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I went in for my results yesterday. As with the other radiation I've had to my lung, it's very cloudy and sometimes we aren't able to fully tell anything for months to a year. We are going to try to keep me on petscans so we can find anything growing, but you know insurance companies... So, nothing lit up on my new pet scan, which is nothing short of the work of God! I feel so blessed that he continues to lead my oncologist into making the right decisions for me. So, what does this mean? It means they found no active cancer! I say cautiously optimistic because the cloud is there, but I'll take that win! We've started joking around that my father and I have cockroach DNA. I know, sounds supergross, but we get knocked down and get back up and.
Since the end of July, I have been so sickly. I was tired all the time and it took all I could to do anything. I wasn't able to help my old boss much in August, I kept getting worse to the point I was exhibit A below most of the time. We went to a Peer Medical Event in NYC promoting Lung Force. Both are amazing groups, and if you haven't signed up for peer medical and are egfr, it's still in the trial stages but is an amazing gift to us. Email me if you're interested and I'll pass along your info. It's a great source for finding people like yourself and comparing and discussing treatments, anonymously of course unless you send a request and the other person accepts. While there, I spent most of my time sleeping. We had a mandatory evacuatio.
It's been about a month and a half since I got the news about my recurrence. We radiated and it took a while to eat normal food again. I've been very blessed to have some wonderful friends and family to help take care of me. I've mainly been resting since returning as I'm still getting fatigue and occasional nausea and vomiting out of no where. But being back in my own bed, in my own home, has really taken some stress off. I got out and went to Karley's first high school scrimmage game against Camden County. I'm so proud of the young lady she has become and am terrified at the fact that I only have 4 more years left until she goes to college. So, since I've been here, Jennifer and Norma Jean have come to visit. Binge watching Lucifer has be.
As most of you know, my cancer returned. It's located right next to the heart and a major artery near the heart. Therefore, a biopsy wasn't possible. It was decided I needed Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). I've had this treatment before but it was in my lower lobe. Now, it's in my upper lobe. There is a world of difference when it comes to these two areas. I can't totally remember what it felt like back then, but I can tell you about now. My fatigue is out of control. I went to bed around 4 pm yesterday and just had to use the restroom so thought I would catch everyone up. So, my main concerns are the scratchiness I feel around my esophagus. I can't seem to clear my throat and I'm afraid to try to hard since it's such a delicate.
So, the results came in and I have no additional mutations. I'm still just EGFR. Therefore, after radiation, I will continue the course with tarceva. I'm meeting with my oncologist in two weeks to work on a future scan schedule and praying like crazy this spot was part of the original tumor that escaped and was just now detectable. Also praying for this radiation to go well. It's in the same lung I had it done last time. I'm praying that lung can withstand all of this and all goes well since there is a major artery too close to biopsy the spot itself. Prayers appreciated and thank you all for continuing to fight this journey with me. I'll be getting the body cast made tomorrow and officially start my first round 7/1. My independence day cel.
So, I got the results of my Petscan an MRI back. They both showed no additional active cancer. So, the problem has resulted in what to do with this new area that can't be reached. After consulting the cardio thoracic surgeon, the plan was made to just radiate that one area since it is the drainage area and could have been there all along, just too small to pick up. We will get the results of the blood biopsy on the 26th. If it shows no mutation, I'll have the radiation and stay on tarceva. The radiation will be 5 rounds to the upper portion of my lung. Next Wed., June 26th, I'll have my initial appointment and after that I'll have 3 rounds one week and 2 rounds another hopefully. This will put me home mid-July which really sucks. I love bei.
Well, it's been a fabulous run on tarceva. 6 1/2 years in fact. Unfortunately the time has come to move on. I just finished my appointment which showed progression in my lung that's hard to reach for a biopsy. So, I'll be in Atlanta a little longer than anticipated. I have a petscan and MRI scheduled for Monday to be sure there is no additional metastatic disease throughout. My oncologist has a team that will discuss my case after these additional tests and determine where we go from here. We are thinking tagrisso but are unsure for now. I've been blessed to be progression free for so long. But we all know this disease is relentless and the reality is, it will not stop. I'm thankful to know so many advocates and physicians that I can get op.
So, it's nearly 1 am. My scan is tomorrow so I'll need to be up around 7:45 a.m. I can't sleep. This past week I've been sick, had pain below my right rib, and my memories on Facebook have been the last ones I have of both Nicole and Kelly. Those who follow my blog know who they are, but for those who don't, they were my two closest lung cancer friends who left us last year. I was supposed to go visit Kelly last year at the end of June, but I got sick and her health kept declining. And I don't know how in the hell I'm supposed to deal with so much loss. Kelly was my soul sister and Stephanie has surly joined that club now, they will love each other but never replace each other in my heart. I thank God every day for Him sending Stephanie to
Well, I made it to Atlanta where I'll get my scans tomorrow and results Friday. I'll be sure and update everyone. This time is a little different than previous scans. First, it's been the longest amount of time in between scans since diagnosis. I've seen so many of my fellow lung cancer peers hit recurrences it's unreal. So, I've got that in my head. Second, I've been having a pain sort of in my side under my rib cage. Of course, any little ache or pain, I'm going to think of as progression. It's built into my thinking now. Especially since I know it will return one day. I just don't know when or where. So, I used to not have scanxiety at so bad. This time is a little different though. I know whatever will be will be, but I don't think I'll.
I know I promised my next blog would be about our trip to D.C., but I'm not feeling joyful enough to write about it. In fact, it's been a while since I've felt very happy. I've had headaches off and on since November. They come and go and I currently don't have one. These headaches can be debilitating. And, of course when you're in pain, everything is worse. I had a brain MRI which was clean. Next month I'll be getting a CT scan of my sinus cavity to see if there is a clogged duct. These reasons are not why I feel lost. It feels like my life is slowly fading away. People that once tried to help and cared don't anymore because I've been living with this disease for over 6 years. Let me tell you, the longer you live, the harder it is, and the.
We just finished our annual trip to the ILCSC 2019 (formerly LUNGevity Hope Summit). It's always so amazing to see people that are like me, fighting the same disease and striving to learn what they can. I think the most important thing I take away from each of these events is Hope and Support. It just feels so amazing being around by people who truly care about you and you them. We are a huge family. I never wanted to be in this family, but they sucked me in and I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. In life, tomorrow is never promised. As Emily Dickinson says, "Forever is Composed of Nows". So, quit putting off tomorrow what you want to do today. Tell that person you love them. Eat the cake! I'm splitting this weekend into two parts.
I realized that I haven't been to church as much as I should've lately when I totally and completely blasted someone on facebook. I have never done that before in my life and am never doing it again. It was wrong on so many levels. If I'm wrong, I'm going to admit that. And there were things from the past others didn't know about, but I looked like a total bitch by blasting it on facebook because I felt I had no other way to communicate. No one really deserves that. And the worst part, it was part of our lung cancer family. Janet Freeman-Daily was totally right when she spoke about kindness to me. Sometimes I do get hot-headed. I have definitely calmed down in this aspect for the most part, but I felt my other lung cancer friends were being.
This is going to be a short update, as you can tell by the title. My aunt has been in hospice since mid February. Since then, I've been to Atlanta twice and had two good friends visit with me. I'm so used to resting but I feel like I've been going non-stop by myself for a month. So, to quickly catch you all up, my aunt recently passed away from cancer. She had lived a good life and sometimes you just have to take quality over quantity. I just got back from Atlanta yesterday. I knew we weren't saying goodbye to her, but "I'll see you later". My father was terribly distraught. He loved his sister so much. I felt so honored my cousin asked me to say a few words and read some scripture. The service was absolutely beautiful. My sister and I trie.
Once again, it's World Cancer Day. A day I've come to know quite well over the past 6 years. And usually I'm this positive, upbeat person who tries to give hope to everyone. But dammit, I am not always that person. I debated writing this for some time today. Given the timing of the day and everything, but I promised to be real. So here it is guys. Pay attention. I am NOT cured of cancer. My cancer is NOT in remission, please look up the word for a clearer definition. I still have Stage 4 lung cancer that I take many medications for every single day and will do so for the rest of my life. The side effects aren't pretty. There are some things I've lost that I'll never get back. One of those being time. But, to know it, you have to live it, or.
Well, this has been probably the longest amount of time I've gone without blogging. So, of course at the end I will send you into picture overload. I feel like the holidays where a whirlwind. One day, I want to just relax and enjoy them. I've been so busy since November, my body is literally done. It says "no mas, you must rest". So, since my last blog, one of Karley's best lifelong friends, Bella, moved to North Carolina. They reunited with the other part of their trio, Lydia, and had a sleepover and a pizza party to send her off. She'll be back, but now Karley's trio is spread out so far. They will be forever friends, I can tell. Karley and I went to Atlanta Christmas day to visit with my family. Josh joined us for an evening of fun and e.
Well, I've had a hell of a week last week. And on top of everything, the traveling, pure exhaustion, headaches, I ran out of antidepressants. I didn't notice for the first few days. But, now I know who I am without them. It's been awful. So, I'm going to get my refill today but they've been out of my system long enough to not be so good. My headaches are still there, even though I had an MRI that was clear, praise God. But the's debilitating. I need to go get groceries, work, clean, take a freakin shower. I just can't right now. I keep crying about everything. Driving home Saturday, I heard that song "Good Old Days" by Macklemore featuring Kesha. The lyrics literally had me in tears. "I wish somebody would have told me babe Som.
On December 3rd, 2015, Jessi Colwell was merely 33 years old. The same age I had been when diagnosed. She had a seizure on this day, at first thinking it was a stroke. She was immediately taken to Rockdale Medical Center. The doctor ordered a CT scan and found a mass on her brain. Wow, this is sounding awfully familiar. The doctor returned and told Jessi and her family that the hospital was not equipped to handle her situation. They made calls to Piedmont, Emory & Kennestone Hospitals on her behalf. Whichever returned the call first was where the ambulance was to take her. She was terrified. Piedmont was the first hospital to return the call (still familiar). She arrived at Piedmont Atlanta late on a Friday night alone. She wanted her husba.
November 27th, 2012: I was laying in a hospital bed, recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor. I was surrounded by family and friends, each of them with tears in their eyes. I was groggy and couldn't understand why they were so sad. No one would tell me. Finally, the doctor came in. I demanded to know what was wrong. Yes, brain tumors run in my family but are always benign. When he spoke, my world changed forever. He said, "the tumor was malignant and came from your lungs, you have lung cancer, most likely stage 4.". I immediately went to google of course, saw the statistics and prognosis and asked him how much time I had left. He told me everyone was different, but as of that point, he would guess I had 12-18 months to get my affairs.
Well, it's the last year in my 30's. Today, I officially turn 39. I'm so blessed to see this day. And since it's my birthday, I wanted to kick off Lung Cancer Awareness Month a day early since we usually get overshadowed by Movember. Tomorrow will symbolize the beginning of Lung Cancer Awareness month. This is the month that should be so popular in our culture, but it's not. I'm oing to do my best to write about the survivors and those who have left us as much as possible during November. This is my first. Please read to the end and share. It's my birthday, yes. But this birthday is different. I don't get to talk to one of my best friends. I lost her in July to the same disease that threatens to take me and more of my friends and does take
I have taken the facts that Ron Fong posted about his late wife Joan. I met the two at a LUNGevity summit. They both praised me for speaking up about my faith and religion. A few months later, I went out to California and saw them at one of the Bonnie Addario Living Room Broadcasts. It was live, and I was sitting across from them. They had informed me earlier that Joan would be going to hospice. Joan didn't look scared, she looked relieved. When they left in the middle of the broadcast because she wasn't feeling well, I immediately messaged Ron. I wanted so badly to hug her goodbye. His response was, "Joan said she'll see you on the other side." I never saw her again. So, my blog today is taken straight from Ron's page. I'm sharing the fact.

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