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My husband was a frequent user of the forum. He was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2010. Gleason 9, most cores positive with cancer --initial PSA 59, Negative bone scans. He stopped using the forum when he became severely disabled from MS. I used to read his posts and the replies. He made many friends on this site and they helped him a great deal. We learned for the first time that he also had the diagnosis of MS in the Fall of 2015 --the MS has been much worse than anything else to deal with and very disabling. 6 months after the diagnosis he was wheelchair bound, then 6 months later bedridden with use of wheelchair with assistance. He was placed in nursing home 3 months until I could arrange to be home with him. I st.
Hello all,. Prostate cancer, not words I wanted to hear assoiciated with my name at 57 years old but after reading many of the postings here I realize I am not alone. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer about 3 weeks ago. I had a biopsy done after a very slightly elevated PSA. My PSA has fluctuated from 1.3 to 2.8 since I was fifty. My PSA in January of 2017 was 2.8. I did not have a PSA done in 2018 and my PSA in January of this year was 3.6 along with some starting and stopping of urine flow which made me pay a visit to my Urologist. He said we could either wait 6 months and do another PSA or do a biopsy, it was my choice. He did a DRE and said the prostate felt normal. I have had problems with my prostate for almost 20 years now. I was d.
Hi all,. Just curious if anyone can give any additional insight to my dad's treatment. He has now failed zytiga and xtandi. We went to a new oncologist last week and was told we are at the end of options. The oncologist mentioned Provenge but from my research I do not think my dad is a candidate as he is taking oxycodone and from what I have read you cannot be taking narcotic pain medicine. Also I have read that it is best if taken before zytiga and xtandi. The only other thing mentioned was Jetvana (chemo). we know we are towards the end but I guess I am looking for any additional information that can be given. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
So the dreaded moment came and I had to start back to work after six months off. I have to pay the bills but as with many places I have worked the new place is a bit of a childrens playground (gossip, cliques, etc.). Sadly a permanent job as I need the benefits but it takes a lot out of me dealing with it. This plus the fact that the sheer number of people I know who have cancer (a friend my age, a relative, a dear friend who is more like a grandmother to me and is in her last days and several more) and the fact that I'm dealing with baggage and fresh fallout from a lifetime of idiotic actions caused by my mental health issues has left me in somewhat of a "hope is foolish on the scaffold" frame of mind. I dearly want to jack my job in and p.
could anyone recommend a name of a skilled surgeon at Cleveland Clinic who performs the artificial urinary sphincter procedure, it would be appreciated, I am at last beginning the process and it would be comforting to have a recommended name from someone who has gone through the same procedure.
My journey started in March of 2010 with RP with Dr. Catalona (age 54). Post RP I had an immediate 0.0 PSA for about 18 months (note: post RP Gleason 4+3, positive margins, SV involvement, neg lymph) and began to see a rise until it hit 0.5 in April of 2015. I had salvage RT with 6 months of Lupron that was concluded in October 2015, which resulted in an immediate 0.0 for 3.5 years until last week with a reading of 0.2. Any insight from folks with similar history…. Many thanks and life has been good. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
Hi there,. First off I'm so appreciative of any one taking the time to read this and offer their thoughts or similar experiences - it really means a lot. My Dad was diagnosed just last Oct. 2018 with prostate cancer. I scoured through these boards then and reading other's stories really helped. But a recent setback with my father's diagnosis/treatment prompted me to sign up and gain some further insight. As a background my Dad is only 61 years old has pretty good health all things considered. But he is a type 2 diabetic, and a former smoker. I was just so grateful that he decided to quite smoking because that was no easy feat and then shortly after he gets this diagnosis. Prostate cancer does run on his side of the family. When my dad was fi.
I am starting a new thread because my dad is no longer going to be receiving docetaxel chemotherapy. His Foundation One genome testing returned this week. It showed ATM mutations, and he was referred to an immunotherapy clinical trial--a phase 2 trial where he will be receiving the trial drugs and not a placebo, to begin in two weeks. It will continue as long as there is clinical benefit (and discontinued if there is no clinical benefit). The trial is testing the treatment of ATM mutated metastatic prostate cancer with avelumab (immunotherapy) and talazoparib (PARP inhibitor). Avelumab will be given via infusion twice monthly, and talazoparib is a daily pill. I can't seem to find much information for either drug in the treatment of prostate.
Hello,. I have posted before, I apologize for not finding my thread to continue on with . I think it's been at least a year since Ive posted. My partner was diagnosed with Stage 4 in 2016 . Has done the chemo, then had quintuple heart bypass, then had a large part of his jaw removed from. I believe the drug given to help prevent bone cancer? He has had pain in his back for a few months now and after a cat and bone scan last Friday they have found. cancer in his spine and ribs. They are putting him on Zytiga ( $10,000) a month . I take it this is another hormone therapy? Any input on this drug or now that the previous chemo and other hormone therapy seem to have staved the cancer off for as long as possible this hormone is being introduced. Doe.
t3zureislnz. Posts: 1 Joined: Mar 2019. Mar 28, 2019 - 1:19 am. Father with PSA 477.4 ng/ml and Gleason 3+4=7. Been researching since I saw my father’s dxs couple of days ago. He has nuclear med appt nextweek and CT Scan the week after. We’re all in shock bec my father is healthy, does not smoke, drink and no other vices. Don’t know where to start ;(. What treatments, survival rate, cure??? We’re all heart broken esp he just retired from work lastmonth. We threw a surprise party for him, and we’re all excited that he can finally spend more time with is ;(. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
Just had a blood test for PSA and it was 12. My PSA free was 9. I have an enlarge prostrate and have had the Joe Theisman sympton for years. On the morning of my lab test I just finished colonoscopy prep and had my colonoscopy after the test. I also had sex two days prior to the PSA test. In 4 weeks I go back for another blood test. And two weeks after I see an Urinologist. I am almost one year rwemoved from HPV Cancer and my latest PET scan was last August. If prostrate was cancerous would this have not shown up on the PET scan. The has been no sign of mestasis anywhere. Since 2010 my PSA has ranged from 4-6. MY primary care did a rectum check for lumps and all seemed normal. My colonoscopy results were also negative. In short could the hi.
still new to here only my second post but I have read a lot one here. On 2/7 I had suprapubic prostate surgery. for those not fimilar this is done for bph not cancer. they do not remove all the prostate just the internal part through the bladder. I have been very lucky to not have Ed or leakage. while I am still healing I still feel twinge down there.
i have a question i'd like to ask. what do you do when your second opinion is different from your first. i sent in a request for my pathology report to john epstein at john hopkins. today i received the results and here's what was written:. A. benign fibromuscular tissue. B. PROSTATIC ADENOCARCINOMA, GLEASON SCORE 3+3=6 (GRADE GROUP 1) DISCONTINUOUSLY INVOLVING 80% OF ONE [1] CORE. C. PROSTATIC ADENOCARCINOMA, GLEASON SCORE 3+3=6 (GRADE GROUP 1) INVOLVING 20% OF ONE [1] CORE. now take a look at my first report and tell me what you think. D.O.B. | 1973. 08.22.2018 | 3T MRI 08.23.2018 | 3 peripheral zone focal abnormalities, 1 PI-RADS 4 lesion and 2 with PI-RADS 3 lesions. No extraprostatic disease, pelvic lymphadenopathy, or enhancing pelvic bon.
Just got back from meeting with my surgeon. Went over the test results, from the MRI and Bone Scan, My gleason scores were in the 7,8,9, my PSA high was 9. The positive thing is the tests show that nothing has advanced past the prostate. Doctor felt I was and excellent candidate for prostate surgery. He was concerned that the cancer was an advance cancer (gleason 7,8.9), so he felt it was wise to go ahead and remove the nerves as well. Also, probably to do radiation, but would know more once he does the surgery. Does any know the difference between radiation treatment and chemo treatment. I know this is just the beginning, but I felt much better know that it has not spread. He felt we caught if very early. Bill325. Discussion boards:. Prostat.
For those of you who are experiencing intense pain or anxiety and are sick of taking OTC pain meds and prescription pain killers, you should absolutely give full spectrum cbd oil a shot. I just recently started taking it as an all natural approach and it's helping me immensely without all of the terrible side effects that come along with the other meds. The main cbd component is CO2 extracted from the hemp plant which contains a wide assortment of beneficial compounds for some outstanding relief. Do your own research and give it a try! Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
My 82 year if father had a psa test that came back at 49.2 and doctor ordered a bone scan . The bone scan showed that the prostate cancer cells have spread into his hips , legs, arms , spine , he has him scheduled to see an oncologist and urologist . Has anyone else ever experienced this that can share some knowledge or their experience . Thanks. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.
My husband had RP in April 2012 at 57 yrs old. PSA 6. Primary tumor pT3a with perineural invasion present. No positive lymph nodes. Gleason 3+4. May 2012 PSA .104/ Aug. 2012 PSA .112/ Feb. 2013 PSA.197/ May 2013 PSA .197. From May-Aug 2013 Salvage Radiation End of Aug. 2013 PSA .186/ Nov. 2013 PSA .119/ Feb. 2014 PSA .108 / Dec. 2014 PSA .2. PSA remained at .2 until this month rose to .3. What are the best next steps? We're making an appt. with the oncologist, but will they automatically put him on hormonal therapy? We've read that if this is going to be considered advanced PC, that starting hormones too early can make them invaluable later to help with pain if the cancer spreads. Is this true? Any input is appreciated. Discussion boards:. Pros.
I am new and have a few questions. 1 month post surgery I had prostate surgery for bph no cancer found. The doc did not remove all my prostate but about 80% to what I was tol. i had no Ed thank God but have retrogrmade ejaculation. It feels way better and last way longer. is Retrograde temporary or permanen. I am still healing and have a doc apt in 2 months for follow up. More questions to come. Discussion boards:. Prostate Cancer.

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