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Hi new here .my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer last August.he had to have a biopsy recently and he had a very bad reaction to it .he collapsed and I found it hard to wake him up .got the dr and was sent to hospital .he was diagnosed with sepsis .he was given iv antibiotics and fluids.he was extremely sick .eventually he was sent home on meds .he wasn’t home long and had a bad headache .vague .not focused on what we were saying.we thought he was having a stroke.back to hospital.meds were increased.i am very worried about him .his Gleason score is 6 .the cancer is slow growing.thank you .
I am on day 20 of my Bicalutamide tablets.. I am 78 years old. Should I be already getting fatigue symptoms on Bicalutamide. especially in the last week or two. I thought this was due to happen when I started having my LHRH injections and Calutamide was simply to guard against Testosterone flair.. Sometimes I feel that its the worst feeling I have ever had in my life and feeling tense but a few hours later am quite calm and rational. Being down sometimes occupies several hours of the day.
Another two weeks have gone by and I have been getting a lot more exercise with some interval rowing training and the Macmillan sponsored Move More aerobics class. I feel really good and am getting much fitter already. On Thursday I climbed an 874m high mountain with my son and the grandchildren. I have to say I was the last to reach the top but the view was stunning and definitely worth the effort. Starting from sea level it took us 5 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds (tracked by GPS on Strava). The quads and calf muscles were a bit sore on Friday but fine again by Saturday morning. I have also been given an exercise programme by the aerobics class trainer, which I can do at home. I have done two sessions so far but only on days when I'm not.
oldtimer Thanks for coming back and it's good hear that your trying to prepare for something that might or might not happen. I assume your journey doesn't take an hour and you pee before you leave daughters house and also the hospital. Your taxi company appears to have very friendly considerate drivers. When I was a taxi driver I would have been more than happy to pull into the side of the road if I could safely do so and let my passenger use a pee bottle hopefully it would have been a male who asked! I often needed to make comfort stops as my journey could have involved driving a 100 plus miles. My longest journey was nearly 300 miles using motorways, A and B roads. You asked about chair pads I hope that the following maybe of interest to
Has a physiotherapist checked you’re doing the exercises properly. I was lucky enough to see a physiotherapist a few weeks after surgery and when she checked I wasn't doing them properly. I found that after the catheter came out I leaked when walking, that reduced to when I was walking fast. Fast forward a few years and because I’ve had salvage radiotherapy on top for f the surgery I’m leaking mostly very small amounts but sometimes I get a bigger leak without any warning especially when tired. Stick with it, things will improve.
Hi Arferitis, sorry to read about your diagnosis. I have psoriatic arthritis (had it since my 20s) and my rheumatologist told me that biological treatments for the arthritis were now a no go for me due to having cancer. I am back on sulphasalasine as I don’t really want to do anything that is contraindicated. I know that this drug also lowers m6 mood unevsystem but I’m trying to strike a balance. I was on methotrexate for years and was offered biological as I qualified for them but I decided not to go there. I tested positive for latent TB when I was being offered the biological therapy and so ended up on a six month treatment for that. Can you try going back to another drug to see how that works out? Best wishes,
Hi everyone Recentlydiagnosed at 71 with a 3+4=7 Gleason and PSA of 60. Bone scan clear but still waiting for pelvic scan. My RA is treated biologically with infusions that lower the immune system but has been suspended as they are unsure how it will affect cancer treatment, I'm suffering because of it. Has anyone else completed cancer treatment while on biologics?
Nillie, In the Uk you can ask for a second opinion at any time and it will be given to you so if you are concerned about any aspect of his treatment, ask for a referral. One thing to bear in mind is that a non-prostate cancer man aged 84 will have a PSA level of around 8 anyway so 14 is not so far away in real terms. And a PSA of 125 could indicate metastatic cancer in many men but it is not always the case. There are patients with PSA levels as low as 4 who have metastatic cancer. So it is not an exact science by any means. At the hospital where he is having treatment, look up the Macmillan nurse who will be based there. He/she will give you all the help and advice you might need. If you Google Macmillan xxxxxx (name of the hospital) you w.
Update. Hubby had CT PSMA PET scan in London and results showed cancer in some lymph nodes. The urologist in Birmingham who referred him sprecommended SABR. We would have to pay for it. So now trying to decide does he get normal radiotherapy here in Spain or go to Birmingham for the SABR treatment. He didnt recomment hormone treatment at this point. PSA has risen to 0.5.
Hi I’m sorry to hear about your husband. My scan failed to show up any cancer. That was a big relief as I was expecting to hear it was metastatic, I am waiting now to hear what they recommend next. While it was initially a huge shock to realize I was not cured, I have adjusted to the prospect of being an ongoing patient, whether that is immediate or some time out. Some cancers like leukaemias are chronic diseases rather than acute and it’s going the same way I think with prostate cancer. You can live with it for many years. I think most if not all prostate cancer patients are unprepared for the degree of uncertainty and shifting staging and prognoses. Many are cured by prostatectomy which I believe falsely reassures everyone who has had a p.
Thanks Steve I hope all goes well for you as you know it’s not a journey of choice but one we are all made to make. I only put my story on for others who are just stating there journey and let them know that there are people on here they can relate to and they are not the only one travelling along this pathway we are all companions together and that help is here for them I have used the experience of others on here to help me along the way.
To anyone looking for a 'good' hospital for their treatment, you can look at the Care Quality Commission's ratings to judge whether the hospital is right for you. For example, the Royal Marsden London is rated "Outstanding" but my hospital, Pinderfields, is rated "In Need of Improvement". Simply search for the hospital using the boxes half way down the page.
Hi All, I am a newbie here and I'm on this forum on behalf of someone who is very dear to me. Her Dad has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is 70 years old, not overweight and fit for his age. His PSA is between 62 and 63. The good news is that the cancer is not aggressive and it hasn't spread to his bones. He will be undergoing some further tests. After that a multidisciplinary team meeting will take place and treatment recommendations will be made. He is based in Bromley. Does anyone know if the hospitals there have a good reputation for prostate cancer treatment? I've heard good things about St Bart's. Has anyone been treated there? I just want give some reassurance. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has gone or current.

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