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Hello, I'm new to the prostate cancer forum and would like to start out by thanking all the members here for their kindness and generosity in helping out so many in need. I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. I'm 61, don't smoke, don't drink, eat a healthy diet, get a moderate amount of exercise and maybe about 10 pounds overweight. No problems with urinary function, feel pretty much the same way I did when I was a young guy. I've been getting my annual PSA and DRE exam with a urologist for the past 3 years. In December of last year my DRE was still normal but he noticed my PSA had gone from 4 to 6.5 so he ran some more tests and decided to schedule a biopsy for me in January 2019. He called me a couple of weeks ago and said the pa.
My husband's surgery was 1/31/18. Fast forward to a year later, and he is doing fantastic! Cancer Free. Best physical shape of his life. Full recovery with very minimal side affects that I feel really aren't side affects! It's amazing to look back at the journey we've been on. I am hopeful this story will help anyone new to this board to see that positive outcomes are achievable and realistic with prostate cancer. Don't be discouraged. Do your research. Don't be intimidated by the big hospitals/cancer centers that can provide world leading care. To bring everyone up to date:. My husband's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer over 26 years ago. Therefore, my husband has been tested yearly since age 40. Around age 52, his PSA started a sl.
Hi. As you can see there have been a few posts expressing discomfort with the the situation and the lack of information. My past experience of such situations is that up front detailed transparancy about the what and why of a problem actually staves off more complaints and bad PR in the ling run than being vague or not providing information. So that being said, could we have an update on:. What happened. Why it happened. What impact it had (especially was any data at risk of theft?). What has been done to prevent it happening again. Many thanks. H. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
Hello, everyone! My dad was diagnosed with bone metastasis in October 2017. Lupron/Casodex plus radiation, and now Lupron/Zytiga/prednisone (with occasional radiation). I'll spare extra details--the last two PSA tests have come with an increase. First 0.25, and then 0.50, from a nadir of 1.99 (60 at Dx, 11ish on Lupron/Casodex, 1.99 from Zytiga). Newest set of bone scans (ordered when two increases came in a row) shows new lesions/tumors on the shoulder blade. The cancer center has put in a request for "foundational testing." A quick Google has told me that it's basically genome mapping the tumor cells in an effort to best identify where to go from here. This is a little overwhelming, I'd never heard of it! Have any of you had it done? Was
Tomorrow I leave to care for my son, age 48, who will undergo DaVinci prostectomy on the 23rd. His first cousin, age 50, just had same procedure about 10 days ago. His father, age 74, is in the midst of radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Poor kid got all the bad genes as I am also a survivor of breast and endometrial cancers. His paternal grandfather died from prostate cancer. He is single and was laid off work less than a week after he told his boss.....never rains but it pours it seems. I'm staying for about 2 weeks. Do you think that will be long enough? And what should I expect? I do know about the catheter thing but I am pretty naive about boy plumbing things. Thanks for any comments from you who know. Suzanne. Discussion boards:
After 60 days of searching this is the most useful tool yet. Thanks to ACS, CSN and all contributors! I'm scheduled for surgery in Feb and will likely follow through primarily because of 3+4 and two lobes, but thought I'd share my information in case there are folks close to my situation or strong recommendations to consider other options. Age: 57. Family: Father got treated for prostate cancer at 80 and died recently of other cause. PSA: 4.08, Rising slowly for about 5 years. Tumor: T1C. Biopsy: 2 of 12 samples infected, 3+3 at 40% of one side and 3+4 at 20% on other. Pathology confirmed by 2 institutions so far. Sent to Johns Hopkins for third. Meta: No Mo. MRI; Have not had one. Any insights or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Also, h.
I am a worried daughter. My father, 71, was just diagnosed with Prostate cancer, Gleason score 9. A bone scan revealed a lesion on his pelvis. Today we had the intial consult with the oncology team. He had no symptoms leading up the diagnosis, just a rising PSA. He is in overall great health and is active and still working. We were presented with the standard of care options of hormone therapy with radiation to follow. They discussed surgery, but our understanding was, that with the bone involvement, it will not present any advantage over the radiation. They also brought up the choice of an immunotherapy Phase one clinical trial. If we went this route he would have immunotherapy followed by radiation and then surgery. He would hold off on h.
tomorrow, i'm going to meet my new urologist, dr. martin sanda. i will tell him that on august 2018, i had a 3T MRI and there were three lesions found on my prostate. [one lesion PI-RADS 4 and the other two PI-RADS 3]. i would like to have an in-bore MRI guided biopsy. my question is has anyone ever had THIS particular biopsy? if so, could you please share with me your experiences? Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
I was diagnosed in May of 2015 due to receiving notification that the Army clinic in Ansbach, Germany had fouled up a PSA test in 2010. I was told in 2015 that this had happened and that I needed to have the test again, which I did, and when my PSA was at 5.6 my urologist did a biopsy and found 3 cores of gleason 3+3 (T1-c). I had a follow up biopsy last July and there is no change except my PSA was at 6.6 at the time. I am in the active surveillance protocol at MD Anderson in Houston but I have recently transferred to Washington State. I did a consultation with Tri-Cities Cancer Clinic and I am probably going to switch to their AS program BUT they do biopsies every 12 months instead of the 24 at MD Anderson an, to be honest, I am about don.
I am 58 yr old and was diagnosed with posterate cancer in september 2018. Gleason score was 7B and was told it was organ contained. PSA at surgery was 11.4. Surgry performed on 23rd November with Robot. I had my 40 day post surgery PSA test and result is 0.1. Had a discusion with surgeon assistant and was told. - 14 lymph nodes taken but only 1 showed 1mm cancer cells on it. when I asked if cancer had spread, I was told it has not spread to other areas. - They will do nothing if the PSA remains 0.1 but will follow up with radiation if it rises. I will be going for my 3 month post surgery PSA test on 28th February but I am concern of the PSA value of this first test. Should I be be concerned on this PSA level and what can I suggest to the dr.
Hi,. This is a very informative site and I want to thank all the contributors. My history is that my Dad dies from PC. He was 77. First diagnosed at 63. He had radiation tratment. I am 57. My PSA levels are as follows:. 11/2016 5.75. 11/2017 5.80. 12/2018 7.10. 01/2019 5.96. I am of the opinion that I shouldn't be too concerned with the elevated PSA of late 2018. I surf most days and think that I may have stained my groin which may explain that high number. No particular symptoms although the stream when I get up during the night is kind of weak. Up twice a night on average. My Mum who was a nurse for 40 years says I should do nothing at this stage. Big fan of AS. Are there any boards devoted to AS? If someone could provide a link, that would be
I underwent a salvage radical prostatectomy in March 2017. Subsequent complications with anastomosis scarring required a Bladder Neck Incision followed 6 months later with a second and steroid injection to permanently open bladder neck. I was fitted with AMS800 in September 2018 and activated 6 weeks later. I can now sleep through the night, and an able to get by with 1 Level )ne pad most days. However, sitting on hard seats (like church pew, or very firm padding) and scrunched up in car driver's seat causes problems when I stand up. There i often more than a dribble. It eems as though the pump is activated accidentally. Is this possible/likely, especially if you have been sitting for an hour or more desk-working or driving? Please to hear
Hi everyone,. I'm helping my brother do a little research as everything's a bit overwhelming right now. He received his biopsy results yesteday & the results were pretty discouraging. His Gleason score is 9, PSA 19, the cancer is the aggressive kind, & it was found in every sample they took. He's scheduled for a bone scan next week, & another test/scan, (I don't know what that one is). He lives in rural MN where they don't have all the options available for treatment, so he's trying to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a second opinion & to learn what forms of treatment he would be a candidate for. I've shared this site with him, & I'm sure he'll eventually get on here himself, but for now any thoughts, recommendations,

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