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Westerner 08/19/2019 07:50
Ranching in the rough New Mexico desert is a delicate balance. “It only takes a year or two to wreck a ranch in this desert environment, and it can take generations to get it back,” said Mike Mechenbier, who owns Four Daughters Land and Cattle Company, south of Los Lunas. Western Landowners Alliance recently hosted a tour of Four Daughters as part of its summer Stewardship in Action series. WLA executive director and former rancher Lesli Allison said the tours allow ranchers to show they care about the environment and are practicing sustainable agriculture profitably. “Ranchers and landowners speak from a place of experience,” Allison said. “They know the land and look at the world in a different way. If anyone can fix the environment, it’s.
Westerner 08/18/2019 12:27
The legend of 20 Tricks. Julie Carter The story has been told around campfires, roping arenas, beer coolers and white tablecloth restaurants with an ongoing hilarity that is enhanced only by knowing the players personally. It was the early '90s, California and a cowboy and his bride had been to a high-fallutin' paint horse sale. Conversation, a barbeque and alcohol energized the crowd and encouraged hand raising and check writing. Paul had been drinking some, but not a lot, and his wife Ineta had only a beer before they left the party and headed home. Paul was driving when they were pulled over by the flashing blue and red lights, with a second patrol car behind the first. The police officer told Paul he was speeding and also noted the open
Westerner 08/18/2019 12:26
Of Coyotes and Coyotés. Binary Choice. Environmental Enganchadores. By Stephen L. Wilmeth. A vote that supports local customs, culture, and the agriculture economy by the Dona Ana County Board of Commissioners was not expected. For the record, it would be hard to point to a single action over the last decade that could be identified as pro ag by that domination of verdant liberals.
Westerner 08/18/2019 12:25
Lynne parked her car in the little lot behind Cookies Du Moi. It was an odd little corner of Salt Lake City mixing pawn shops, liquor stores with barred windows and an invasion of upscale pastel-colored urban grazing and knick-knack shops. Small stores with cute names offering yogurt, dried flowers in a basket, ducks wearing bonnets and specialty bagels that cost more than a five-pound pot roast. New Age music drifted into the street. Lynne noticed a shabbily dressed man working his way around parked cars, peering in windows and under bumpers. She locked her car and entered Cookies Du Moi. “There’s a man out in the parking lot acting suspicious. He might be trying to break into a car,” reported Lynne. The lady behind the counter was casuall.
Westerner 08/18/2019 12:25
PETA has declared victory in their battle over fur and now they want to go to war over wool. I guess no one has told PETA that you don’t have to kill a sheep to get its wool like you have to kill a mink to get its fur. PETA wants folks to wear only “vegan wool” but isn’t it already? PETA is going after wool because they say there’s a great deal of abuse and inhumane treatment in harvesting wool and I’d agree with them 100%. You see, I was a part-time sheep shearer in my younger days and I gotta tell you, shearing sheep was the hardest work I’ve ever done and my body took the most abuse of any job I’ve ever had. To the sheep it was like getting a haircut but to me it was like being in a big washing machine in the spin cycle for three hours.
Westerner 08/13/2019 11:13
An undercover sting operation spanning two continents led to the arrest of an alleged international reptile smuggler last week, who now faces charges in federal court. Prosecutors say the man had hundreds of protected freshwater turtles shipped from Florida to Hong Kong over the course of at least 18 months. Authorities apprehended Nai Chun Vincent Cheung, 54, the buyer of the reptiles, in California on Aug. 8. He is accused of conspiracy, smuggling, and violating the Lacey Act, a 1900 US law that bans trafficking in illegal wildlife. The case, obtained by Quartz, involves three vulnerable turtle species, one threatened iguana, and a confidential informant with a secret that took law enforcement by surprise... What is your job, Daddy? Why c.
Westerner 08/13/2019 08:59
Many of us give ourselves a pat on the back for remembering our reusable coffee cup. However, the average person is not using their cup enough times before forgetting about it or throwing it away, according to Caroline Wood, a PhD researcher in food security at the University of Sheffield. A reusable cup would need to be used between 20 and 100 times in order to have lower emissions than a disposable cup, she writes in a piece for . This is because more greenhouse emissions are released when making a durable product, and also because they need to be washed between uses...
Westerner 08/13/2019 02:13
Conservative commentator , a longtime NRA advocate once featured as an “” in an ad campaign, said she has quit the organization in an emotional call for stronger gun control laws. “I am so sick and tired of participating in this predictable cycle of politics, where a mass shooting happens, the left calls for new gun laws ― some meaningful, some unproductive ― the right yells ‘slippery slope’ and hides behind the Constitution,” she said on her show on Saturday. “Nothing happens, nothing changes,” she said. “And with the next mass shooting, we do it all over again.”Cupp spoke a week after 31 people were killed in two mass shootings in , and , which came a week after three people were killed in . She said that in the past, she’s defended the N.
Westerner 08/12/2019 17:04
The Trump administration on Monday announced it has finalized a controversial rollback of protections for endangered species, including allowing economic factors to be weighed before adding an animal to the list. The Interior Department regulations would dramatically scale back America’s landmark conservation law, limiting protections for threatened species, how factors like climate change can be considered in listing decisions and the review process used before projects are approved on their habitat. Going forward, the Endangered Species Act will no longer offer the same protections for threatened species — those at risk of becoming extinct in the foreseeable future — as those that are already endangered. Monday’s rule finalizes an earlier.
Westerner 08/12/2019 15:14
The is one of the more recent screeds against William Perry Pendley's appointment to the BLM. In this case the authors represent three different state wildlife federations. The piece contains the usual environmental bromides of preservation versus development, but the primary cudgel aimed at Pendley is his The heart of their argument against Pendley is the following:. Our question is, why would we even consider letting someone run the BLM, or any government agency, when his “personal opinions” are at odds with the law? Applying that particular criteria would have meant most of Obama's appointees to the Dept. of Interior shouldn't have been appointed. Think how ridiculous that concept is. You must agree with every federal law on the books or
Westerner 08/11/2019 17:56
Turning 16 - Life for the cowboy-kid is still good. By Julie Carter He was only 6 years old when he first hit newsprint; a hazard of having a mother who is a writer. The story titled "Life doesn't get any better than this" told of the country-boy things that filled his days. Like most ranch kids, this young cowboy's days (when not in kindergarten) were peppered with activities involving dogs, horses, cattle and miles in a feed pickup or in the shop learning guy stuff like welding and fixing broken vehicles. The remoteness of the ranch sheltered him from the cutting edge of the "normal" '90s kid-life. Power Rangers and Nintendo were the rage and he knew nothing of either. His TV viewing left him thinking that the Lone Ranger and Scooby Doo we.
Westerner 08/11/2019 17:56
Tough, but Denigrated. Drought. Schedule of Events. By Stephen L. Wilmeth. The doppler has been a continuum of disappointment. The promise of El Nino summer conditions was bought hook, line and sinker. Forecasters promised above normal rainfall, but as mid-August arrives, there are pastures that have zero accumulations. The older cows, still around as a result of the promise of rain, cows that should have been sold, are only weaker and less likely to raise that last calf to add to a last hoorah. The national drought monitor doesn’t yet show the conditions that contribute to the mood, but that will change. Short of war there is nothing as frightening as drought. Freddie McCauley once told me there comes a time when you can’t gather cattle. Indee.
Westerner 08/11/2019 17:56
Life is just a bowl of cherries to a first rate feedlot hand,. All the gates swing free and easy, every day’s precisely planned. The boss is always pleasant and lavish with his praise. And when your wife demands it, you get another raise. The pickup that you’re furnished came off the showroom floor,. The horses all are gentle and facilities top drawer,. The alleys lay so perfect when you’re pushin’ to the scale. You only need to set one gate then put’em in the mail! The feed truck drivers thank you and insist you’re always right. And when you have to block their way, they’re patient and polite. Plus, loadin’ fats is easy through you’re tired as you can be. ‘Cause the truckers all are helpful...
Westerner 08/11/2019 17:41
I’m getting sick and tired of vegans and vegetarians bragging about all the famous people down through history who were vegetarians for at least part of their lives. I’ll admit it’s a pretty impressive list: Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, Martina Navaratilova and Leonardo de Vinci. Although there’s some question about Leonardo because he wrote everything down in notebooks including his shopping lists which seem to have always included meat. And he wasn’t afraid to use paints made with chicken eggs, which seems like the only good use for them I can think of. The tofu-eaters brag less about other famous vegetarians like Mike Tyson.
Westerner 08/11/2019 12:32
Tommy Lee is the new voice of the American Left. The drummer for Mötley Crüe and laid out in florid terms his plans for what the Left will do in a few years to the 47% of America that voted for President Trump. Lee’s essay, posted on Twitter Friday morning, began “You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again because we are going to pay you back so f---ing hard for all of this shit." Lee’s proposals, including taxing churches out of business and throwing condoms out of planes at noncoastal Americans, were creative, and his language was colorful. But the basic notion — that Trump supporters deserve to suffer — is mainstream these days. Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, the brother of presidential candidate Julián
Westerner 08/11/2019 03:15
Asma Khalid Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a sweeping gun control plan Saturday with the goal of reducing gun deaths by 80% through executive action and legislation. Announcing her plan, Warren said the first step toward meeting her goal is immediate administrative action, which includes a range of ideas such as requiring background checks, investigating the NRA, and revoking licenses for gun dealers who break the law. She is also reiterating her desire to eliminate the filibuster to pass gun legislation, citing the fact that a majority of Americans support gun restrictions, and her belief that gun control could pass in the Senate. "We've gotta have a leader who's willing to stand up to the gun lobby and say no more. And to
Westerner 08/10/2019 16:06
The pattern was established long ago. A killing spree happens. The Democratic party and mainstream media erupt in calls for gun control. Republicans shy away from cable news for a few days. Various fixes to the background check and mental health systems are proposed, video games are criticized, and eventually our attention turns elsewhere, until another spectacular attack restarts the cycle. President Trump increases the volume and heightens the perceived stakes. The advocates of gun control, such as Elizabeth Warren, say he’s a “white supremacist.” Opponents of regulation say he’s the only thing that stands between them and dispossession of their Second Amendment rights. Disentangling the various threads of argument in the debate over guns.

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