, apparently because it was related to religion. With the support of the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Hart took the matter to court. And finally, U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove ruled that the First Amendment limits the state's power to put the kibosh on the plate. From :. (The judge wrote) that courts have ruled that such plates convey a “personalized message with intrinsic meaning … specific to the owner.” Even the state’s own statute establishing the program describes such plates as consisting of “personal letters or numbers significant to the applicant,” the judg.
Boing Boing 11/14/2019 12:43
NBC News, as many people as loudly saying, can "" for publishing an item that claims the impeachment hearings . But what if NBC reporter Jonathan Allen was not in fact a towering smarmy moron but had simply made a typographical error? Because when you think about it, is it not true that the impeachment hearings could do with more Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian demon king of the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms?

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