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Busness Insider 08/20/2019 15:33
is currently on a tropical vacation with her 16-month-old daughter, . Because the 35-year-old mom has been flooding social media with photos of the two together, a commenter accused her of treating True like an "accessory.". "Would you like a parent NOT to create memories and traditions with their child?" she replied. "Would you like someone else to watch my child and me to do these things on my own? I am her mother and we will celebrate life together everyday. True and I are creating magical memories TOGETHER FOREVER.". Khloe Kardashian was accused of treating her child like an "accessory" while flooding social media with photos of their tropical vacation. An Instagram user commented on a photo of Kardashian carrying her 16-month-old daughte.
Busness Insider 08/20/2019 15:05
President Donald Trump on Monday ordered cabinet members to alleviate anger from corn farmers over his administration's decision to exempt some refiners from US biofuel laws, reported. The administration granted exemptions to 31 small refineries on August 9, allowing them to use less ethanol when mixing gasoline. Ethanol producers and corn farmers lobbied to cut the number of exemptions granted, according to Reuters. . President Donald Trump ordered cabinet members Monday to alleviate discontent in Farm Belt states over his administration's decision to give 31 small refineries exemptions from US biofuel laws, according to . The exemptions, granted on August 9, allow the refiners to use a smaller amount of ethanol when mixing their gasoline.
Busness Insider 08/20/2019 12:31
China's central bank rolled out a new policy for its loan prime rate — the lowest lending rate reserved for its best borrowers — that will allow commercial lenders to use the rate when pricing loans. The move effectively allows more consumers, banks, and businesses to use the country's lowest interest rate and, in turn, boost domestic spending. The move comes after China posted its slowest economic expansion rate and the US-China trade war continues, despite reports of President Trump considering . . The People's Bank of China has shifted its policy on commercial lending in an effort to push interest rates lower and boost domestic spending. China's central bank employs a variety of policies to adjust money supply and lending rates.
Busness Insider 08/20/2019 09:53
can help you. but sometimes your fingers work best. It all depends on which product you're using and what sort of look you're trying to achieve. According to the pros,. are the best choice for applying certain products, like powder bronzer and highlighter. The experts told INSIDER that your fingers can be great for applying lip balm or blending your concealer. If you're looking to up your beauty game, it. might be tempting to buy a ton of makeup brushes — but, in some cases, you're actually better off using your fingers to apply products, as it might help you achieve a more blended and put-together look. INSIDER spoke with three professional makeup artists and they offered up their tips and tricks for when to use brushes or your fingers, givin.
Busness Insider 08/20/2019 08:05
Raoul Pal, former hedge fund manager and founder of , sees all hell breaking loose in the US pension system if corporate debt starts to get downgraded due to chain reaction of economic events. Pal sees the genesis of the crisis spreading from weakness in Europe, and swiftly permeating into US markets. He proposes quantitative easing for the entire pension system to mitigate a potentially cataclysmic upending of the network. In financial markets, when one domino falls, others tend to quickly follow.
Busness Insider 08/13/2019 13:22
The Trump administration announced Tuesday it would allow certain products — including laptops, cellphones, and toys — to receive an exemption from tariffs until December 15. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he delayed tariffs on some Chinese products because of concerns about the holiday shopping season. The comment suggested that trade-war costs could fall on American businesses and consumers, a departure from the claim that foreign exporters only pay tariffs. . President Donald Trump said Tuesday he delayed tariffs on some Chinese products because of concerns about the holiday shopping season, suggesting in a reversal that trade-war costs could fall on American businesses and consumers. "We're doing this for the Christmas season," the.
Busness Insider 08/13/2019 13:12
Retail stocks surged when the Trump administration announced that some goods wouldn't be subject to tariffs until December — not September, as originally planned. Industry watchers had expected that the latest round of tariffs would weigh heavily on the retail sector and consumers. Here are 7 retail stocks that jumped more than 5%. Retailers caught a break Tuesday when the United States Trade Representative from the latest round of tariffs on Chinese imports. Shares of prominent retailers jumped more than 5% on the news. Exempt products include cell phones, laptop computers, game consoles, computer monitors, toys, and certain footwear and clothing items.
Busness Insider 08/13/2019 10:37
The Trump administration announced Tuesday it would exempt certain Chinese imports from additional tariffs set to take effect in September, and that others would be delayed until the end of the year. "Certain products are being removed from the tariff list based on health, safety, national security and other factors and will not face additional tariffs of 10 percent," the US Trade Representative said in a statement. Tariffs on certain products — including cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, toys, computer monitors and select footwear and clothing items — will be delayed until December 15. . The Trump administration announced Tuesday it would exempt certain Chinese imports from additional tariffs set to take effect in September and th.
Busness Insider 08/13/2019 10:29
The percentage of large fund managers expecting a recession in the next 12 months just hit an eight-year high, relative to those who think one is unlikely, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's latest survey. Investors are bullish on interest rates and are hoping that central banks will continue to ease to spur global growth as the US-China trade war escalates. In the meantime, investors are positioned heavily in assets that outperform when interest rates and earnings fall. . Fund managers are growing increasingly worried about the. over the next year, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The firm's latest fund manager survey showed that 34% of investors think a recession is likely in the next 12 months, while 64% still think o.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 19:55
Washington state's 2019 Teacher of the Year, Robert Hand, spent the afternoon with . Hand teaches family and consumer science, or what folks used to call "home economics" back in the day. He taught Gates how to make a BBQ chicken as Gates admitted that cutting and cooking a chicken is something he's never done before. Washington state's 2019 Teacher of the Year is Robert Hand.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 16:28
Wondering if you should pay your debt or first? If you have high-interest debt, one financial planner says you should pay that first then save for retirement. If you have debt that costs you more than 9% a month in interest and fees, it's smarter to pay down that debt before putting your money toward retirement. That's because the debt is so expensive that it's costing you more than you could earn elsewhere, such as in a savings account or in a retirement account. The exception to this advice is if your employer matches retirement contributions. Then, contribute just enough to get the full match and concentrate the rest of your money on your debt. The sooner you start , the better — unless you have high-interest debt, such as credit-card de.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 16:04
rolled out its meatless — the Impossible Whopper — nationwide on Thursday. In response, sent some of its employees to Burger King locations around to promote its new Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, a Dunkin' employee told INSIDER. The employees passed out $5 gift cards and encouraged hungry New Yorkers to put them towards Dunkin's new meatless breakfast sandwich. A Dunkin' spokesperson told INSIDER that the company has "been conducting persistent sampling and distributing Dunkin' gift cards to New Yorkers to give them an opportunity to taste the new sandwich.".
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 15:57
INSIDER asked 11 pastry about their favorite doughnuts of all time. Some pastry chefs chose ones you can find at chains, like Dunkin's blueberry-cake and Krispy Kreme's classic glazed variety. Powdered-sugar and vanilla-glazed doughnuts were also beloved by some pastry chefs. Some told INSIDER that their favorite doughnuts are specific to certain locations, like the coconut-cream doughnut from Doughnut Plant in New York City or the white-chocolate tres-leches doughnut from The Salty Donut in Miami, Florida. Even pastry chefs, who specialize in crafting desserts, pastries, and other baked goods, have preferences when it comes to doughnuts. We asked 11 pastry chefs about their favorite doughnuts of all time and their answers ranged from chain.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 14:27
A team of Bank of America analysts visited a shopping mall to see how it's faring during the back-to-school season, an important timeframe for companies to engage shoppers before the holidays. Retailers have been hit hard by e-commerce competitors like Amazon. Here are the analysts' top six takeaways from their store visits. Back-to-school season is a big opportunity for retailers looking to boost sales and engage with shoppers ahead of the holiday season. The landscape has changed somewhat as. online retailers such as Amazon have become increasingly popular choices for school supplies, clothing, and shoes.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 13:00
There are few things as delicious as Olive Garden breadsticks, Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream, and a Sicilian slice from L&B Spumoni Gardens. But as someone who's about to walk down the aisle in less than two months, I've been eating my weight in vegetables and lean protein rather than carbs and sugar. Most of my meal prepping on weekends has my fiancé and I slicing and dicing $200 worth of vegetables — and let me tell you — it gets old fast.
Busness Insider 08/12/2019 11:31
Everyone knows that , but the things you do right before bed can also set you up for success the following day. From taking a hot bath to writing out the next day's to-do list, have a number of nighttime rituals that may lead to their success. We rounded up 14 things that highly successful people do right before bed. . The last thing you do before bed tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the next day, as it often determines how well and how much you sleep. Successful people understand that their success starts and ends with their mental and physical health, which is almost entirely dependent upon their getting enough sleep. Read more:. That is why good bedtime routines are a key ritual for so many of them. Here's

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