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Federal officials have been flying a Predator drone over Minneapolis on Friday, presumably to surveil Minneapolis protestors angry over the killing of George Floyd by police. The drone appears to be a Predator drone operated by US Customs and Border Protection, according to news accounts. This news comes as rioting and protests continued to intensify in Minneapolis heading into the weekend. Officials with US Customs and Border Protection have been flying a Predator drone over protestors in Minneapolis as the situation there has following the -- the drone being one more commonly used on the battlefield to surveil and kill terrorists. That's according to a , which used flight data to determine that an unarmed version of the drone was being fl.
Apple began selling refurbished iPhone XR models in the US for the first time this week. Refurbished iPhone XR models start at $499 for the 64GB model and go up to $629 for the 256GB model, which was actually discontinued in September 2019 when the iPhone 11 launched. Depending on which iPhone XR model you buy, you can save up to $120 off the normal price. About a month and a half ago, Apple launched .
Pixel vs. iPhone: In a viral tweet, someone recorded a video of how much better Google's Pixel is at voice-to-text dictation than Apple's iPhone. The voice-to-text email on the Pixel is virtually flawless, while the iPhone email is riddled with errors. iPhones might come out on top in performance, but they aren't always the smartest phones. Technically, the Pixel smartphones are Google's answer to the iPhone.
Coronavirus lockdown measures began to ease in some states and counties across the United States, allowing people to return to work, attend gatherings, and visit parks and beaches. Within days to weeks, many areas began to see an increase in coronavirus cases, with more people flooding into healthcare centers than had been in previous weeks. People refusing to wear masks or have made the problem worse for everyone. Areas that were previously trending downward for new coronavirus cases .
If you're on the lookout for a new pair of Bose headphones, Amazon is running a limited-time deal that you're definitely not going to want to miss. The are Bose's first and only cord-free earphones, and they're on sale right now at the lowest prices we've ever seen. These top-rated headphones retail for $200, but you can get them for as little as $139 depending on which of the four available color options you choose. . Apple's AirPods are of course the best-selling true wireless earphones on the market, and that's especially true right now because and both models are on sale at Amazon at their lowest prices ever.
A standard coronavirus treatment is still unavailable, although researchers have made significant progress at developing new protocols for existing drugs and adapting them for COVID-19. Promising new drugs and vaccines are also in the works. The search for a COVID-19 cure has prompted scientists in Spain to study existing meds and see whether they can inhibit the coronavirus’s ability to replicate inside the body. The researchers identified seven molecules out of more than 6,400 drugs, including Xanax, a widely used anti-anxiety treatment. The novel coronavirus pandemic brought plenty of sorrow and pain, as we learned how devastating COVID-19 can be. But there’s been plenty of good in all of this, and that doesn’t have to go unnoticed. It’s.
The latest coronavirus update out of India is that the country is fast becoming one of the new hotspots during the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, India has seen almost 170,000 coronavirus infections. If that wasn't bad enough, a gang of monkeys recently stole a sample of positive coronavirus blood samples from a medical college there. This certainly ranks as one of the most bizarre incidents to occur so far during the pandemic roiling the globe, with the latest coronavirus update showing more than 5.8 million infections around the world and more than 361,000 deaths globally from the virus.
If you're looking for a Roku Stick with Amazon Prime shipping or an even better deal on the entry-level that has been flying off the virtual store shelves at Amazon, today is your lucky day. Roku's Express HD streaming media player is on sale right now for just $24, which matches the device's all-time lowest price. If you want an upgrade that supports 4K resolution and HDR content, the $60 is down to just $49 today with free Prime shipping. Delivery times are already beginning to slip, so you're likely almost out of time to score these deals. The big news this week when it comes to popular streaming media players is that Amazon's and have been discounted for the first time since early February.
The death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police, following his arrest that included an officer holding his knee on Floyd's neck to the point that Floyd later died, has sparked emotional and widespread protests around the country. Officials confirmed on Friday that the officer seen in videos with his knee against Floyd has been arrested. In related news, President Trump sent out a tweet that appeared to glorify shooting looters in the city, which Twitter then took the extraordinary step of "hiding" from most users' feeds. The Minneapolis police officer seen in videos with his knee against the throat of an unarmed man who later died -- videos that have sparked widespread, angry protests around the country -- has been arrested.
Coronavirus face masks are critical to stopping the novel virus, a new study confirms, referencing recent work that shows how easily the COVID-19 pathogen can travel in the air and infect other people. Face masks can block invisible particles in aerosols and reduce coronavirus transmission, and they're also effective at stopping the asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus. The use of face masks is highly advised in communities that reopen their economies, and they're absolutely crucial until better COVID-19 treatments are available. We’ve come a long way in the last two months when it comes to the use of face masks against the novel coronavirus.
As has been the case for the past couple of months, and were the best-selling products for our readers this past week. As far as electronics products go, however, there are some terrific deals this week that catapulted a few products in particular to the top of Amazon's charts. Here, we take a look at the five best-selling electronics products on Amazon's entire site this week. . As has been the case since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in the US, the most popular products right now among BGR Deals readers are and .
Boy oh boy, do we have a killer roundup of daily deals for you to check out on Friday. Highlights include the lowest price ever for from a reputable brand (Modenna masks for just 35¢ each!), close to the lowest price ever for from a reputable brand (MagiCare masks for just $3.25 each!), a 6-pack of insanely strong with 80% alcohol content for $49.99, a UV sterilizer wand for $48 while others are being price-gouged for more than $100, and a handful of that are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Other top daily deals on Friday include at Amazon's lowest price ever, the for $24 and for $49, Amazon's for $29.99 and for $39.99, starting at $149.99, the best price ever on the , a one-day deal on with glasses starting at only $7, a one-da.
A UV sanitizer wand is a fantastic way to disinfect surfaces all around your home and office, but most options out there are price gouged right now because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, we came across a great top-rated option that is in stock and ready to ship from Amazon for just $39.99. It's called the and it's even waterproof so you don't have to worry about using it around the bathroom and kitchen. It should go without saying at this point that face masks and hand sanitizer are the two most important things out there when it comes to protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus.
Face masks with filters have been in stock and for sale for weeks now, and our readers have bought tens of thousands of boxes since the CDC recommends that we all wear them to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Prices have come down in recent weeks, and the on Amazon now cost just 70¢ each. That was been the best price we've seen for top-rated masks until now, thanks to a special sale that slashes the price of best-selling to just 35¢ apiece. How is it possible that there are people out there who are still complaining about having to wear a face mask?
Coronavirus social distancing practices should still be observed, even if governments have started lifting lockdowns measures, as . Google developed a new tool to help users ensure they’re keeping at least six feet away from other people, and it’s available right inside the Chrome browser. The Sodar AR app will show you whether you’re at least six feet away from someone else, as long as you keep your phone turned on. Social distancing measures may not be as strict as they were last month, but you should still try to stay away from people as much as possible when you’re outside.
The Pixel 4a release date is still a mystery, as Google has postponed the release of its affordable next-gen handset. A new leak reveals that Google has considered making a bigger version of the phone, the Pixel 4a XL, that many people expected to see in stores this spring. Several reports have claimed that the Pixel 4a XL was canceled, but a new series of photos reveal the phone would have offered a better camera experience than the smaller model that's still expected to launch. Google should have released the Pixel 4a phone at this year’s Google I/O event that was initially scheduled for mid-May.
A mass extinction 360 million years ago was likely caused by a rapidly-warming climate that triggered a breakdown in the ozone layer. Plant samples from the time period reveal DNA that had been damaged by UV radiation. Scientists warn that we may be in store for another such event if we can't control our own warming of the climate. When the miles-wide asteroid that arrived at Earth some 66 million years ago came crashing down, it wiped out an estimated 75% of all species on the planet.
Sony has announced the free PlayStation 4 games it will be giving away in June. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II for free from Tuesday, June 2nd through Monday, July 6th. Call of Duty: WWII normally costs $59.99, while Star Wars Battlefront II retails for $19.99. According to the latest reports, Sony will finally pull back the curtain on the PlayStation 5 next week, but PlayStation fans don't have to wait that long for good news, as this month's selection of free PS4 games for PS Plus subscribers is one of the best we've ever seen.
An "anti-5G" USB stick is being sold online for up to $420, promising to block adverse effects of the new telecom standard. 5G has been at the center of wild conspiracy theories for a couple of years, including a new strain of unfounded theories that associate 5G tech with the novel coronavirus pandemic. The USB device in question is a 128MB storage stick that costs $6 to make, but the people who fall for 5G conspiracy theories will probably fall for this too. For years, we've been talking about the arrival of 5G technology, waiting for carriers and smartphone makers to create the tech that would bring us gigabit internet on phones.
Google released a new experimental tool this week called Sodar that lets users visualize social distancing guidelines by placing a 2-meter radius augmented reality ring around themselves. In order to use Sodar, you will need to visit a website on Chrome from an Android device. Once you've agreed to all of the permission prompts, Sodar will ask you to point your device's camera at the ground and will create an AR ring around you that will follow you wherever you go. Health experts and governments are hopeful that a safe and effective vaccine for the novel coronavirus will be ready to innoculate the masses in the coming months, but in the meantime, it's up to all of us to keep ourselves safe as best we can.

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