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Hi there chap, We are on different paths I see from your stats. But you have to have some hope or there's no point in having treatment really. There is a nice man on Prostate UK who is refusing treatment (for now) as he cannot face the side effects. Brave chappy that he is. I'm just bloody hopeless with any drugs so didn't do well with the depression bit in the middle. But isn't time a healer as here I am on my 'orrible 'ormones hols and as near to 'normal' as I suppose I'll ever get. Bad thoughts and all that jazz almost a forgotten memory but I have to remind myself this is a holiday so one day I'll be following your path. I hope that once the effects of the chemo wear off into the sunset, you can have as normal a life as poss. All the be.
I had a radical prostatectomy followed by radiotherapy 10 years ago. About 6 weeks after the radiotherapy finished I out on an extra 1/2 stone started to feel the cold but the main problem is my legs. Also I am incontinent and impotent and have to go to the toilet up to 6 times a day. A physiotherapist told me before | had the radiotherapy I would get a strange feeling in my legs and I would loose some strength. I certainly did but I accepted it and carried on exercising, playing badminton and tennis. I am now having problems with my calf's, apart from easily going into cramp I keep pulling a muscle. I cannot go to the gym as I do not feel any stress on the muscles whilst trying to strengthen them I have seen a neurologist some 6 years ago
Hi Joe, I'm not on any trial as far as I'm aware, I think the consultant would have said if I was and no I've not had radiotherapy. You read about people having all sorts of different treatments that you have never even heard of. May be it's a bit at a time treatment wise or if he doesn't need it don't give him it! Only time will tell, you just have to have faith in the consultant and hope he is doing his best for you. Cheers for now Keith.
Hi and welcome to the forum. Most of the members here are UK based, but with the range of options you have been offered I assume you aren't in the UK. It would help us to know where you are based so that the appropriate people can answer your question.
Thanks Des. I have the same arrangement with late (4pm) appointments on the first day of the week and early (8:45am) for the rest of the week. I have spent a lot of time in Maggie's with relaxation on Tuesday, meditation and Prostate Support Group today and Tai Chi and Fun Fitness tomorrow. There's also the Calman Centre with a variety of free therapies and the Beatson Charity Centre where there's a much more restful atmosphere compared to Maggie's which is very lively and noisy. Unfortunately part of my journey relies on a ferry so is much more weather dependent than other modes of transport.
Hope everything going well for you Seamus? A bit of a problem with the weather by the sounds of things. I hope things clear up and let you get home. My cancer centre put my radiotherapy late in the afternoons on Mondays and Early on Fridays so that I could get home early at weekends and had most of the day on Monday to get back. However, if the weather is bad it doesn't really matter how long you have to get away or get back does it? Take care and hope you can get home at the weekend. All the very best Des.
Yes, been there, chose the Cabazitaxel which slowed the PSA rise, but was taken off it after 5 cycles as the side effects were outweighing the benefits and am now on just palliative care. I am trying to get onto a clinical trial but I am very much on the limit of being too unhealthy to get on. If you are thinking about this path in the future you may need to have tried all the standard treatments.
just back from the hospital and the latest appointment with oncologist and it wasn’t good news as recent scans & bloods have shown that the Abiraterone has failed and now we have to decide if we really want to go through more chemotherapy ie:cabaziitaxel and all the risks and side effects that come with it or do we just stop treatment and take a breather & see what happens?
I had a psa test after 6 months, ( anything before is going to be fairly meaningless) with Radiotherapy it can take some time for the psa to drop to it's Nadir (low point), in fact it can take up to 2 years, any upward trend during that time (ie : 2 or 3 psa readings showing increase ) could be an indication that the cancer has returned but best not to go there.
Hi A166 I know exactly where you are head wise. I had an MRI, Gamma Scan and Biopsies in that order. I then had a10 day wait. One of the longest waits of my life. My mind shot between an inflamed prostate to terminal cancer and I was going to die. The irrationality of it all is caused by having no answers and jumping to conclusions without any information what so ever. If you find yourself doing the same don’t be surprised. I’m sure I wasn’t the first and I don’t think I’ll be the last. Keep yourself occupied, work, hobbies, social what ever. Time will pass. Once you have your diagnosis, you’ll have a plan of action. If you have options, take time to consider them, ask questions. In the meantime do your best to ‘keep your s**t together’. Th.
When I was being investigated I had an MRI first which showed suspicious areas. Even then we knew it wouldn't be good news, the biopsy confirmed our fears, half the samples came back positive. When we were called in to discuss the results I was ready for the news that it was cancer, and a decision to be made, which was easy I wanted it removed! Can't really offer advice, just to say there isn't much you can do at this very moment so hang on in and wait for the results. Have you already had an MRI?
Doesn't surprise me at all. Transport links are not like they were when I was younger. We now live within 4 miles of a motorway, 9 miles from one major town to the south east with a small hospital and 15 miles from another to the west - which is easier to get to by car because it is all dual carriageway and this is our county town with large general hospital and another smaller town to the east about 6 miles away with a cottage hospital specialising in eye disease - same bus does a round robin to all those towns and small towns and villages in between towns so you can imagine how long it takes - and, ... ... ... wait for it. ... ... ... ...3 buses a day! We live within 200 yards of the bus stop which we thought would be brilliant as have a

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